Mar. 31st, 2011 03:59 pm
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Sent in my two essays for my application to Temple Rome. It is done. @_@ Now, I just wait. And I'm working on the scholarship essay and just need to edit and send that in too. (Might need someone to help with that...? Tonight, hopefully.)

So, barring apocalypse or lost muses, I should be having a ficcing weekend, starting tomorrow. I have a HUGE list of Hetalia prompts, and... I have some small DCU bunnies, but don't hold you your breathes, darlings.

So yeah, gonna be home late. Gonna see a play for class with Jackie. <3

And I'll have a rant about Corbett later because I don't want to freak myself out with that again.


Mar. 28th, 2011 08:37 am
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I have to write 150 words, in Italian, what my fridge would say if it could talk. >>;; Che pazzo, professore! <<;; (Darlings, that's your Italian lesson of the day. You know how to say 'crazy' in Italian now. Don't use the knowledge all in one place! XD)

(Also, my fridge would ask why I stop eating every once and a while. >>;; Damn stomach.)
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Dear self,

Okay, you've had your fun. Back to work! I know you're enjoying that Hetalia Friending Meme, and you want to write fics now, BUT you have to do your essays. You want to go to Rome. You WILL go to Rome, but not if you don't do your damned essays, you freaking SLACKER! *scowls*

The new friends will still be there after March is over, darling. Then you can go to Rome in the Fall, and I have new experiences and gelato! Oh, and soccer! SOCCER! Hot guys. You know you're that shallow. >>;;

Also, the Hetalia fics that could be spawned by living and studying in Rome would be MAGNIFICENT! *is shot*

Now, go write those essays, so you can get them beta'd in time. You can do it! It's only 2000 words at most for all three! You can DO IT! Then you can write porn. ...actually, I lied. You'll have to write that silly 150 word composition for Italian class for what would you fridge say if it could talk. Why is your teacher so silly?

Then you gotta memorize that monologue for Speech class. >>;; March is not your friend, babe. XD

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I only got to sleep for two hours. FML. *goes back to writing her paper*

EDIT: *checks the clock at 9:48am* ...I finished my paper with time to spare? Holy fuck. It's even the minimum page requirement! Wooooow. *is impressed with herself* I can even make myself a sandwich for lunch! Whooo.

...also, oh god, Italian class is going to be INTERESTING on this much sleep. I'm either going to be manic with no comprehension of Italian OR half asleep with no comprehension of Italian. Whooooo. *dies*
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I've just read too much fail and stupid and terrible things lately, and I feel the need for betterment. Since I can't really do anything to teach uneducated slobs who are saying terrible things about the Japan disaster, is it a rule that if you mention Pearl Harbor as something against Japan, it's an automatic lose in the conversion, like bringing up Nazis? I've decided to offer grammar help.

Not like, beta'ing, but more like... If you have any grammar questions, bring them up here! For example, when to use semicolon or how to properly format quotes for dialogue. Now, I'm not saying I know everything, BUT I'll answer your questions to the best of my ability! Language questions and discussions are all A-Okay here too! (e.g. why are romance languages so different from this language, etc.?)

Oh! And if any other grammar/language nerds want to answer questions or have discussions, go ahead! If we all learn something new on this post, my job is done. <3

EDIT: Shut up, Dagger. >.>;; You saw no spelling mistakes here. It was all an ILLUSION! @____@


Feb. 28th, 2011 09:20 pm
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Okay, less freaking out than earlier. All good, baby. Also, A.C. Milan won 3-0 against Napoli. Usually I'd go for Napoli, but A.C. has Gattuso, and he'll always get my support. <3 But ahhh, he got hit in the face! D:

...also, Milan got a penalty kick, so Napoli almost killed the Ref. I hadn't understood why since I don't know the word for penalty kick, and I wasn't sure what had quite happened, since it happened so fast. XD But maaaaaaaan, shirts were gone, and there was rain~ <3

