Apr. 2nd, 2011 02:09 am
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I think I'm getting my period. My moods are blah and meh and time for bed. ...maybe after some Dissidia 012...
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The second Dissidia game came in the mail today. I am made of fangirly joy. And I think Kefka just mentioned Kuja in a rant, calling him a spoony bard. I LOVE THAT PHRASE! >>;; *is shot* Also, I shall be referring to Kuja as Kujie-coo from now on! Thank you, Kefka~!

Gwahahahahaha- *ahem*

Yes. And umm, Lightning is really damned hot. Laguna is fucking adorable. And Tifa's endowments are endowed. XD Caaaaaan't wait to fight as Tifa and have more joygasms, fangasms, and well, all kind of -gasms!

As I fangirl, I am typing from my laptop. Things look okay. Got personalize everything again, but system restore had given me a small free trial of Norton, and they say all my back up files are clean. Finding the files where all my bookmarks are is going to be fun. Ahhh, I'm so useless without LJlogin. I'm looking, and it's not there! I'm so sadface. >>;;

But back to gaming! ...for tomorrow shall be homeworking times. D:


Feb. 6th, 2011 12:16 am
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I've been replaying FFX. Man, I don't think any the other FF games are as great for replay as this one. I just... I dunno. So much nostalgia and such, and just it's still so pretty.

Also, did anyone EVER think Seymour wasn't evil? I don't remember what I thought of him first time around, but argh, HIS THEME SONG IS CLEARLY SKETCHY! ...also, I love Battle with Seymour. Uematsu, you were sheer brilliance yet again. See, this is what new FF games are lacking: Nobou Freaking Uematsu. Well, among other things, but not the point.

I'm feeling kinda apathetic after waking from my nap. I'm going to blame this particular mood swing on my period. >>;; Yeah, right.

Tomorrow (or more accurately, later today) is my mom's birthday. We're going out to eat. ...the cousin put up a fuss about her brother being invited. Oh siblings not getting along. *eye roll* Whatever. I kinda wish this would be just me, my mom, and my aunt. I could handle that., I'm just a bitter bitch, aren't I?

In better news, I watched the Cagliari vs. Juventus game earlier today. <3 Heee, Buffon you make me squee in delight. Also, Luca Toni! You are lovely. He headed the ball into the net for the 3rd goal! Hee. (Matri got the other two goals, and man, he's pretty too.) And Del Piero and your corner kicks~ (Side note: These are Juventus players; I always root for this team because Buffon is my favorite.) <3

And dude, someone on Cagliari has the name Aquafresca. I was wondering why the announcers kept saying something about 'fresh water' during the game. I lol'd. XD (Side note 2: Holy shit, what's the Cagliari's goalie's name? He was gorgeous. Those eyes. Damn. Uhh, I'm not cheating on my favorite goalie, I swear! *hearts Buffon forever*)

Mmm, calcio. Damn, can't wait 'til it stops being winter, and the players start stripping off their shirts. Heh, this is me; what else did you expect me to say? <3


Dec. 14th, 2010 07:37 pm
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A few things. One, Kingdom Hearts II is gayer than I remembered. I will not ship Sora/Riku, I will not ship Sora/Riku...

Two, I just played the final battles for KHII, and weeeeeell... I didn't remember a single one. XD Okay, 'cept Xemnas' zebra coat, but that's pretty unforgettable, ya know? XD

Three, I think we'll be seeing more nobodies in the future. ...okay, this is me hoping Axel comes back, shut up. He needs his Roxas, man. XD

Why, you ask, am I gaming instead of studying for finals and doing my final paper? Clearly, you do not know me. I am a procrastinator. Also, I did start my paper. Gonna work on it more tonight after I start my 3_ships fic. LOOK, NOT PROCRASTINATING ON SOMETHING.

I gotta write Sora/Kairi/Riku, and I'm researching, you see. XD I need to watch a few more cutscenes. Soooo... *disappears...into the darkness*


Dec. 1st, 2010 03:03 am
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I don't want to be awaaaaaake. I finished my stupid project that's due tomorrow. I'm so wiped. At least my teachers keep dropping stuff. I have two oral presentations and a book that are completely off my to-do list because my teachers said fuck it. <3

Maybe I'll have some time this weekend to make ornaments and post them to my site. Gotta pimp those once I post and my mom's aprons. Man, I'm broke. @_@

In other news, Sims 2 with expansion packs is fuuuuun. *has a neighborhood full of DC characters* Lol, and Dick's attracted to red heads. I made it so. Now, if I can get some time to play it guilt free... Yeah, right. X_x

Oh Dammit.

