Mar. 31st, 2011 09:09 am
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I feel like if I start writing England in Hetalia fic, I'll have to this URGE to write like a Brit. Like with color spelled 'colour' and neighbor spelled 'neighbour'. Ha, and spelled would be 'spelt', wouldn't it? Hahaha, Firefox's spellcheck does not approve of my attempt to be British. I'll stop now. XD

Also, LJ, darling, stop fucking with me. Error messages are very unkind, you whore. *scowly face*

Help Japan

Mar. 13th, 2011 08:42 pm
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Okay, I've offered myself up for bids at [livejournal.com profile] help_japan. At the moment, I'm not offering fic just because I'm straddling fandoms, and well, I'm just betting my muses will go running. I just won't do it.

BUT, I am offering beta services for fanfics. My offer would be here. We'll see how this goes...
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I've just read too much fail and stupid and terrible things lately, and I feel the need for betterment. Since I can't really do anything to teach uneducated slobs who are saying terrible things about the Japan disaster, is it a rule that if you mention Pearl Harbor as something against Japan, it's an automatic lose in the conversion, like bringing up Nazis? I've decided to offer grammar help.

Not like, beta'ing, but more like... If you have any grammar questions, bring them up here! For example, when to use semicolon or how to properly format quotes for dialogue. Now, I'm not saying I know everything, BUT I'll answer your questions to the best of my ability! Language questions and discussions are all A-Okay here too! (e.g. why are romance languages so different from this language, etc.?)

Oh! And if any other grammar/language nerds want to answer questions or have discussions, go ahead! If we all learn something new on this post, my job is done. <3

EDIT: Shut up, Dagger. >.>;; You saw no spelling mistakes here. It was all an ILLUSION! @____@


Mar. 9th, 2011 12:02 pm
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Going to the Philly Flower Show soon. I'll take lots of pictures! ...unless hanging out with Jackie totally distracts me from this goal, which may very well happen. XD

Also, watching Match Game, and I approve of macking on Richard Dawson. That show is so adorable. <3 Game shows, why not so awesome anymore? XD

Aaaaand I got a new Hetalia plot bunny. It's Austria/Hungary/Prussia. High school AU, whatever do you mean? It can be canon! There's Hetalia Gakuen, so I'm totally playing in a AU that exists canonically.

Have I mentioned how I love fandoms with built in multiverse? DC, Marvel, Kingdom Hearts, Hetalia... XD

EDIT: P.S. LJ, fuck you. You're STILL giving me sporadic comment e-mails. I demand this be fixed, and this needs to STOP happening. I haven't gotten a SINGLE e-mail for my first Hetalia fic, and it's not because it sucks. I checked. It has PLENTY of lovely comments. *huffs* ...though, I am glad that it alerted me on the thread on grammar over here. XD
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"Oh, my God, I'm having a wet dream about good diction." (England about France in an ongoing fic on the Hetalia Kink Meme)

Just this line. Having wet dreams about good diction? Guh. >>;; Now, if there were grammar wet dreams or sexy grammar, I'd totally have a new kink- ...fuck, I think I do. Goddammit, me.

...though, if someone were to write Jason/Tim where Tim is just really fucking turned on by Jason using proper grammar and diction, I'd be so like, I don't even have the words to describe it. >>;; Or even better, some really hot accent. Ummm. >>;; *hides*
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So, finally got a hold of Red Robin #16, and you know what I spot on the last page? I typo! >>;; They missed a letter, and it's not like a SMALL letter either. They typo'd their biggest cash cow's last name! Fail, DC, fail.

And I screencapped it for posterity. XD (I think my Batman/Etrigan would have also been appropriate here, with Bruce's wtf face, XD)

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So, I was going through my f-list and found someone who write OT3 fic posted this little bit of goodness. It's a piece of meta by a polyamorous person about polyamory. It's a really good read (and wow, correct grammar abound!), and I think the next time I write a moresome fic, I'm going to go back and read that for some ideas.