Hey, I can have a shallow reason for starting to watch soccer! It's really fun even without the partial hottie nudity. XD And I got to talk about soccer with a Japanese boy from one of my classes on the train (Kohei). It was fun! ^-^

And lol, I keep randomly getting the Italian National Anthem in my head. Humming it is catchy! ...so is many of the Sanremo songs. Arriverà by Modà con Emma doesn't want to leave my head ever. God, they had such fucking chemistry. I think I'll buy their CD in Italy, or at least, the Sanremo CD.
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I don't even. Argh, why do I fail at having an attention span when I have papers to write? I have two due tomorrow. And I had an Italian Composition due Monday, but I failed to hand that in because I fail at life and writing. Doesn't help that I KNOW that teacher doesn't answer e-mails, and that's the class I'd be MOST likely to ask questions since I'd know what I'd wanna ask!

So, two papers. One is for my Queer American Studies course, and it's 4 pages. I tried a few of the topics then quit them one by one. >>;; Mostly, fuck you, Freud. I like that you value words, and you are very revolutionary, but fuck, I need Freud for dummies. ...or wiki, which is not the source material, so fuck. (Yeah, doing a paper on how Darwin's sexual selection theory influenced everyone and their mother. >>;; Because it's true.)

And I have to write some focus paper about grieving parents and children for Death & Dying class. Yeah, this one is only 600 words. I can bs that. ...I hope. Fuck, the Italian Composition was only 200 words, and I didn't finish that. ...though, I did brain storm with my mom. Goddammit, all these verb tenses and moods are fucking with me hard. D: I need Italian Verbs for Dummies. ...except not presente or passato prossimo, because I've got those down. ;-;

I SHOULD BE WRITING MY PAPERS! *sob* Who's not sleeping tonight? I'm not! And make espresso to keep me up, but I am me, and espresso knocks me out. >>;; So yeah. Umm. At least I weened myself off the Hetalia Kink Meme for the night sorta?
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"Oh, my God, I'm having a wet dream about good diction." (England about France in an ongoing fic on the Hetalia Kink Meme)

Just this line. Having wet dreams about good diction? Guh. >>;; Now, if there were grammar wet dreams or sexy grammar, I'd totally have a new kink- ...fuck, I think I do. Goddammit, me.

...though, if someone were to write Jason/Tim where Tim is just really fucking turned on by Jason using proper grammar and diction, I'd be so like, I don't even have the words to describe it. >>;; Or even better, some really hot accent. Ummm. >>;; *hides*
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Eee. I've been listening to some of the Hetalia drama CDs. Heee, in love. Also, kinda wanna make churros. Dammit, Spain and ChibiRomano! >>;; But the Italies' Hitsuji de Oyasumi CD is so cute and sleepy making! Veneziano and Romano counting sheep! For you!

ALSO! Veneziano's track taught me how to spell something in Italian I say every night! (I was reading the translation while listening, since my Japanese is crap.) Me and my mom have this thing we say most nights. "Sogni d'oro." "Sogni d'oro ('you too' but I can't spell what we actually say because I fail, and it might be dialect since it's not anche tu? Fuck.)" "Prego" "...pasta sauce."

Yeah, it's silly since 'prego' is 'you're welcome,' but I always thought of the pasta sauce. You know, the jarred stuff that's never made it's way into this house? XD So yeah. Never knew how to spell OR exactly what I was saying. I knew it was 'sweet dreams,' but I didn't know the literal translation was 'dreams of gold.' Huh.

...now, I'm gonna let the Italies count some sheep for me, so I can sleep. XD

EDIT: I... Romano said fuck counting sheep and decided to count tomatoes instead. I... So cute... And this is why he's my favorite fouled mouth little country~ Heee. ...yeah, that doesn't make me sleepy though, lol.
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Guess who got something like 3 hours of sleep last night? I'll give you a hint. It happened because she stayed up to write Hetalia fic that involved soccer. (Why did I look up all that stuff about Diego Maradona? Ohgodwhy.) ...fuck. While I wrote the fic I kept telling myself, omfg, GO TO SLEEP! YOU HAVE TO TAKE A BATH AND GO TO CLASSES TOMORROW, GODFUCKINGDAMMIT!