Oct. 17th, 2010 12:17 pm
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My brain fused DCU and KH:BbS. This happened a while ago, but I ignored it because well, it wants to be a chaptered fic! My track record with chaptered fic? About 8 years of ficcing, and not a one chaptered fic done. >>;;

FORTUNATELY, I'm using Birth by Sleep as my plot outline, so I'm quite confident I can finish this? I mean, I'm not keeping strictly to the happenings in the game, but it's a nice crude outline for what I plan to do.

And it's totally readable with no KH background, since it's the DC characters, and I strive to keep them in character, so it's following them as you learn the KH'verse through them. An AU of yay, I hope? I may even have an idea for who is Sora, Riku, and Kairi. XD

...though, no ideas on the Organization. >>;; I'll get to them when I get to them, sheesh.

Ah fuck.

Sep. 15th, 2010 10:34 am
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Ow. I ate this morning, and now my stomach is fucking with me. It's okayish when I stay still, but moving around to get dressed was ow, and it'd only be ten times worse with the steps and blocks I have to walk to get from the train to class then to my other class. Yeah, so I'm skipping. Ow. This better be the fucking precursor to my period, because I am not doing this twice this month, thanks.

*curls up with her PSP*


Sep. 8th, 2010 03:02 am
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*squeeing* It took almost 9 1/2 hours, but I got me some Zack! Heeee! And Aqua is soooo awesome. I played her part first because girls are awesome. Well, not much kickass in the KH series, but she is the kickass girl! <3 Zaaaaaaaack.

...and I may have forgotten to eat dinner while I was playing. *ahem* Oops?

EDIT: EEE! Zack's theme in KH style AND hitting on Aqua. I'm shipping Aqua/Zack now like whoa. Heeee.
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They are here. I am lazy, and apparently I only took 65 pictures. Silly con with less comic cosplayers than Otakon, the anime convention. *shakes head* (There are many interesting pics, but goddammit, why didn't anyone fix my wig BEFORE the pics? *sob*)

Also, at least three people asked if Bek was Lady Gaga. Man did she wish she could Canary Cry their eardrums to hell.

And I met James Marsters and went to his Q&A. He is one charismatic man. Dude, it got Bek to let me get her into Buffy. I succeeded, by the way. Totally got her into Phoenix Wright as well. Next time we have a long transportation trip, I think there shall be more playing. XD She hasn't even met Edgeworth yet, and this must be remedied! XD

There was more con stuff, but my brain is all meh right now. Seriously. OH! I got a GIANT Robin!Jason poster from Artist Alley because Bek is the most awesomest friend everer. <3 She got a poster of Cap and Bucky since the Robin!Jason was the last one, and even though she wanted one, we knew where THAT one was going. XD

Aaaaaaand, I got three trades for 5 bucks. Trades I got were as follows: Batman: The Bat and the Cat (Fabian Nicieza AND Kevin Maguire, you know, with that naked orgy two page thing), Tiny Titans: Adventures in Awesomeness, AND Batman: Under the Hood Vol. 2. I failed to find A Death in the Family and Under the Hood Vol. 1, but I'll get 'em eventually.

In other shopping news, I got a Roy for my Hush!Jason and Dickie figures. There were no Timmys I could find for him. Jay likes his threesome just fine at the moment, though. XD
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So, I have my period, and as usual, first day I start bleeding, I get sick. Blah. Playing Dissidia helps? Firion, Tidus, please be making out now.

...also, my mind is still blown that Ollie from Batman: the Brave and the Bold has the same VA as Tidus. XD I'll start making comparisons, you know? XD Oh, and Ollie, if you ever say 'this is my story,' I may have to beam you with a blitzball.

...JASON DAY TOMORROW! :D Maybe I'll have pics of me in my Talia costume. XD Lol, I should take a picture with the huge Batman statue at the store... >>;; The one that has a huge sign that say DO NOT TOUCH...right in front of Batman's crouch. XD Talia would ignore that sign thoroughly. >>;;

I started some Steph fic last night. Stephanie Brown, the first Teen Titan. Oh how she wants to smack Wally already. XD And poor Garth is just getting overshadowed by two pretty much A type personalities. XD


Mar. 12th, 2010 11:54 am
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(Urk! I forgot about Edgeworth!) -a thought from the mind of Phoenix Wright, game 1: case 2

Silly, Phoenix, you don't forget about Edgeworth! XD

I finished the Edgey game last week, so I decided I'd forgotten enough about the other games that I needed a replay. <3 I'm gonna count how many times Phoenix, Edgey, Maya, and Larry each get accused of murder. XD It'll be hilarious. Who shall win? I can't remember, but let's find out!

Take that, Mr. Redd White, and your fabulosity will not sway me! ...nor will all those shinies you have! >.>;;


Feb. 20th, 2010 01:46 pm
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I've been playing Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, and oh god, the cameos. And I so love being in Edgeworth's head. The diction! The logic! The...guh~ ...but oh noes, his stalker is back! Poor Miles. D: *keeps playing, contemplating dropping Edgeworth in DCU since they need more lawyers, XD*


Feb. 3rd, 2010 12:18 am
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I...think I just had the most epic fucking battle ever in Final Fantasy history. Seriously. Listen up, people, because this story is fucking RIDICULOUS!

