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Had Beckaboo hang outs. Not even 2 hours, so it was kinda really sad after, and the commute back and forth may have been longer than the hang outs. ;-;

...also, my mom is fucking nuts. She went to visit my godfather, and he made the unfortunate mistake of giving her espresso. She's been not shutting up and bouncy ever since. Son of a bitch.

*hides under her blanket for warmth since it was so fucking cold and ain't coming out again ever*
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You West Coasters in Cali, Washington, and Oregon, comment on this post, so I know the tsunami doesn't drown you in a few hours? Okay? Okay.

Also, any of you in Japan and Hawaii and such. Or you if you need a place to vent your frustrations or a shoulder to cry on or something. I'm here.

And what the fuck, my aunt's ceiling fell in on her bedroom!? Argh. Evil rain. Bad day...


Feb. 6th, 2011 12:16 am
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I've been replaying FFX. Man, I don't think any the other FF games are as great for replay as this one. I just... I dunno. So much nostalgia and such, and just it's still so pretty.

Also, did anyone EVER think Seymour wasn't evil? I don't remember what I thought of him first time around, but argh, HIS THEME SONG IS CLEARLY SKETCHY! ...also, I love Battle with Seymour. Uematsu, you were sheer brilliance yet again. See, this is what new FF games are lacking: Nobou Freaking Uematsu. Well, among other things, but not the point.

I'm feeling kinda apathetic after waking from my nap. I'm going to blame this particular mood swing on my period. >>;; Yeah, right.

Tomorrow (or more accurately, later today) is my mom's birthday. We're going out to eat. ...the cousin put up a fuss about her brother being invited. Oh siblings not getting along. *eye roll* Whatever. I kinda wish this would be just me, my mom, and my aunt. I could handle that., I'm just a bitter bitch, aren't I?

In better news, I watched the Cagliari vs. Juventus game earlier today. <3 Heee, Buffon you make me squee in delight. Also, Luca Toni! You are lovely. He headed the ball into the net for the 3rd goal! Hee. (Matri got the other two goals, and man, he's pretty too.) And Del Piero and your corner kicks~ (Side note: These are Juventus players; I always root for this team because Buffon is my favorite.) <3

And dude, someone on Cagliari has the name Aquafresca. I was wondering why the announcers kept saying something about 'fresh water' during the game. I lol'd. XD (Side note 2: Holy shit, what's the Cagliari's goalie's name? He was gorgeous. Those eyes. Damn. Uhh, I'm not cheating on my favorite goalie, I swear! *hearts Buffon forever*)

Mmm, calcio. Damn, can't wait 'til it stops being winter, and the players start stripping off their shirts. Heh, this is me; what else did you expect me to say? <3
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Ugh. A few things. Kinda depressed tonight. I'm thinking this stomach thing is stress. I guess I'll find out tomorrow, maybe. I have homework catch up to do this weekend. I just feel like shit. And I feel completely useless.

And since it's NaNoWriMo, there's no fic to read. Oh, and I made a monster with my community. Everyone is RPing, and there's no fic because of it. I don't even want to go near that community right now. And my muses are dead, so I can't do that. Don't feel like drawing or iconing or anything useful.

Also, LJ's a fucking useless cunt. So much fucking maintenance that wouldn't be needed if they didn't keep making fuck ups which each new thing! Argh, why most they fuck up things that were FINE!? *sigh*

Oh look, this post is less coherent than usual. Wonderful. Another thing to fail at. Oh, and once I escape classes in December? I just get family. Fucking lovely. I hate them. Well, no, more like I couldn't care less about them. Whatever.
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Today's Olivia's birthday, but if she has anything planned tonight, I have plans. XD Lol, and it's true, not just me being a bitch! My friend Mayu (Bianca, but I never remember that as her real name, lol) is having her 21st b-day at Dave n Busters. Hell yeah I'm going. My ex Pete is gonna be there, but he's the good ex of awesome. <3 I haven't seen a lot of these people in a long time, so it should be fun.