As a person who knows pretty much nothing about polyamory (AKA this coming from a person who went to Catholic school all her grade school and high school life), it was very enlightening. Mostly, I found it to be common sense if thought about, but hey, if polyamory confuses you, and you want to write your OT3 or such, give it a read. <3

...also, Firefox doesn't seem to like the words 'polyamorous' or 'polyamory.' Go fig. Maybe it's just twitchy about the mix of Greek and Latin roots. XD
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One, it's time to vote in PA. >>;; Bek says Cap says to vote. So far? I'll I've seen are Arlen Spector ad campaigns being a jerkface about the other guy. I think that kinda shit is stupid, but it'd be naive to think that's not all politicians. :/ So, I dunno who to vote for which means I shouldn't vote because I would be guess voting, and that's just stupid. :/

In better, not so political news, if anyone fills my prompts at [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic today, I'll love you forever. They are cracktastic. Just look at them:

DCU, Boostle + Martian Manhunter, I'm eating oreos and watching porn. This is your fault.

DCU, Bats + Robins, umm..so Dad's wearing a thong, I don't know what to do
put a dollar in it?

Marvel, Young Avengers, I accidentally had sex with my boyfriend's twin last night...and he didn't stop me.
How was it?
Fantastic, but that's not the point.

Marvel, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes (or Cap/anyone), he made me salute his american flag boxers before i took them off

Marvel, Bucky Barnes and/or Steve Rogers, she told me i tasted like america

...why yes, some of these texts ARE making me twitch from bad grammar. ...yes, I do text with proper grammar, why do you ask? >>;;

EDIT: And one more since I got a fill~
DCU, Tim Drake/Steph Brown, "I love you dearly- enough to wear red leather for you- But that my darling is going too far."

EDIT 2: Got another fill so another one~
DCU, Jason Todd/Tim Drake, "Why do people always use comics to get me into bed?"


May. 3rd, 2010 10:25 am
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I finished the book in one day. >>;; Haha, my fingers were a little black from the ink all day. Rather ridiculous. So yeah, I've got some fic ideas for BDB. Some Qhuinn/Blay (can we say duh?) and some Layla/Payne (mmm, femslash).

I wanna write now, but I have less than two weeks left of school. I should really do one of my last homeworks for the semester, you know? >>;;

...but the femslash, it calls to me, like the mothership. >>;; Also, this book needed more Qhuinn POV. I skimmed a good chunk of this book because of bad POV choices. D: Well, I always skimmed Lesser POV parts, you know? I love POV changes, but JR Ward needs to execute them properly.

And her colon use was driving me up a wall! >>;; ...why yes my grammar check brain was on while I was reading. Oops. >>;;
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So, in creative writing class today, we were doing quotes and how to put in punctuation and such. Oh god, so boring. I'm a grammar nazi; I know this shit. Hell, I point out when you can use a semi-colon! ...as proven by this post because I already used one barely three sentences in! >>;;

Yes, I have a favorite kind of punctuation, and that's the semi-colon. Poor, unloved semi-colon! IT IS NOT JUST FOR SWEATDROPS AND WINKY FACES! >>;; Okay, so here's what we did (try it yourself and see if you know your grammar~):

He said you are late

You are late he said

You he said are late

You are late he said you should get to class

Here's the answers... )

Under the cut, stylistically, I think the first and last one are terribly awkward. Do not want. I don't write that way, and I'm not too fond of seeing what I'm reading written that way. Oh and the one with the semi-colon probably wouldn't have come up if I hadn't said it. The teacher was impressed by my grammar nazi ways and my love of the semi-colon. ...actually, said I was weird, but totally compliment!

...also, really good vocabulary and diction is very hot. Like, I'm into dirty talk, but if you could have dirty talk and high diction? Insta-orgasm. >>;; TMI? Suuuure. XD Guh.


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