Behind a cut because my retelling of my ordeal is CRAZY and RIDICULOUS )


Jan. 29th, 2010 04:43 pm
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Hey, LJ, you are being pretty late with my comment e-mails. Quit that! >:O

Also, mmm, playing the villains in Lego Batman for the DS. XD I am amused, and wtf, is that Riddler/Two-Face I spy in this game? I know at least two people on f-list that would grin about that. >>;;


Jan. 25th, 2010 01:44 am
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I beat Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. It really sped up in plot at the end. It left me wanting. I want my KH fix, and this didn't do it. How long until Kingdom Heart: Birth By Sleep? Want. I can has Zack too, which guh.

Also, I'll let Bek make a post about the sleepover. We made a list of things we're pretending didn't happen (fandom-wise), and she has the list. XD Poke her until she posts it. XD


Jan. 23rd, 2010 12:54 am
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OH GOD, LJ'S BACK! (There was maintenance.) *clings and is so completely useless without it; really, can't traverse the interwebs without it*

...also, playing KH:Days. Near the end. Maybe I shall beat it tonight. KILL XION TIMES? Y/Y? YYYYYYYY!!!! >:D


Jan. 13th, 2010 01:43 am
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Guh, so in love with the FFIV sequel. ...I was playing it nearly all day. >>;; Sorry about not answering the text, Bek. I saw it around 1AM, so I'll wait 'till tomorrow. At least this post explains where I was? >>;;

But! Omg, the pics of Edward? Not allowed to be sexy. Nope. @_@ And the game makes me want lots of femslash (Rydia/Luca, Porom/Rydia, ect.). ...okay, and lots of Edge/Rydia with a side of Kain/Porom, maybe. XD I'm at the Lunarians part, and I'm soooo fucked. >>;; I'll re-try it later and not get raped by the 'Mysterious Girl' that looks a little like Rydia. XD


Jan. 10th, 2010 03:57 am
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I fail at asleep. I went to sleep at ten because I was just emotionally drained from too much disappointment and not fun times in a row. BUT, if you read my LJ, I've probably mentioned that if I go to sleep before midnight, I will not sleep through the night. My body takes it as a nap, and wakes up 2 to 3 hours later. Tonight was no exception.

I wanted to play something mindless to get me sleepy (and not turn on the laptop since my cooling pad died on me; oh did I mention that? Ugh), but with my save files gone to hell, my PSP wasn't an option. Soooo, I got up, went to the living room and went on the Wii. FFIV: The After Years isn't mindless but soooo good. I got through Rydia's Tale (and kinda want femslash, wtf?), and I started Yang's Tale.

Also, LOL. You have Luca the dwarf and her two dolls, Calca and Brina. Hmmm, I wonder why THAT sounds familiar? XD It even had the Calcobrena Dolls theme~ I love that theme. Fun times. And Yang had a daughter who wants to be a fight, and I was really quite shocked to see Yang pulling the 'you're a princess, not fighter' card. Tsk, tsk. He shoulda known THAT wouldn't work.

...and if any of you FFIV fans on my list love me AT ALL, write me FFIV:TAD fic. Pleeeeease? I'll write Rydia/Luca femslash for you later! >.>;; Maybe fic where everyone wants Kain? (Because I swear to god, it's true!)


Jan. 9th, 2010 12:14 am
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*sob* I went to replay Crisis Core since I haven't done that since my last game and PSP was stolen (AKA Gloria didn't want to sob), and I find my little bit of data is corrupt. Then I check my other data...

It's all GONE! ;-; I bought all the cutscenes in Dissidia! I've been told by the mail moogle, TWICE, that I need to get a life! I-I... *sob* You know, this is one system I haven't done illegal stuff with, but that makes me wonder why bother. D:

*goes to play Crisis Core because she obviously wants to sob MORE, not that she'll get to the sob part so fast but STILL*

EDIT: IT'S TEASING ME NOW!! The data for Dissidia is listed without the Dissidia picture and tells me how many hours it has and when I last played. ;-; 119:23:24 hours of my life WASTED! ;-; And I hadn't played since August, which seems very wrong. ;-; *sobs in her pillow*
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Jason, Dick, and Tim live in the same house. See? Dick wants to have lots of friends, Tim wants to learn, and Jason wants money. XD And they have some visitors too. :D (Some images aren't the safest things for work or parents or children. XD Implied sex and female nudity.)

Storytime! )

To be continued... In the next installment, I'll either show Roy with Lian at his home (while he likes Steph and it was not my doing, I swear!), or the Jason/Tim saga followed by the accidental Dick/Cass thing that wasn't my fault. XD


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