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Forza Napoli! <3 I'm soooo glad I fucked up my sleep schedule and ended up awake for the second half of the Napoli-Lazio game. It was several kinds of awesome! 4-3! <3 Napoli won~ It was 1-0, Lazio half time then it was 2-0, and Gloria was sad. D:

THEN, one guy gets it in (Dossena, I think, with a header), and boom, 2 minutes later, Maggio heads the ball over towards the goal, and Cavani heads it in! <3 2-2, baby! But oh noes, Lazio get another goal that bounces in then out. Definitely went in, buuuuut the ref didn't see it, so it didn't count. >>;;

Obviously, angry Lazio players are angry. Their anger is gone a few minutes later when a defender on Napoli kicks the ball in his own goal while defending. >>;; I guess that's justice, and then it 3-2, Lazio. Sadface.

AND THEN! The game keeps going, and a Lazio guy knocks Cavani over in the box (this is a liiiittle debatable)! Red card AND a penalty kick! Gasp! ...Lazio, again, not happy. Cavani evens out the score 3-3, sinking the penalty shot. <3

Near the end of the game, Cavani makes another goal off an assist by Mascara (hehehe, his name is make up!), and they totally tackle to man to the ground. >>;; Uhh, I think it was waaaaay too close to the fans, because there was this huge pile that lasted a minute. Maaaaan, it was like a game of 'Let's Find the Napoili Players!'

...then after that, a fight sorta broke out? Cavani and number 77 on the Lazio team were all over each other. >>;; They both got yellow carded. A few minutes later, game over, Hamsik is sans a shirt and getting picked up off the ground by Cavani. <3 Mind you, Hamsik is taller than Cavani, but it happened anyways. Heee. I love this sport~
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