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My RP Journals

Jason Todd/Red Hood (DC Comics): [ profile] red_hot_robin
Jason Todd/Flamebird (DCAU): [ profile] havens_castoff
Jason Todd (Pre-Crisis DC Comics, pre-Robin): [ profile] iwannaberobin
Jason Toddler/Robin II (DC Comics, Tiny Titans): [ profile] jason_toddler
Jason Todd (DC Comics, AU partners with [ profile] notyourbatgirl): [ profile] notyourrobin
Jason Todd (DC Comics, AU partners with [ profile] like_asurgeon): [ profile] hushliljaybird
Jason Todd/Robin II (DCAU, Under the Red Hood): [ profile] baby_jay_robin
Jason Todd/Robin II (DC Comics, AU where Jason becomes a Titan after Garzonas): [ profile] titans_robin_ii

Stephanie Brown/Robin IV/Spoiler (DC Comics): [ profile] spoiled_robin
Stephanie Brown/Robin IV/Spoiler (DC Comics): [ profile] spoilagirlrobin
Stephanie Brown/Robin IV/Spoiler/Batgirl III (DC Comics): [ profile] blondie_batgirl
Stephanie Brown-Wayne/Robin II (DC Comics, World Without Young Justice): [ profile] robinhatespills
Stephanie Brown/Spoiler (DC Comics, pre-pregnancy): [ profile] justaspoiler
Stephanie Brown/Spoiler (DC Comics, AU partners with [ profile] nothissidekick): [ profile] caughtarobin
Stephanie Brown (DC Comics, particularly YJ 80 Page Giant): [ profile] luvs_sooperman

Colin Wilkes/ABUSE (DC Comics): [ profile] colin_wilkes
Bianca Steeplechase/Joker (DC Comics, Thrillkiller Elseworld): [ profile] withadeathkiss
Grant Emerson/Damage (DC Comics, AU post-Blackest Night): [ profile] morethanacrack
Grant Emerson/Damage (DC Comics, Titans v1): [ profile] atlantabannedme
Donna Troy (DC Comics, just post-Countdown): [ profile] just_donna_troy
James Jesse/Trickster I (DC Comics) : [ profile] tricksyoudead
Cassandra Cain/Batgirl II (DC Comics, Tiny Titans): [ profile] thebatmantype
Bromwell Stikk/Gargoyle (DC Comics, Titans v1-ish): [ profile] bromwell_stikk
Myndi Mayer (DC Comics, pre-Wonder Woman v2 #20): [ profile] miz_myndi_mayer
Joseph Wilson/Jericho (DC Comics, pre-The New Titans run): [ profile] digsmuttonchops
Magdalene Kyle/Sister Zero (DC Comics, Gotham City Sirens run): [ profile] warrior_sister0
Tara Markov/Terra II (DC Comics, The New Titans): [ profile] terrakindafirma

Pearl Fey (Ace Attorney Series) HIATUS: [ profile] widdle_pearly
Relm Arrowny (Final Fantasy VI): [ profile] i_can_paint_you
Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy VI): [ profile] well_done_hate

Jason Todd & Steph Brown at [ profile] earthfire_logs (No longer posting there, go to comm. below for more logs)
My community for my AIM RP logs: [ profile] shiny_rp_logs

If you want to contact about RPing (or just want to talk fandom), here is my contact info.

AIM: yuumeiakutenshi
E-mail: /

I live on my LJ and my e-mail account, so I should get back to you pretty quickly if you comment here or e-mail me about RPing or chatting on AIM. I won't mind.
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