In other news, wheeeeee, I downloaded Umberto Tozzi music. His song Gloria is pretty much what I was named after. Duuuuude, I totally misheard the line "scappa senza far rumore" as "scappa senza far l'amore." Yeeeeeeah, two totally different meanings, man. One is "run away without a sound" while the other is "run away without making love."

...in my defense, the next line has 'letto' (word for bed) in it! What else was I supposed to think? >>;;

Also 'Tu' and 'Ti Amo' give me fangirly squee-ness. Oh, old Italian music. Also, I need to break some brains so... Fun, with 1979! Warnings for when disco-esque outfits were in style...? Side Note: Don't tell me Dick Grayson wouldn't steal this guy's outfit. XD


Feb. 6th, 2011 12:16 am
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I've been replaying FFX. Man, I don't think any the other FF games are as great for replay as this one. I just... I dunno. So much nostalgia and such, and just it's still so pretty.

Also, did anyone EVER think Seymour wasn't evil? I don't remember what I thought of him first time around, but argh, HIS THEME SONG IS CLEARLY SKETCHY! ...also, I love Battle with Seymour. Uematsu, you were sheer brilliance yet again. See, this is what new FF games are lacking: Nobou Freaking Uematsu. Well, among other things, but not the point.

I'm feeling kinda apathetic after waking from my nap. I'm going to blame this particular mood swing on my period. >>;; Yeah, right.

Tomorrow (or more accurately, later today) is my mom's birthday. We're going out to eat. ...the cousin put up a fuss about her brother being invited. Oh siblings not getting along. *eye roll* Whatever. I kinda wish this would be just me, my mom, and my aunt. I could handle that. ...man, I'm just a bitter bitch, aren't I?

In better news, I watched the Cagliari vs. Juventus game earlier today. <3 Heee, Buffon you make me squee in delight. Also, Luca Toni! You are lovely. He headed the ball into the net for the 3rd goal! Hee. (Matri got the other two goals, and man, he's pretty too.) And Del Piero and your corner kicks~ (Side note: These are Juventus players; I always root for this team because Buffon is my favorite.) <3

And dude, someone on Cagliari has the name Aquafresca. I was wondering why the announcers kept saying something about 'fresh water' during the game. I lol'd. XD (Side note 2: Holy shit, what's the Cagliari's goalie's name? He was gorgeous. Those eyes. Damn. Uhh, I'm not cheating on my favorite goalie, I swear! *hearts Buffon forever*)

Mmm, calcio. Damn, can't wait 'til it stops being winter, and the players start stripping off their shirts. Heh, this is me; what else did you expect me to say? <3


Jan. 21st, 2011 09:47 am
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I have absolutely no self-control, whatsoever it seems. I should do my little Italian paper.

...dammit, I found a kink meme. The Hetalia kink meme seems as though it might be as epic as the PW one. Ohgod, that one is still going, I bet. @_@

...again, no self-control. Heee, Spain/Romano is so cute and so is every pairing ever, eee! Gah, I'm falling back into old patterns of fangirly anime fan. HELP ME!
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...I got bored during Italian class. Io sono cativa, cativa ragazza. >>;; Stole this from [livejournal.com profile] favouriteyear.

1) Jason/Tim
2) Steph/Tim
3) Roy/Steph
4) Axel/Roxas
5) Jason/Talia
6) Jason/Babs

7) Roy/Dick
8) Matt/Mello
9) Tim/Kon

10) Bruce/Any Robin
11) Buffy/Angel
12) Dick/Babs

13) Dick/Wally
14) Jason/Nessie

Dude, this meme doesn't even pay attention to some of these numbers! Fail, meme, fail! )
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So, I was going through my f-list and found someone who write OT3 fic posted this little bit of goodness. It's a piece of meta by a polyamorous person about polyamory. It's a really good read (and wow, correct grammar abound!), and I think the next time I write a moresome fic, I'm going to go back and read that for some ideas.

