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This is here for my reference (and it's a work in progress), and if anyone finds something that should be on this list, do tell in case I've forgotten. 3 1/2 months is a long time to go without some things, you know? I'll cross things off the To-Do List as they get done hopefully.

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Mar. 31st, 2011 03:59 pm
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Sent in my two essays for my application to Temple Rome. It is done. @_@ Now, I just wait. And I'm working on the scholarship essay and just need to edit and send that in too. (Might need someone to help with that...? Tonight, hopefully.)

So, barring apocalypse or lost muses, I should be having a ficcing weekend, starting tomorrow. I have a HUGE list of Hetalia prompts, and... I have some small DCU bunnies, but don't hold you your breathes, darlings.

So yeah, gonna be home late. Gonna see a play for class with Jackie. <3

And I'll have a rant about Corbett later because I don't want to freak myself out with that again.
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The three essays I have to write, at most, are 2000 words collectively. I have 100 words, collectively. Only 1900 to go...? Fuck, I need to stop dragging my feet. @____@ *kicks self off LJ*


Mar. 28th, 2011 08:37 am
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I have to write 150 words, in Italian, what my fridge would say if it could talk. >>;; Che pazzo, professore! <<;; (Darlings, that's your Italian lesson of the day. You know how to say 'crazy' in Italian now. Don't use the knowledge all in one place! XD)

(Also, my fridge would ask why I stop eating every once and a while. >>;; Damn stomach.)
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Dear self,

Did you get trapped on tumblr AFTER you FINALLY escaped the Hetalia Kink Meme!? Argh, what is wrong with you, self? And now you're making an LJ post to whine at yourself. *shakes head* Do your damned last 'big' assignment for March, and maybe you'll get some damned REAL free time, without the guilt associated with ignoring your damned homework!

...look, darling self, you have a new Dissidia game to play ...maybe we'll write Cloud of Darkness/Laguna tentacle porn? and a huge playground of kink meme prompts to write. Oh, and not to mention a laptop to reconfigure back to your liking. You can do this. It's Tokyo Literature & Film. You like Tokyo and Japanese culture even if some aspects of this class are getting on our last nerve.

Also, icon! Aqua's looking at you disapprovingly! Do you want Aqua disapproving of you? No, I didn't think so. Get to work! That 7 page paper ain't gonna write itself we wish.

The Sorta Sane Voice In Your Head


P.S Goddammit, now you're starting this paper, but you have a headache AND word fail. Fucking failure. And you're only getting maybe 3 hours of sleep tonight. Maybe. *scowl*


Mar. 24th, 2011 04:05 pm
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Why did I not get to do my powerpoint presentation first thing? What kind of teach makes me wait through the end of a movie? I don't care if it's transition to my subject. *dies*

Also, class started at 3:30pm. It's a bit past 4pm. Fuck. This. Shit.
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Uhhh, my Governor seems to be being an ass. He's planning on cutting 50% of government funding to the universities/higher education. My university, Temple University, is part of that. Fuuuuuck.

Since this would mean cutting of programs and such, let's not even let that be an option. Please, help me out with an e-mail here.

I don't want my tuition to go up because fuck knows if I'll be able to afford it. :/ Like PA needs LESS education and MORE idiots. Or you know, people leaving the state for schooling and work. Not that I plan to stay here myself, but soooo not the point.
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I hate being awake hours before I need to be. So much hate. *mutters something about fucking school and wanders off*
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Uhhh, I had this WEIRD dream this morning. Until just now, I think my brain was still thinking it was real. Oh man. Paranoia does not help.

So, apparently there's this lady on the phone with the mama. Some important thing having to do with school and my school money. And all you should have a JOB during the school year, and you're a TERRIBLE person because you DON'T. Pffft, and me being me took the phone and bitched out the lady about my five classes this semester, and fuck her, because I CAN'T get a job while in Rome since my Italian just isn't that fucking proficient, and REAL Italians would laugh at me.

