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I'm full of bunnies. Like so many. Then there's thing I do whenever I get into a new fandom: all my music morphs into FSTs. *facepalm* I have...four or five or six, dammit so far for Hetalia. >>;; (And, I think my DCU muses will exist if I'm writing Titans fix it fic...? I miss my Titans. ;-; )

Okay, so the Hetalia songs:

1. All The Things She Said by T.A.T.U. (I blame that Ukraine-Belarus song from the movie; it has this in it! >>;; So... Belarus/Ukraine femslash? >>;; Yup.)

2. Particle Man by They Might Be Giants (...what? You haven't even heard who I associate it with! ...Prussia!, wait, I swear it makes sense! This line: "Person man, person man // Hit on the head with a frying pan" Seeee? XD)

3. Friend Or Foe by T.A.T.U. (...I like my fake Russian lesbians, okay? Sheesh. So, pretty much the USSR, like Russia and all his satellite countries. He thinks they're friends; they don't think so. >>;; Poor Russia? XD)

4. If You Wanna, I Might by HelloGoodbye (...I don't even know why really, but America/Canada? My brain deemed it so. Silly brain.)

5. I'm Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage (...England. I think that's enough said? It should be. *ahem* Possible FrUK? XD)

6. The World Is Not Enough by Garbage (...moooore England but like British Empire...and maybe FrUK, or I guess anyone you'd want dommed by England. XD)

So, Hetalia friends, anything to add? XD

EDIT: That shouldn't have take five attempts to post. So, fuck you, LJ. And trying to use my 'attention whore wants attention' tag when I didn't use it is just rude! >:O
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Everyone needs more vuvuzelas! France, I don't think that's where you put a vuvuzela, but points for creativity...? Bzzzzzzzzzzz!


Feb. 28th, 2011 09:20 pm
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Okay, less freaking out than earlier. All good, baby. Also, A.C. Milan won 3-0 against Napoli. Usually I'd go for Napoli, but A.C. has Gattuso, and he'll always get my support. <3 But ahhh, he got hit in the face! D:

...also, Milan got a penalty kick, so Napoli almost killed the Ref. I hadn't understood why since I don't know the word for penalty kick, and I wasn't sure what had quite happened, since it happened so fast. XD But maaaaaaaan, shirts were gone, and there was rain~ <3

Hey, I can have a shallow reason for starting to watch soccer! It's really fun even without the partial hottie nudity. XD And I got to talk about soccer with a Japanese boy from one of my classes on the train (Kohei). It was fun! ^-^

And lol, I keep randomly getting the Italian National Anthem in my head. Humming it is catchy! is many of the Sanremo songs. Arriverà by Modà con Emma doesn't want to leave my head ever. God, they had such fucking chemistry. I think I'll buy their CD in Italy, or at least, the Sanremo CD.
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Guess who got something like 3 hours of sleep last night? I'll give you a hint. It happened because she stayed up to write Hetalia fic that involved soccer. (Why did I look up all that stuff about Diego Maradona? Ohgodwhy.) ...fuck. While I wrote the fic I kept telling myself, omfg, GO TO SLEEP! YOU HAVE TO TAKE A BATH AND GO TO CLASSES TOMORROW, GODFUCKINGDAMMIT!

In other news, wheeeeee, I downloaded Umberto Tozzi music. His song Gloria is pretty much what I was named after. Duuuuude, I totally misheard the line "scappa senza far rumore" as "scappa senza far l'amore." Yeeeeeeah, two totally different meanings, man. One is "run away without a sound" while the other is "run away without making love." my defense, the next line has 'letto' (word for bed) in it! What else was I supposed to think? >>;;

Also 'Tu' and 'Ti Amo' give me fangirly squee-ness. Oh, old Italian music. Also, I need to break some brains so... Fun, with 1979! Warnings for when disco-esque outfits were in style...? Side Note: Don't tell me Dick Grayson wouldn't steal this guy's outfit. XD


Sep. 27th, 2010 09:13 am
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Damn you, Batman: the Brave and the Bold, and your super catchy music numbers! >>;; This will NEVER get out of my head... And I may write fic, just with the lyrics. Embarrassing all the DC men in bed? Why yes, yes I will. XD

Oh god...

