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This is here for my reference (and it's a work in progress), and if anyone finds something that should be on this list, do tell in case I've forgotten. 3 1/2 months is a long time to go without some things, you know? I'll cross things off the To-Do List as they get done hopefully.

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Had Beckaboo hang outs. Not even 2 hours, so it was kinda really sad after, and the commute back and forth may have been longer than the hang outs. ;-;

...also, my mom is fucking nuts. She went to visit my godfather, and he made the unfortunate mistake of giving her espresso. She's been not shutting up and bouncy ever since. Son of a bitch.

*hides under her blanket for warmth since it was so fucking cold and ain't coming out again ever*


Mar. 9th, 2011 12:02 pm
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Going to the Philly Flower Show soon. I'll take lots of pictures! ...unless hanging out with Jackie totally distracts me from this goal, which may very well happen. XD

Also, watching Match Game, and I approve of macking on Richard Dawson. That show is so adorable. <3 Game shows, why not so awesome anymore? XD

Aaaaand I got a new Hetalia plot bunny. It's Austria/Hungary/Prussia. High school AU, whatever do you mean? It can be canon! There's Hetalia Gakuen, so I'm totally playing in a AU that exists canonically.

Have I mentioned how I love fandoms with built in multiverse? DC, Marvel, Kingdom Hearts, Hetalia... XD

EDIT: P.S. LJ, fuck you. You're STILL giving me sporadic comment e-mails. I demand this be fixed, and this needs to STOP happening. I haven't gotten a SINGLE e-mail for my first Hetalia fic, and it's not because it sucks. I checked. It has PLENTY of lovely comments. *huffs* ...though, I am glad that it alerted me on the thread on grammar over here. XD


Feb. 25th, 2011 01:36 pm
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Mother. Fucker. I got caught in a downpour after class. I had an umbrella, which made sure my top half and my bag was mostly unscathed (thank god, or my netbook that I'm typing on would've been a casualty, and I'd be in tears!), but my jeans and boots are soaked through.

I can't even articulate how uncomfortable it is to be wearing wet, tight jeans. Any pornos that use that? Fuck them. At least the chicks get to take jeans off. The boots aren't as bad, but everywhere my jeans touch my skin is itchy as fuck. Argh. I had a weird inkling not to wear these this morning, but did I not wear them? Noooo...

Ugh, I'm so pissed, but at least I don't look like wet cat. *sighs* I want to go home. Fuck.


Jan. 6th, 2011 11:42 am
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I threw up last night. Second time this year. Fucking wonderful. I am so not eating today. You can't make me. *whiiiiines*

Also, I'll be in Boston Friday to Monday morning. Here's to hoping I don't get sick on Michi or Mina. >>;;

Now, to make a list and start packing. Oh, and cookies for Michi. Umm, something for Mina, but I'm so braindead, I can't think of anything. @_@


Sep. 26th, 2010 08:43 am
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Tah-dah! I pout because the Beckaboo was taking HORRIBLE pictures. Only this one was good enough. *is a narcissist and is picky about close up pictures of her*

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Going to the beach soon. Totally gonna probably make a Grant Emerson (Damage) RP account when I get back? >>;; How does atlantabannedme sound? XD Still deciding whether or not to make him Titans v1 or JSA. Lalala, BN is ignored either way, bitches. >>;;


Jul. 30th, 2010 12:14 am
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Hung out with the bff pretty much all day. Walked most of the King of Prussia mall. <3 Lots of fun had. She gave me boots for my b-day prezzie. <3 Mmm, my boot fetish lives. XD And I got a shirt with Batman logos in many different neon-y colors. I dub it my Rainbow Batman shirt. Aaaand I bought a Women of DC calendar. <3

I got her and mama to watch Under the Red Hood with me. XD They all awed at bitty Robin Jason, as they SHOULD! And apparently, my special edition DVD's second disc has Batman: the Animated Series on it! Robin's Reckoning 1 & 2! :D This so was worth the 20 bucks, man. <3


Jul. 29th, 2010 12:56 am
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I feel, perhaps, I should use a Dick Grayson icon, yet I shall stick with this one. <3 So, went two Dave and Buster's. Fun times. <3 Got some food, sipped some other people's drinks (I must have tried 5 or so drinks that weren't mine, XD), then got myself a Naughty Redhead.