...she had some snappy, bureaucratic comeback which forced me to hand the phone back to mama who is not a bitch like me. ...usually, anyways. Then I think I woke up, and I don't think this whatever the hell this was really left my mind. Noooow, I'm all paranoid. Lovely. *goes to crawl in a hole and finish her applications*

EDIT: YES! One of my teachers sent in the recommendation. Thank god. Now, just waiting on my last Italian teacher. *sigh of relief*
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Test in Death & Dying today. It's kinda ridiculous. She totally gave us the questions for the test.

Except, you know, the ten of them are hiding in a pile of NINETY-SIX QUESTIONS! (ONLY 40-30 of them will be for me to pick from on the test.) *grumbles* And there's ONE 5-6 paragraph essay thing (which, hell, I'm supposed to write that in less than two hours PLUS 10 short answer questions? You have to be shitting me), and I have the questions for that too. Eight of those, but two won't show up on the test., me studying is essentially writing three 5-6 paragraph PAPERS to make sure at least ONE of those questions is on the test. Doing two would lead to my bad luck, and one is just bad odds. Motherfucker. I don't like having to play ODDS for my tests. It kinda pisses me off. Just a tad.

Not even mentioning the other 10 questions that I'd have to do A LOT OF QUESTIONS just to have enough to write about. I'm not even thinking about those odds. Ugh.

So, I'm skipping my first two classes for this test. I have this luxury since it's right before Spring Break, and there's nothing I can't catch up on in those classes. (Plus, I've never skipped on a Tues-Thurs schedule, so I'm good.) For those who say 'But Gloria, don't skip your classes!', I say fuck you I'd be completely useless in said classes as I worry for this test, so fuck that shit.

In other news, Beckaboo, if you see this before I decide to text or talk to you or whatever, the Mama would like to have a list of your food allergies. >>;; Yeah, she's totally afraid to cook for you until she knows what to avoid and so she can know when she goes food shopping. <3? (All the tasty things are flavored with meat! D: It's EVERYWHERE!)

EDIT: Mother. Fucker. Now my stomach decides to act up. *unhappy face of anger-unhappiness!* I think my period's going to pay me a visit during Spring Break. Traitorous motherfucker. ...well, at least I'll have plenty of chocolate because Bek is wonderful. ;-;


Feb. 28th, 2011 12:11 pm
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Ohfuck, Italian test and I forgot my books to study. It's on a verb conjugation that I'm not sure of, and I'm freaking the fuck out. So twitchy. Gonna leave my first class early 'cause otherwise might freak out here and well...

*wants scream or cry or something*
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While I was at the University City stop, waiting for the train home in the cold, I had a wonderful meta post planned about my fandoms, and how I feel about them. I don't remember it now, and this makes me sad, though I think I was gonna mention my old ones being catharsis, and DCU being my most passionate fandom (though, at times, that wasn't in a GOOD way), and I don't even know.

Also, at some point, I'm going to be at a damn keyboard when I have the urge to list all my pet peeves. This is list should exist. >>;; Most of them won't effect you guys. (Unless you somehow come onto my LJ and smoke near a no smoking sign; then I will have to kill you dead with the cigarette shoved up an unpleasant place.) *smile* Anyway, if you know me, you know what annoys me and doesn't. Reading my LJ would give you a good feel of that, I think.

...ohmygod, I still feel cold, and I slept all warm in my blankets and my toasty room! I'M TURNING INTO A BECKABOO! Sorry, Bek, you suck at being warm with 8 blankets; we've been over this, so you can't be too mad about this comment. XD *shivers and goes to curl up with more fanfic* ...though, maybe drinking almost a whole bottle of cold water when I woke up is the reason I'm so cold. ;-; I was thirsty! *sob*


Feb. 25th, 2011 01:36 pm
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Mother. Fucker. I got caught in a downpour after class. I had an umbrella, which made sure my top half and my bag was mostly unscathed (thank god, or my netbook that I'm typing on would've been a casualty, and I'd be in tears!), but my jeans and boots are soaked through.

I can't even articulate how uncomfortable it is to be wearing wet, tight jeans. Any pornos that use that? Fuck them. At least the chicks get to take jeans off. The boots aren't as bad, but everywhere my jeans touch my skin is itchy as fuck. Argh. I had a weird inkling not to wear these this morning, but did I not wear them? Noooo...

