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Had Beckaboo hang outs. Not even 2 hours, so it was kinda really sad after, and the commute back and forth may have been longer than the hang outs. ;-;

...also, my mom is fucking nuts. She went to visit my godfather, and he made the unfortunate mistake of giving her espresso. She's been not shutting up and bouncy ever since. Son of a bitch.

*hides under her blanket for warmth since it was so fucking cold and ain't coming out again ever*
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*scowling* I am not a fucking morning person. At all. But SOMEONE decided to call at three something AM. Four. Fucking. Times. Oh, but Gloria, aren't you awake then anyway?

No, not this time. I'm supposed to be up now to talk to some bitch about my health insurance and figure this shit out. So, I had only just gotten to sleep at two. Maybe.

Wanna know who had the gall to call four fucking times this morning? If you've been here enough, you have guess right! My dad. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate! Mom ended up disconnecting the phones, so we could sleep! *grumbles* And it's not even like the fucking pussy LEAVES A MESSAGE or you know, SAYS ANYTHING! >:O

I swear to fucking god if someone doesn't take that mans cell phone away, I am going to make sure it happens when I am in Italy. >:O

Also, I feel that my angry/hate icon and tag isn't enough for the rage I feel, but it'll have to suffice. Motherfucking sons of bitches. And now, I have to go be a fucking responsible adult. Fuck my life. And after this meeting thing, mama better bring me to McDonald's because I am getting a Young Justice toy to make up for this.
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Test in Death & Dying today. It's kinda ridiculous. She totally gave us the questions for the test.

Except, you know, the ten of them are hiding in a pile of NINETY-SIX QUESTIONS! (ONLY 40-30 of them will be for me to pick from on the test.) *grumbles* And there's ONE 5-6 paragraph essay thing (which, hell, I'm supposed to write that in less than two hours PLUS 10 short answer questions? You have to be shitting me), and I have the questions for that too. Eight of those, but two won't show up on the test., me studying is essentially writing three 5-6 paragraph PAPERS to make sure at least ONE of those questions is on the test. Doing two would lead to my bad luck, and one is just bad odds. Motherfucker. I don't like having to play ODDS for my tests. It kinda pisses me off. Just a tad.

Not even mentioning the other 10 questions that I'd have to do A LOT OF QUESTIONS just to have enough to write about. I'm not even thinking about those odds. Ugh.

So, I'm skipping my first two classes for this test. I have this luxury since it's right before Spring Break, and there's nothing I can't catch up on in those classes. (Plus, I've never skipped on a Tues-Thurs schedule, so I'm good.) For those who say 'But Gloria, don't skip your classes!', I say fuck you I'd be completely useless in said classes as I worry for this test, so fuck that shit.

In other news, Beckaboo, if you see this before I decide to text or talk to you or whatever, the Mama would like to have a list of your food allergies. >>;; Yeah, she's totally afraid to cook for you until she knows what to avoid and so she can know when she goes food shopping. <3? (All the tasty things are flavored with meat! D: It's EVERYWHERE!)

EDIT: Mother. Fucker. Now my stomach decides to act up. *unhappy face of anger-unhappiness!* I think my period's going to pay me a visit during Spring Break. Traitorous motherfucker. ...well, at least I'll have plenty of chocolate because Bek is wonderful. ;-;
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Eee. I've been listening to some of the Hetalia drama CDs. Heee, in love. Also, kinda wanna make churros. Dammit, Spain and ChibiRomano! >>;; But the Italies' Hitsuji de Oyasumi CD is so cute and sleepy making! Veneziano and Romano counting sheep! For you!

ALSO! Veneziano's track taught me how to spell something in Italian I say every night! (I was reading the translation while listening, since my Japanese is crap.) Me and my mom have this thing we say most nights. "Sogni d'oro." "Sogni d'oro ('you too' but I can't spell what we actually say because I fail, and it might be dialect since it's not anche tu? Fuck.)" "Prego" "...pasta sauce."