...yes, I bought this drink because of the name, and it was delicious. Jager, Peach Schnapps, and cranberry juice. <3 Yum. I have some of the ingredients for this at home. XD

Then, since we were at the mall, I dragged Kari to the comic book shop with me. XD I picked up some Tiny Titans like five year old. They were out of Tiny Titans #23, which I'll have to find since I've decided I must own every issue with Jason Toddler in it. It's imperative I do so, or the world will EXPLODE. ^_~

Went back to Mayu's house then went back out to a bar. There was soccer on the TV! Manchester United versus MLS All-Stars. Mmm, Landon Donavon. Fucking hell, no one took off their shirts. Such a disappointment. XD

Also, I got to be violent. Two of the guys at the table were a kinda douchebags. I caused pain and didn't get in trouble. This makes me happy~

So all home. Should head to bed so I'll wake up to hang out with Kimi-chan and art bitch tomorrow... SHOULD. XC
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They are here. I am lazy, and apparently I only took 65 pictures. Silly con with less comic cosplayers than Otakon, the anime convention. *shakes head* (There are many interesting pics, but goddammit, why didn't anyone fix my wig BEFORE the pics? *sob*)

Also, at least three people asked if Bek was Lady Gaga. Man did she wish she could Canary Cry their eardrums to hell.

And I met James Marsters and went to his Q&A. He is one charismatic man. Dude, it got Bek to let me get her into Buffy. I succeeded, by the way. Totally got her into Phoenix Wright as well. Next time we have a long transportation trip, I think there shall be more playing. XD She hasn't even met Edgeworth yet, and this must be remedied! XD

There was more con stuff, but my brain is all meh right now. Seriously. OH! I got a GIANT Robin!Jason poster from Artist Alley because Bek is the most awesomest friend everer. <3 She got a poster of Cap and Bucky since the Robin!Jason was the last one, and even though she wanted one, we knew where THAT one was going. XD

Aaaaaaand, I got three trades for 5 bucks. Trades I got were as follows: Batman: The Bat and the Cat (Fabian Nicieza AND Kevin Maguire, you know, with that naked orgy two page thing), Tiny Titans: Adventures in Awesomeness, AND Batman: Under the Hood Vol. 2. I failed to find A Death in the Family and Under the Hood Vol. 1, but I'll get 'em eventually.

In other shopping news, I got a Roy for my Hush!Jason and Dickie figures. There were no Timmys I could find for him. Jay likes his threesome just fine at the moment, though. XD


May. 1st, 2010 08:56 pm
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Oh god, Free Comic Book day was made of awesome. I went in a cute outfit, so some people, got free comics, then asked if I could sell my jewelry and such in back. They said yes, so I came back in full Robin regalia with my wares. <3

And lol, I was still doing my job from over a year ago, helping people find books. XD I got a shitload of free comics (one of which is Batman & Robin #1, which I am going to tear apart and burn on principle of terrible Jason, D: ), and I got free LOTS of heroclix too! :D

Not only that, I made $32, and I had missed the rush, so that's pretty good. Oh, and I met a little girl who was named Relm. Yes, after FFVI's Relm Arrowny. <3 Omg, so fucking cute. And just heee. <3

And I bought a few comics for Bek (because yay, back issues were a $1 each if they're priced under $10, and 50% if over $10). TWO Robin comics I found were signed by Chuck Dixon, so I picked those up and some Cap. <3 And I now own the issue of when Steph tell Tim she's preggers. *hugs the Stephie*

Oh! And I FINALLY met the owner of the store. <3 He's cool.

EDIT: I knew I forgot something! I got a balloon animal of Robin! :D
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Time to do Astronomy homework. Stupid, useless President's Day meaning nothing since I have class. Ugh. Also, still didn't finish that mood piece. Oh fucking well. XD

In better news, I asked about the Red Hood statue. My comic store didn't have a price, but their guesstimate was $100-$150. me blow that kinda money for my Jay baby. >.>;; Or get a boy to do it for me...? :D Though, I've never gotten a boy to buy me anything expensive on purpose. They just I should work on this...

While at the comic book store yesterday, I found a terrible lack of Jasons and Timmys. D: ...then I just said they were probably off having make outs. I love how my ex-manager just lets those comments roll 'cause he knows I slash all my boys. XD I ended up buying Spoiler, Arsenal, Nightwing, Superboy (who the ex-manager said was overpriced, lol), Damage, Booster Gold (plus Skeets!), Blue Beetle (Ted, of course!), and Harley Quinn (for kicks).

But omg, I found the Spoiler and Arsenal heroclix next to each other! My het OTP is now validated! XD But awww, poor Roy, he's clearly Arsenal on the 'clix, but the stand he's on says Speedy! >>;; Can't see Roy being happy about that. Also, while looking, the ex-manager took a Huntress heroclix out and said we won't be selling this. I look, asking why, and the Huntress 'clix has no head! XD Headless Huntress has a bit of ring, ne? XD

But yay, they sold each 'clix to me for a dollar (and mommy paid as V-Day prezzie since it wasn't much), and I got to talk about the silly voicing for Under The Hood. Haha, they'd never heard of Supernatural, and I keep forgetting I've never even seen it flipping through channels, so it feels like only the internet loves it. *shrugs* I dunno, that or no one's brought it up. Ex-manager said he's not watching it when I told him no real Batman or Joker voice. >>;; I lol.