As a person who knows pretty much nothing about polyamory (AKA this coming from a person who went to Catholic school all her grade school and high school life), it was very enlightening. Mostly, I found it to be common sense if thought about, but hey, if polyamory confuses you, and you want to write your OT3 or such, give it a read. <3

...also, Firefox doesn't seem to like the words 'polyamorous' or 'polyamory.' Go fig. Maybe it's just twitchy about the mix of Greek and Latin roots. XD


Apr. 13th, 2010 12:31 am
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Feeling better than earlier. RP times with Michi and on [livejournal.com profile] sixwordstories really helped. Omg, there was a Zordon! Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! I think I totally was in love with the Green Ranger. Haha, I didn't like pink, but I'm pretty sure I wanted to be the Pink Ranger because of Tommy. I lol at this. <3

...and I am not RPing at [livejournal.com profile] pokeheroes. I'm not. ...not at all. I haven't picked out pokemon for my muses... Pre-Crisis Jay doesn't have a Pikachu, nor does Post-Crisis Jason have a Charmeleon or Steph with an Espeon or Delcatty. >>;;

...and why, brain, do you think the Robins have to be Power Rangers? Who would be Zordon? Or Alpha 5? Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi... XD Mmm, childhood. Mayhaps I should download the series...

EDIT: I think I should download it in a Italian too to watch it! Ooh, language. XD
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So, in creative writing class today, we were doing quotes and how to put in punctuation and such. Oh god, so boring. I'm a grammar nazi; I know this shit. Hell, I point out when you can use a semi-colon! ...as proven by this post because I already used one barely three sentences in! >>;;

Yes, I have a favorite kind of punctuation, and that's the semi-colon. Poor, unloved semi-colon! IT IS NOT JUST FOR SWEATDROPS AND WINKY FACES! >>;; Okay, so here's what we did (try it yourself and see if you know your grammar~):

He said you are late

You are late he said

You he said are late

You are late he said you should get to class

Here's the answers... )

Under the cut, stylistically, I think the first and last one are terribly awkward. Do not want. I don't write that way, and I'm not too fond of seeing what I'm reading written that way. Oh and the one with the semi-colon probably wouldn't have come up if I hadn't said it. The teacher was impressed by my grammar nazi ways and my love of the semi-colon. ...actually, said I was weird, but totally compliment!

...also, really good vocabulary and diction is very hot. Like, I'm into dirty talk, but if you could have dirty talk and high diction? Insta-orgasm. >>;; TMI? Suuuure. XD Guh.


Dec. 31st, 2009 12:04 am
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Andrea Bocelli and Elmo. That's so cute. I even went into mommy's room with my laptop to let her watch. XD She wasn't even mad that it's the middle of the night. <3 I wanna sing the Italian part with it. XD


Dec. 21st, 2009 06:29 pm
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You know what I love? The fact I could skip this Italian final and still pass. :D Also, the points for the class are 700 total. I have 666 at the moment. ...I don't want to change this because that is one AWESOME number. :D

...and I'm really worried about my fic exchange of DOOM entry. I have about 100 words, but um, my muses took a vacation since I wouldn't write them when I had final projects to do, and now they went AWOL. :( Now Marvel's seducing me. ...and Bird of Prey, since I finally got to reading some. Dinah and Babs are looooove. <3 Makes me want lots of femslash. Also, it proves that Tim could never bag a BoP because so far two of them hate Zesti. He'd have to compromise one love for another! XD *dies*

And shit like that is why my brain isn't writing the fic I need to write. I think it doesn't help that the person I'm writing for probably wouldn't be happy with Jason taking over the fic. :/ Damn. :(

EDIT: Fuck people. They can go fucking die. Also, this post was supposed to post BEFORE my fucking final. Whatever. Fuck people who can't answer their phones when I need them to, and fuck the whole world. Christmas too because fuck if I wanna deal with cousins. >:O *goes back to comics and video games where you can watch assholes DIE*


Aug. 28th, 2009 08:03 pm
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...I spent nearly all day with my mother. This wasn't a bad thing. ...it just ended in bad things. Good thing? Things on many drugs? Something like that.