May. 26th, 2010 02:20 pm
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Dear brain,

I hate you, just a bit. No, Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne is NOT the perfect early on Steph song. ...'cept in all the ways it IS. Oh god, why do you do this to me, brain?

Also, the confused look Tim is sporting in my mood icon? That is the look this song would make have., I don't think that's funny...'cept I do. Dammit.

"Hey! Hey! You! You!
I don’t like your girlfriend!
No way! No way!
I think you need a new one
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I could be your girlfriend"


No love,

P.S. Making a fanmix for Steph's month IS a good idea. Thanks for that.
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Brain, why must you do this? Jason does not approve of your music choices for him. Go The Distance by Michael Bolton. Really? ...but it sooooo works for a redemption song. *cough* It's making me wibble. Oh Jay. Wait, does that make him Hercules? >>;; Oh Disney, how you fuck with me. Also, Countdown!Jason, y/n? >>;;

Lyrics Under The Cut... )

Meme Time!

Apr. 6th, 2010 12:44 am
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I stole this from [ profile] a_trill. Oh god, my playlist is on drugs. >>;; I swear, I don't know where all that Michael Jackson came from, I swear! And when I started, I swore it was gonna be as depressing as [ profile] a_trill's ended up. Well, it did at the start then when into cracktasticness. @_@ (I started this last night, but I took forever. Oops. Lots DCU, Marvel, then some few others at the end.)

-Write down twenty thirty of your favorite pairings/threesomes/etc.
-Put your media player on shuffle. The number of the song corresponds to the number of the pairing.
-Quote a part of the song that you think has any similarity with the couple.
(I'm going to press next if I end up with song without lyrics, which is quite likely with my music.)

God, my music is fucking crazy! )


Mar. 13th, 2010 11:18 pm
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Is it narcissism to read your own fics when your bored and love them? Like really. I forget some of them, then I re-read, and I fall in love all over again. >>;;

...and I'm shipping Tim/Steph so hard right now that it's not even funny. I-it's disconcerting since Jason always wants Timmy, and the Jason/Steph part of threesome to solve this problem isn't my favorite thing. :/

Also, Owl City is pretty and addicting music. @_@ And I may hit [ profile] comment_fic... No bingeing because that's just bad for anyone's health. >>;; @_@

....I read World's Finest #3 and #4 for Steph... I want Steph/Kara, and I do not want Dick/Clark., I didn't ask for it at the Spring Porn Battle thing [ profile] saavikam77 is hosting! Technically, it says Kal-El/Dick Grayson. *is shot* ;-; I-I blame [ profile] pervyficgirl! >>;; She ships 'em, so her fault. ...right. >_<;;
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"But when her smile came back and I didn't feel half as horrible
She gave me a heart attack just because she looked so adorable

...oh lyrics, why you be so cute and shippy? SHIPPY! CANON HET SHIPPING! WHAT!? >>;; My art bitch is gonna come back from break and go wtf with all the het I'll want from her. XD

Whoever writes me Tim/Steph porn love making make outs for the last two issues will have my undying love. ...not good enough since that's a lie, and I'm fickle? WHAT!? >>;; Okay, ummm, I'll make you a moving icon of your choice of comic panels. That a good trade? XD

*...should really be seeing if there's anything she has to do for that stupid Creative Writing class of DOOM*

Also, Owl City, why you so catchy? XD

EDIT: So I don't spam the f-list again, Look what I managed today~ I got the first three [ profile] comment_fic requests today! Even before the POSTER. *feels rather accomplished, >>;;*




Mar. 1st, 2010 11:56 am
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Oh DC vintage calendar. You make Hal look like such a jackass for March. *nods* The cover is him fighting Alan Scott to be GL of Earth. Silly Hal, respect your elders, bitch. XD