Ugh, I'm so pissed, but at least I don't look like wet cat. *sighs* I want to go home. Fuck.
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Ugh, 4 hours of sleep wasn't my best idea ever. I finished almost half of this Queer American Studies paper. Now all I have left is figuring out the Freud bit of this. ...motherfucking Freud. Figuring this shit out this morning is going to be an adventure.

Please put me out of my misery now. >_<;;
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I don't even. Argh, why do I fail at having an attention span when I have papers to write? I have two due tomorrow. And I had an Italian Composition due Monday, but I failed to hand that in because I fail at life and writing. Doesn't help that I KNOW that teacher doesn't answer e-mails, and that's the class I'd be MOST likely to ask questions since I'd know what I'd wanna ask!

So, two papers. One is for my Queer American Studies course, and it's 4 pages. I tried a few of the topics then quit them one by one. >>;; Mostly, fuck you, Freud. I like that you value words, and you are very revolutionary, but fuck, I need Freud for dummies. ...or wiki, which is not the source material, so fuck. (Yeah, doing a paper on how Darwin's sexual selection theory influenced everyone and their mother. >>;; Because it's true.)

And I have to write some focus paper about grieving parents and children for Death & Dying class. Yeah, this one is only 600 words. I can bs that. ...I hope. Fuck, the Italian Composition was only 200 words, and I didn't finish that. ...though, I did brain storm with my mom. Goddammit, all these verb tenses and moods are fucking with me hard. D: I need Italian Verbs for Dummies. ...except not presente or passato prossimo, because I've got those down. ;-;

I SHOULD BE WRITING MY PAPERS! *sob* Who's not sleeping tonight? I'm not! And make espresso to keep me up, but I am me, and espresso knocks me out. >>;; So yeah. Umm. At least I weened myself off the Hetalia Kink Meme for the night sorta?
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Dear Self,

You have homework. Get off that damned kink meme and stop accumulating prompts you want to fill. You already have one you said as anon you'd fill, and you'd feel guilty if you never went back to it! Also, you have a BDB fic meme to do. There's only two unfilled requests, so it's not like when you get overwhelmed with DCU memes, dammit.

Also, you skipped classes today, so you better fucking do all your homework this week. Yes, even that composition for Italian you didn't do. Don't look at me like that. Fuck if I know how to write 200 words on my eating habits!

Now, go read Freud or whatever for Queer American Studies like a good girl.

No Love,
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Beckaboo and I challenged each other, since the weather's nice, to wear skirts today. Here's my picture. <3

I'm adorable, I know~ )


Feb. 13th, 2011 08:53 pm
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Anyone who bitches about American bureaucracy can just swap places with me. Fucking Italian Consulate wants SO much paperwork. I found my mom's, my dad's, and my birth certificates, but noooo, that's enough. They're the originals, even! Argh, I'm probably gonna need to get my mom to call my nonna to get her to get a better copy of the birth certificate AND my parents' marriage certificate.

Then I'll need to go through American bureaucracy to prove that my parents never gave up their Italian citizenship. What the fuck! Duh, of course my dad didn't, or he wouldn't be living in Italy for like 9 years, with his fucking Italian pension! *fumes*

I'm gonna call tomorrow to see if what I have would work because I'd rather not have to bother my nonna with this. Plus, it'll totally ruin the surprise of telling her in a letter that I'll be in Rome for the Fall semester. *huffs*

And my mom really needs to file our taxes, so I can finish FAFSA and stuff for going abroad. *grumbles*
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Snoooooooow. It's everywheeeeeeeeeere. The street is so whiiiiiite. This should constitute no school. ;-; Pleeeeeease send me a text message already, Temple, I do not want to make my way through the snow.

Also, my dad seems to be calling earlier lately. Fucker. Just because it's 2pm there and no one actually gives a fuck about him there either does not mean he has to wake me up earlier than I need to be awake. *scowls*

If I get a snow day, I'm gonna post a little rec list of Hetalia fic from the kink meme. *hugs it* Such shiny things.
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I squealed inside when the teacher mentioned the G8 in class. >>;; Mainly because I know which ones are the 8 because of Hetalia.

US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Canada, and Japan. >>;; I'm special.


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