...and if not? Half off arcade games! :D

Oh, and at some point, I'm dropping the prices on my jewelry. How does $3.50 per pendent ($4.00 with chain if asked), $7.00 on earrings, and $4.50 on keychains sound? *is hopeful*

EDIT: All heroclix jewelry prices have been lowered by 30%! Keychains are almost that too. <3

Jason implores you to love him~!


Jul. 4th, 2010 10:31 pm
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I think that's the most I've talked to Olivia's dad ever, in my life (yay soccer!). I'd say Uncle Augusto, but he's not married to my Zia anymore, so not my Uncle. I played lots of air hockey with Johnny, Augusto, and my mom. I played team game of Briscola with my Zio Armando on my team against Carmine and Aunt Mary, and we won. XD Hah, Zio Armando tried to tell me what card to play at the last hand, and I was like, well, yeah, I was gonna play that one; it was obvious. XD

My cousin Paul showed me the stuff he works on at this toy design place. It's cool. And his computer looks kickass. Oh, and my cousin Dominic has a shower curtain with the periodic table on it. -.-;; Nerd. >>;;(Paul and Dom live in a house with a friend or two, something like that.)

Paul also offered me a jello shot. I said no. I'm rather adamant about not drinking before 21. I wanna be different than everyone else my age, or any of my cousins when they were my age. And my Aunt Mary said something about that. What-fucking-ever. I mean, so what? I'm not scared of alcohol; I just want to be different.

Someday, when my mom's elsewhere, I'm going to bring a girlfriend to a party and say I'm bi. Maybe have a boy too, prove a point that I'm not a lesbian to my damn cousin Gina (that's Aunt Mary's daughter that asked if I was a lesbian that one Easter; yes, I hold grudges, the bitch). Or just not fucking care.

ANYWAY, I had a pretty good time. There was more networking done with my business cards. I don't THINK my store could lead back to my journal, but if it did, well... HI, FAMILY, DID YOU KNOW I DON'T LIKE MOST OF YOU AS PEOPLE OR IN A GROUP? NO? DIDN'T THINK SO. XD

EDIT: Forgot to add, Livy ALMOST said something I approved of then killed it with the next part. I was saying something about not being able to watch TV because of all the Twilight commercials, and Olivia said that it wasn't a real vampire movie. BUT before I could cheer for that part, she says it's a romance.

*sigh* Anyone who thinks that SHIT is romance has a fucking skewed view of romance. ...and I really think Livy does. It's sad, but true. *shrugs*


Jul. 4th, 2010 12:28 am
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So tired. Annual party at my godfather's house on July 3rd, since the fireworks for Conshy are always that night. They were delayed then stopped then started and just shitty all around. I had my fill of yummies, and I sneaked some chocolate cannolis from the fridge that hadn't gone out. XD

And I handed out a few of my business cards for my online store. I may get some business from this. XD Also, omg, my godfather has a brick oven! Haha, apparently my dad started it for him twenty years ago, dug out for the foundation, and never did anything else. Oops. XD Stupid dad.

But man, need to go have pizza over there. Totally. <3 AND my godfather remembered my birthday, so we're going to Benihana this week. <3 He's never had Japanese food before. This shall be interesting. XD I'll be 21, and I'm gonna try some sake! XD

I'm so full, in a good way. <3 And we're going to my cousins' house in Ambler tomorrow for a picnic and fireworks (their own, which ehhh). We would stay here, but it seems the Norristown fireworks were TONIGHT. What the hell. Twenty years, and they change it on us? Whatever, Norristown, whatever.

...also, my godfather's son (second cousin or third or something) asked me if I liked the new Twilight movie. I tried hard not to be completely offended. ...didn't work, but I did try not to bite his head off for being a fucking moron. XD
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I saw Iron Man last night. Nope, the first one. Lol. I caught up, world, I caught up! XD

Went out to a hibachi for my little Robin's birthday. It was delicious, and I got his rice because he wasn't eating it. Yum. XD After that, I drove me and my mom back to my aunt's house to watch Iron Man (yup, I drove on Germantown Pike).