So when I got home, I took the 'clix off their bases, cut some of the extra off their feet, then started screwing the pieces to make them pendants. XD I still have Nightwing, Booster, and Ted left, and I gotta say; Nightwing's hard to screw! ...and that is the first and only time ANYONE will say that about Dick Grayson. XD

Also, I'm getting 4 Jason 'clix, 2 post-IC Timmys, 2 pre-IC Timmys, and 2 Casses in the mail. All those with shipping cost me $18, so about $2 a 'clix ain't bad. <3 Aaaand, I'm wearing Roy/Steph on my necklace today. XD Yay, being a fangirl!
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Never playing in the snow again. ;-; *crawls under a blanket and never comes out again*
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Bek went home, and will hopefully be back next week for Zenkaikon. Lots of yummies and adventures and new inside jokes were born. <3 And a few pictures along the way. <3 Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROY HARPER! (Also, dial up users may die with this post. >>;; I'm sorry.)

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Oct. 31st, 2009 10:09 pm
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Mommy loves Bek more than me. She tried to move the car, and I wasn't in it yet! *sob*


Oct. 16th, 2009 08:39 pm
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My mommy's made of awesome, just as the tag says. We got to the topic of Halloween, and how I'm ditching a family bridal shower to hang out with Bek and get ready for costume times. Well, at my uncle's surprise part last weekend, I told my cousin (Gina) who is in charge of the head count for the shower.

She chewed me out a little about it, which I replied with my plans were planned before and there was going to be the wedding, the holidays, AND the baby shower. Missing the bridal shower really isn't a big deal. She said whatever, and we went on with the party.

I bitched a little about how my cousins treat me like a kid. Yes, I don't act like a grown up a lot of the time, but if I did, they'd still treat me like a kid, so why fucking bother, right? Mommy agreed on that point, and was about to say I could just get angry at them and be an adult about it (just to shock them), but you know, my anger levels go from 'fine' to 'beat them the fuck up' without really getting to any middle ground. >>;;

Oh, by the way, Gina is the cousin that asked if I was a lesbian during Easter. So of course, being pissed off led me to bring that up again (because I hold grudges better than a damned Timmy). So me and mama talked about it, and I was bitching how if I had been a lesbian, should would have outed me to the whole family.

Then mom was all saying she had been pissed off about that too. Which made me happy, then lead to me and mommy planning to bring a girl to the holidays as my 'girlfriend,' not say anything about it, and just act all close and shit to freak 'em out. I've been entertaining this idea since Easter, and then mommy says it too. Though, she recants this, saying she's giving me bad ideas to torture family members with.

Damn. XD And it would have been fun too. Oh well. Maybe some other time.

OH! On a completely different note, one of the Gamestops/EB Games that I went to said they'll probably give me a call about my application. Yessss. I wonder if it was my Final Fantasy fangirling that helped, I wonder... XD God, I hope they call. They're going to hire 17 people, and they need to diversify. 95% of applicants are guys, so I should have a good chance, right? *hopes*

Also, while at the mall, I stopped at American Apparel. They had mannequins in tights and spandex from the store to look like Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman! It made me squealy. I took pics, so I'll post them if you guys care. <3

EDIT: Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman, and Captain America with a little Freddy Kreuger.


Aug. 28th, 2009 08:03 pm
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...I spent nearly all day with my mother. This wasn't a bad thing. just ended in bad things. Good thing? Things on many drugs? Something like that.

Also, 'googlare' is now a new Italian verb, according to mom. She has decided it so, and since she's Italian and crazy, it is so. XD She told me to 'googlare' some Italian words when I asked I if 'stanco' and 'seno' were Italian and not dialect. ...she was right; it's Italian. >.>;;

There was Michael Jackson music on all day. It was kinda awesome, and as we drove home, Smooth Criminal was playing, so I asked how to say it in Italian. She didn't understand the meaning of 'smooth,' but we came up with mafioso criminale. XD Then I tried to explain a smooth criminal as like well dress mafia guy that gets away with crime and such.