Also, 'googlare' is now a new Italian verb, according to mom. She has decided it so, and since she's Italian and crazy, it is so. XD She told me to 'googlare' some Italian words when I asked I if 'stanco' and 'seno' were Italian and not dialect. ...she was right; it's Italian. >.>;;

There was Michael Jackson music on all day. It was kinda awesome, and as we drove home, Smooth Criminal was playing, so I asked how to say it in Italian. She didn't understand the meaning of 'smooth,' but we came up with mafioso criminale. XD Then I tried to explain a smooth criminal as like well dress mafia guy that gets away with crime and such.

...which led me to saying a hitman like Jason Morgan and well dressed like Sonny Corinthos. ...then that ended in me saying Jason and Sonny's love child. >_<;; I got bad thoughts. Then mommy didn't help by asking who would carry the baby. GAH, M-PREG! >_<;; Then I was all, no, I am not explaining fandom to mommy then I kinda did and it ended with ass babies? *dies*

Okay, before that, went to school, got my classes, and since we were close by, we went thrift store shopping (after buying school books AND an awesome DC thing that shoulda been $50 for $15, <3). We kinda made out like bandits? <3 And I totally have a trenchcoat that Steph would wear. XD Yay, Spoiler colors!


Mar. 27th, 2009 01:46 am
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Why is it the one time I want to be wrong I was right? I fucking SAID we had a grammar test today in Japanese. People said, no Gloria, we talked sensei out of it! The fuck, you did! Argh! Whatever, at least sensei caved and helped us study before the test. I know my grammar, mostly. The issue is that whole year of no class between 102 and 201. My vocabulary and verb conjugation got shot to fucking hell.

*sighs* And that's going to be just SWELL to fix. :/ Can I has Italian now? At least with that class I can practically just start using it around the house without it being weird. Sure, I'd get a question, but mommy would get used to it quickly enough.

Also? French can kiss my ass. I'm not really invested in it. And I'm going to try and NOT take a language class that's only once a week. That's really bad for learning the goddamn language. *more sigh*

...and is it bad that if the cute boy from art class wants to take me out dancing (which was my idea to begin with) tomorrow or Saturday, that I rather stay in my room and RP on my laptop...? >>;; God, I'm such a fucking hermit. But I like my little internet niche. ...oh yeah, I'm completely dependent on LJ. Like a fucking drug. Ooops. >>;; *cuddles up with her DC heroes and villains Alex Ross throw and doesn't come out, and you can't make her*

EDIT: Okay, one good thing about reality. Martial arts class! Tuesday, I made someone bleed, and today, I learned how to strangle someone with a belt! Ooh, and when I punched in for people, apparently I punched too fast or something, and they didn't block in time, so I hit like half the class! (Sensei says if they don't block, you can hit them! Yay!) :D

Violence is always a plus, dammit! Hehe. ...though, I will admit the story behind the making someone bleeding isn't as horrible as I let it sound like. It just sounds more fun that way! Feel free to ask for the real story. <<;;

Also, apparently, my defense is getting better. Like really, I went up against a really strong guy in my class, and he told me he was punching in hard (which, I demand because really, I don't need pussy punches; they won't teach me shit), and I blocked equally as hard! Whoo!

I even learned a new animal kenpo, the Leopard! The Leopard is pretty sweet. <3 Fun times. ROAR!


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