Today should be M-chan hang out and sleepover day. Watch me not hold my breath. XD She did text me back though, so that's an improvement. XD


Apr. 12th, 2010 02:16 am
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Attempted comment_fic binge: FAILED. Doing it one night is silly when I have to wake up tomorrow. I did about six, so there'll be fic post tomorrow, hopefully. Hehehe, I have some Robincest, Owen, and Damian torture. Two words for Damian: Sushi Time! Hahahaha, my Steph!muse is STILL laughing. XD

And still trying to figure out my themes for my week at [ profile] comment_fic. Last week of April is mine. XD Oh, and this week is [ profile] milleniumrex's week. Go play! <3

Side note: a nearly four hour baby shower is too long, especially with the addition of 1 hour drive each way. ALSO, my cousin smokes TWO cigarettes each way. Ugh, my lungs feel dirty and violated. ;-;


Apr. 4th, 2010 08:31 pm
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I think about 4 or so hours with family is overkill. I mean, my little Robin is fun, but god, I can only take so much of some of them. ...well, at least for about an hour of that I was talking to Bek about fun things. XD

I get to see her next weekend! Yay. Oh! I got the cutest pajamas. I saw them and HAD to buy them. ...yes, they were in the kid section, shut up. They were eggplant purple Batgirl pajamas! :D They're a SIGN! I'll take a picture of me wearing them with my wig, and I'll be Stephie! :D

In other news, I has a headache. Ugh. @_@ And an Astronomy test tomorrow. Wonderful. @_@
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None of the posts for the past few days have not been totally Gloria's life oriented! >>;; Considering things happened, I should share! Let's see... I got free heroclixes from my old work because my ex-manager just hands me things! Serious, I got an Arsenal (since I had lost mind earlier that night because I was wearing too many, I guess), Nightwing (he's expensive, so yay!), and a Babs!Batgirl! FREE, oh how I love thee-

HOLY FUCK SPIDER IN MY ROOM! *hides until it goes away* was fucking huge. D: *kinds sorta shrieked like a little girl*

...okay, calm now...sorta. Ummm, so where was I? Oh yeah, ME. Let's see... I've been having laptop issues, with overheating and such. I took off all my important data and such, and I did a factory restore. Look, I can run Firefox and it NOT crash because it's overheating the whole fucking system! :D

And I went to see How To Train Your Drago on Thursday after getting the free 'clix. It was made of adorable, and I need a happy meal from McDonald's to get one of those cute toys! Tooooothless~ Heee. And Craig was WONDERFUL in the movie! :D

RP with michi has been Steph ending up back in time and heeeey, she takes Roy's virginity! XD Now's she back in her own time and ended up naked in Red Arrow's bed. Oops. XD The conclusion, tomorrow! XD

I've been playing lots of little RPs over at [ profile] sixwordstories. I'll probably make more posts when bored. I wouldn't mind seeing more Titans and Bats, rpers on the f-list~ XD And omg, Jason is hitting on Zee, Steph's having a sleepover with Kara, Jason's making fun of Black Mask, Jason's stealing kisses from Timmy and/or helping him with Ra's, Jason kinda sorta compared himself to Jesus, Pre-Crisis Jay's talking to Ted!Beetle, and Jay's got a crush on Duela Dent. (Omg, why do I want to ship Jason/Zatanna and Pre-Crisis Jay/Duela!? Oh RPs.)

...I replaced my soap operas again, what? XD Also, ugh, family shit for Easter. I better get some damned candy. >>;; I get to see my Little Robin, though! XD


Mar. 28th, 2010 08:00 pm
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So, the oven's been smoking for over a half hour. I dropped a piece of mushroom down somewhere, but we found that, and it's still smoking. :/ Gonna die in a fire. Oh! And our fire extinguisher? Nearly 12 years old. My DAD was still around when we got that thing. Holy fuck. >>;;

Oh and I was gonna make some chicken pot pie to eat during the week with some of the leftovers. :/ I am not touching that oven, man. D:

EDIT: Soooo wasn't that little bit of mushroom. So, we were cooking lots of food tonight, so there'd be leftovers for the week. And mommy wanted to cook the chicken faster, so she used the broiler, which we never used on this oven before.

