Feb. 9th, 2011

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Guess who got something like 3 hours of sleep last night? I'll give you a hint. It happened because she stayed up to write Hetalia fic that involved soccer. (Why did I look up all that stuff about Diego Maradona? Ohgodwhy.) ...fuck. While I wrote the fic I kept telling myself, omfg, GO TO SLEEP! YOU HAVE TO TAKE A BATH AND GO TO CLASSES TOMORROW, GODFUCKINGDAMMIT!

In other news, wheeeeee, I downloaded Umberto Tozzi music. His song Gloria is pretty much what I was named after. Duuuuude, I totally misheard the line "scappa senza far rumore" as "scappa senza far l'amore." Yeeeeeeah, two totally different meanings, man. One is "run away without a sound" while the other is "run away without making love."

...in my defense, the next line has 'letto' (word for bed) in it! What else was I supposed to think? >>;;

Also 'Tu' and 'Ti Amo' give me fangirly squee-ness. Oh, old Italian music. Also, I need to break some brains so... Fun, with 1979! Warnings for when disco-esque outfits were in style...? Side Note: Don't tell me Dick Grayson wouldn't steal this guy's outfit. XD


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