...which led me to saying a hitman like Jason Morgan and well dressed like Sonny Corinthos. ...then that ended in me saying Jason and Sonny's love child. >_<;; I got bad thoughts. Then mommy didn't help by asking who would carry the baby. GAH, M-PREG! >_<;; Then I was all, no, I am not explaining fandom to mommy then I kinda did and it ended with ass babies? *dies*

Okay, before that, went to school, got my classes, and since we were close by, we went thrift store shopping (after buying school books AND an awesome DC thing that shoulda been $50 for $15, <3). We kinda made out like bandits? <3 And I totally have a trenchcoat that Steph would wear. XD Yay, Spoiler colors!
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I've been back from art bitch's house for a few hours now. I took nap because sleep is never properly had at a sleepover, ever. I got two full drawings out of M-chan and some chibis. Jason/Tim + ducati and Jason saves Bucky from the Russians. I have fic to go along with the last one, which means I should finish it, shouldn't I? >>;;

On another note, I named the art bitch's car, Red Robin Hood. ^-^ I still think that sounds like a Roy/Tim/Jason threesome name. XD Oh so I don't forget to mention, I saw Heather B. for a while too at M-chan's house, but only for an hour. :( I got there a bit late, but she was very amusing and such. <3

And last night with played dress up! I got to be a witch and a princess and M-chan got to be cat and a clown! ...I don't think we changed very much. Oh yeah, M-chan was also a brightly colored go go dancer. XD Then this morning it was let's put make up on Gloria time. It wasn't quite so bad. I liked it well enough, but I'm always waaaaaay too lazy to wear make up.

We played pool, made cake, had cakes, and played Rock Band, not quite in that order. Oh, Bek, they loved your cake at M-chan's house, by the way! I shared so the whole thing wouldn't go to waste at my house. It was loved, very much, and I still have a little bit left here.

Only downside, attention whore was not getting as much attentions! Stupid boy that drops in unannounced and got stuck at her house until 1:30am. >:O Ah well. At least he was a good boy, though I think them being all kissie face rotted my teeth more than both cakes combined (and Bek's icing had 4 cups of sugar!)

We did some major scanning of arts this morning of 26 pieces by M-chan. It was wonderful, and I will link you all to more tonight or tomorrow because I set up a community for her art! I'm her self-proclaimed PR agent! XD I wonder if her writer Michael will be amused? >.>;;

Speaking of Michael, he is the assistant manager at a comic book store. There MIGHT be an opening, so I'm typing up a resume tonight and e-mailing it. Anything that might make the thing more professional? XD Also, oh god, Michael loves Damian. ...he almost got me liking him today! I will desist! No! ...I'm not giving in, damn you! *stubborn, dammit, stubborn!*

On another note, why does M-chan know me so well? She totally knew what I was gonna say during our girl talk! >_<;; That was interesting... And to go an opposite topic from that girl topic completely, we saw this awesome boy at the comic store. He spoke of the lamented LJ community, [ profile] scans_daily! It was one of the best things ever! ...well other than the BUCKY POSTER THEY HAVE FOR SALE! OH GOD, LET ME WORK THERE, PLEEEEEEEEEASE!

EDIT: Speaking of covering everything, I lied. >.>;; I forgot the art links in my links. Ooops. <.<;; Also, the colors were actually much more gorgeous. M-chan's scanner was a bitch whore. I'll try and see if my scanner noms the colors less. >:/
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I need a foodie icon. >.>;; I may or may not be watching Food Network. Hush! ...omg, the LOLs.

Okay, I liked the movie. Julia Child sounds like a hilarious person. Case and point, her picking up hot cannelloni and saying it felt like a stiffened cock. The whole theater erupted into laughter. Well, except mommy because she didn't hear it at all. XD

Julie is a total fangirl. She total seems the type to write fanfic, so that makes me giggly inside. Watching her whole blog/cooking adventure was amusing. Watching Julia Child come to life on screen was also amusing.

...okay, mainly I'm still stuck on the stiffened cock comment, but still! Lovely movie.
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Bek and I went to bed at 5 am, but didn't even get to sleep until 6 am. >.>;; Do not put two fangirls in a bed together. We spent a whole hour ranting and bring plot bunnies to life. I don't even remember half of it. @_@;; Which is unfortunate, because it was terribly shiny awesome.

So yeah. Fours hours of sleep. Then I called my art bitch because I'm not tired. :/ There may be Jason/Tim on a ducati in the art future. >.>;; Also, see my icon? Bek liiiiiikes her. <3 D'awww. Rikku. I should go back to drawing Rikku as Robin, but brain is not working in anyway that's coherent.

...though, while on the phone with M-chan, I did use the coalesce and commend properly. <.<;; I'm rather surprised by that.

There will be pictures of the cake later. I'm reeeeeally surprised Jason!muse didn't try to kill me for some of that cake. XD Pink candles, anyone? >.>;;

Oh! I watched my first episode of Torchwood thanks to Bek! Guh. Boy kisses. Spike from Buffy making boys kisses! <3 So preeeeetty. And fighting and kissing and fighting and that was so foreplay and should have been sex and it was epic like this run on sentence! XD

P.S. I may have sparked a Roy/Tim plot bunny for Bek? Don't trust my judgment on that. XD


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