After or about close to when we're done cooking, we notice the side of the oven is smoking. It's not where I dropped the mushroom, and it was getting ridiculous. We end up calling my uncle who's been helping around the house this week. Apparently, which just makes my mom feel worse, he had a little operation (something about his prostate? D: ) on Thursday. He came by Saturday to help with light work and ended up moving some FURNITURE. Mommy didn't know about this, or she wouldn't have asked him to help. So he has a fever right now, so he couldn't help, and mom felt terrible for calling. D:

Then she goes and gets the neighbor, and she also feels bad about that because she's silly. So the neighbor's soon moves oven, doesn't find anything. And like his father (who was awesome and past away in summer '08), he totally has a hard head and wanted to take the oven apart. Let me repeat, gas oven! >>;;

So yeah, he didn't end up doing that, we called the fire department, and they came with four trucks and another car thing! A little overkill, but okay, fine. All the neighbors came out. We're all women, by the way. Seriously, we're all essentially divorcees and widows (well, I'm single, and mom's separated, but close enough). There's only two men on the block, and they're sons of widows/divorcees. XD

Me and mom are outside with the ladies. Oh, did I mention, once we got outside, it started raining? Yeah, it did, bah. And I was not happy. :/ Mommy shows them where to turn off the gas in the basement then tells 'em to just take the oven out, since she's just hating on the oven. So they bring it outside and tear it open to see what's up.

Well, apparently, there were acorn shell at the bottom of the oven. How they got there? We mice a few year ago. Little fuckers left us presents. Argh. I hate mice. Die, die, die! And since we used the broiler tonight, the nut shell burned. D:< I blame mice for this whole thing!

Oh and since my room is right by the kitchen, they opened my door (which we closed so the smoke WOULDN'T come in), came in, and opened my window. On the way to do so, they knocked over shit. Mainly, my box action figure of Ashe from FFXII and my fucking Wii! If that thing had fallen from the shelf, I'd've been SO pissed. >:O

So all is good. I'm not dead. We may need a new oven. I may have freaked out an PR partner or two with not telling them enough info and ditching after joking about dying in a fire. >>;; Yes, I'm terribly, shhh. All is well! >>;; *flops onto her bed*
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I survived another year! Yay! So random info time?

Last phone call of 2009: Bek

Last text of 2009: Bek

Last video game played of 2009: Mario Kart 64

Last present of 2009: shirt and bath stuff from the bff

Last TV show of 2009: Family Guy (this excludes watching Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve)

Last IM of 2009: [ profile] pervyficgirl

Last food of 2009: apple pie

Last drink of 2009: water

Last picture of 2009: with bff and Bek by way of phone

Last boy I saw of 2009: My little Robin, Johnny <3

I should probably go to sleep since my planned friend party somehow warped into a family party for tomorrow. ;-; Fuck my life sometimes. *sigh*


Dec. 24th, 2009 11:01 pm
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Back from the seven fishes dinner. No one really pissed me off, yay! We did some trivia, and I like trivia. Now my aunt who did the dinner knows December 25th was a Pagan holiday, and Jesus was most likely born in Spring. Then Aunt Mary was all then why the hell am I doing all this cooking? XD She wants to say screw it, and go to the casino for Christmas instead. XD Lovely.