...also, I am not going to make icons with Lady Gaga music, I swear... No lavender blondes or eating hearts. ...even though I'm sure I could find pics to icon for those- Dammit, no! >>;;

And my neck hurts a little. Ow. D: Aaaaand I made interesting [ profile] comment_fic requests today. >>;;

Oh! Speaking of [ profile] comment_fic, guess who's hosting April 26th-29th? >:D I get Jason's Death Day Week~ *has planning skills, obviously* And when I get home, I'll make a post of a bunch of challenges I plan to post this year. <3


Feb. 13th, 2010 12:22 pm
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>:D Ooh, I'm in a mood, and guess which muse came out to play~ Steph!muse! *loves on her* Oh, she's kinda rocking the Lady Gaga music. XD Well, that and this song Crazy Possessive by Kaci Battaglia. Look up the lyrics. They're incredible fun, bitter, scratch your eyes out time~! And quite danceable. <3

Sooooo, expect some fun Steph fic in the next hour or so. <3

Oh, Girls and Boys by Blaqk Audio is quite nice too. The bff is to blame for that because of the best line in the song: "Girls who are boys, Who like boys to be girls, Who do boys like they're girls, Who do girls like they're boys"


Dec. 31st, 2009 12:04 am
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Andrea Bocelli and Elmo. That's so cute. I even went into mommy's room with my laptop to let her watch. XD She wasn't even mad that it's the middle of the night. <3 I wanna sing the Italian part with it. XD

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;-; I've has Lady Gaga's Bad Romance running through my head for half the day. A bit at work and now that I'm trying to get to bed. ;-; Ugh. *goes off on a fic reading binge until it goes away, maybe?*


Nov. 20th, 2009 04:26 pm
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Why is Sarah McLachlan music good for writing? No answer? I don't know either. XD Also, I'm liking this not writing in order thing. I can just switch muses whenever I'm bored. XD Working on Steph right now, but I have a Sasha muse. I like her, even though B&R is made of suck; she's likable. And someone I can use to beat up on Damian. >:D Also, Lian muse very much hates Damian muse. She shot an exploding arrow at him. >.>;; Damian, that's what you get for saying mean things about her family!! >:O

22445 / 50000 words. 45% done!

...also, Jason!muse does not like the fact I keep finding him in the Sarah McLachlan music. >>;; IT'S NOT MY FAULT! >_<;;
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Took me long enough, sheesh. If I waited any longer, there'd be another Robin, and well, he's getting no songs outta me! >>;; 30 songs for our lovely Robins as well as a pretty cover. This is a quick post, so if enough people want it, I'll post the songs too. Enjoy!

Wow this girl is obsessive and has no life... )
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So, my 5 things meme resulted in me skipping around and not getting one of the same fives things done. >>;; Eventually, it'll happen though. I started that fic about Black Canary. If it ends up not sticking to canon then bah, it's pretty much AU anyway! ...hmm, I'm not sure if Ollie'll be around in this fic though... *completely doesn't divulge the other main character in the fic, ha!*

Oh! I read Gotham Knights #43, and I want Jason/Babs, dammit! I think, unlike Dick, that Jason could have seduced Babs after a while. >>;; But that's just because in my head, Jason can do whatever the fuck he wants! ...he totally does anyway in my head. Ha, I'm never in charge! <<;;

In other news, my list of song fics that want to be written keep growing. @_@ There's at least two Dick/Babs songs on there that I'll probably never write... >>;; Well, unless I twist it into Dick/Tim or Dick/Jason... I bet I could! I really, really could! Because you can give the most het-tastic plot ever, and I WILL turn it into slash. :D It's my super power!'s very under-appreciated in the real world. *pouts*

The crossed out ones are ones I did. As you can see, that's like only one. >>;; You can request some more. I don't care if my list gets longer. >>;;

So, here's the list of songs: )


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