I'm gonna bring some trivia print outs for Christmas Day tomorrow, so hit me with Christmas comic trivia and such. XD History nerdy Christmas questions are acceptable too. <3


Dec. 24th, 2009 04:53 pm
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Okay, so I'm writing Jason/Tim/Babs porn, but it picked up some plot along the way. Bah. >>;; I'll finish the porny part after the Christmas Eve family party. XD It should be posted on Christmas. And it's an AU with two Robins and a Batgirl/Oracle. XD ...I may have to write more. >_<;;


Dec. 20th, 2009 09:56 am
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I feel sick. I usually get sick at beginning of my period, and it's a lot of not fun. :( I'm mostly not in the bathroom now, but I can't get back to sleep, and I only slept maybe 5 or 6 hours. D:

EDIT: Haha, my Zio Andrea is here for a visit, and my dad called. My mom answered, and the coward actually talked. She lied and said I was asleep. Told him Merry Christmas rather sarcastically then said 'Hey, you want to talk to Andrea?' And dad, being a coward, hung up. Best thing ever.

...okay, not true. My mom talked to my nonna, my dad's mom, and she calls her sons 'fiori' or whatever the dialect equivalent of flowers is. My mom was confused and ask what? And nonna told her she means her sons. XD Oh nonna. All her 5 sons except my Zio Carmine in Switzerland have been separated/divorced from their wives and one won't leave the house like ever (he's being fed; why would he leave? XD). In conclusion, my nonna is HILARIOUS. :D


Dec. 5th, 2009 01:21 am
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Back from the wedding about an hour or so ago. Tried some drinks at the open bar, because hey, free drinks. Did not like appletini or cosmo, but the screwdriver was okay. Took a few sips. *shrugs* I still don't get the appeal of alcohol.

Dancing was fun. Got a group picture with cousins. There was a drunk guy I wanted to punch since he wouldn't get out of my way, so I pushed him aside. Dumbass jerk. Ladies first, fucker. Also, the bride is adorable and shorter than me. <3 I love this. Just like Bek being shorter than me is WONDERFUL. :D

And I came back to so many shiny fics~! Love~! <3 ...and I used up all my minutes texting Bek. Ooops. >>;;


Dec. 3rd, 2009 07:58 pm
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*turns off caps lock* ..I'll read my book and have my head phones on, I guess? My little Robin probably will not allow this. ;-;

...and now that I can't game, I WANT to game. Same thing happened when I didn't have FFX. :(
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Lots of things!

-Naked Clint Barton! ...even though it's a liiiil creepy looking.
-Buffy staking Edward! <3<3<3
-Final Fantasy III (SNES) is number 8 on the GameInformer top 200 games of all time.
-Also, Final Fantasy II made this list. <3
-Actually, this GameInformer issue makes me lots of kinds of happy with Kefka on the back and everyone else on the front. <3

There'll be more to this list when I'm not being RUSHED off to see family and eat. >>;; <3 Have a great Turkey Day, everyone in America. If you're not in America, eat yummies anyway, f-list! You deserve them! <3


Nov. 23rd, 2009 02:02 am
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I feel like I'm just whining tonight, but I have my period, so my emotions are shot to fuck...

I've looked over my schedule this week, and I'm pretty sure the only way I could win NaNo with this week fucking me over would be if I weren't over 12k words behind. I...really wanted to finish this. I know I can do 50k. I'm sure if you added up my NaNo and all my RP logs, I'd have 50k by the end of the month. It's just really frustrating.

Okay, also, I skipped Italian class last week, so I shouldn't skip again because of apathy and how bored I know I'll be. Not doing the presentation. Fuck it, I can present in December. The fucker didn't really give me a due date, so he can fucking wait.

Tuesday's my day off, but I'm sure something will fuck that up. I work Wednesday 5pm-9:30pm. Then you know Thanksgiving, and I really don't like my family. I don't really want to deal with them. At least I can't get bitched at for not having a job.

Then Friday and Saturday, I have my first 8 hour shifts for a job ever. 3pm-11pm on Friday and 10am-6pm on Saturday. Which means I cannot stay up late on Friday. That's gonna be fucking with my sleep schedule. >_<;;

So yeah. NaNo won't get finished. I'm kinda upset about this. ...actually trying not to cry, and I blame my motherfucking bleeding vagina for that. >_<;;

EDIT: I need to not go on DevArt when I'm depressed. It doesn't help. It only reminds me I can't draw anymore. I used to be good, but fuck if I know where that talent went. Best if I go to bed now. ;-;


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