Yeah, it's silly since 'prego' is 'you're welcome,' but I always thought of the pasta sauce. You know, the jarred stuff that's never made it's way into this house? XD So yeah. Never knew how to spell OR exactly what I was saying. I knew it was 'sweet dreams,' but I didn't know the literal translation was 'dreams of gold.' Huh., I'm gonna let the Italies count some sheep for me, so I can sleep. XD

EDIT: I... Romano said fuck counting sheep and decided to count tomatoes instead. I... So cute... And this is why he's my favorite fouled mouth little country~ Heee. ...yeah, that doesn't make me sleepy though, lol.
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There's a nice sized ball of dough rising in a bundle of blankets in the living room. I talked mama into making doughnut dough. <3 It just has to riiiiise~ Mmm, sugar doughnuts. They're super yummy! :D

*...thinks about bringing the bundle into her room since it's the warmest room in the house, so it'll rise faster...and scurries off to do so*
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I just added some more 'clix jewelry to the store and more ornaments. Supergirl, Batgirl II, Hawkeye (Kate), and some more Red Hood Jason stuff. <3 Come shopping, darlings.

Also, argh, still not finished the fic. Working on it, but I heard something in my room, so meh, freaked myself out. God, I need to clean this mess of a room, but I'm afraid what I'll find when I do. @_@

EDIT (4:44am): Ruuuugrats. In the middle of the night. Yes. And I thought I woke up the mama, but I forgot she needed to be awake early for work. >>;; Eep, I'm going to sleep while she's heading to work. Well, this is a new one.
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I'm in Italian class, but fuck if I'll be able to pay any attention. I'm so pissed. So yesterday, I was buying my ticket for the train for today, but my debit didn't work. Luckily, I had money on me. No big deal and I figured it was SEPTA being a big fuck up because I KNEW there was at least $100 in there. I keep it that way whenever I can.

Since I used that money for the ticket yesterday, I didn't have food money. Food trucks only take money (except the Insomnia Cookie truck, but that's another thing). BUT I called the Japanese Food truck ahead. Then figured out I had no money, so very unhappily, I go to the Student Center to hit up the ATM (that's not mine, so it would have had a fucking fee), but it says there are no funds.

What the fuck. So I go to the building my Italian class is in since it was getting late, and I get online to check my bank account, and lo and behold, my account is negative by nearly $70. It says Paypal took it, so I check Paypal, and see that the clothes and camera I bought from Sears on Cyber Monday with mom's credit card used my debit card. Fucking hell.

So yeah, not happy. Called my mom to tell her I was gonna take money from her account to fix mine and so I'd have some money. Used some money to get more minutes on my phone since I needed that soon. Argh, but the food truck must think bad things now. I want that food. *sigh*

Fuck this. After class, I'm buying myself some cookies. I'm so drained right now. I'm running on four hours of sleep since I woke up to take a bath, and I stayed up too late last night playing Sims 2 because I'm fucking idiot. Then before I got to school, I'd only had a banana and some water.


Dec. 1st, 2010 03:03 am
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I don't want to be awaaaaaake. I finished my stupid project that's due tomorrow. I'm so wiped. At least my teachers keep dropping stuff. I have two oral presentations and a book that are completely off my to-do list because my teachers said fuck it. <3

Maybe I'll have some time this weekend to make ornaments and post them to my site. Gotta pimp those once I post and my mom's aprons. Man, I'm broke. @_@

In other news, Sims 2 with expansion packs is fuuuuun. *has a neighborhood full of DC characters* Lol, and Dick's attracted to red heads. I made it so. Now, if I can get some time to play it guilt free... Yeah, right. X_x


Nov. 20th, 2010 11:29 am
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Hehe, I got outta the bath tub to find comic books on the kitchen table. <3 Mama bought some at a yard sale for me. Superboy was on top. XD Superboy #2, Green Lantern # 48 (2 copies) & 49 (these are the beginning of Emerald Twilight! Evil Hal, ahoy!), and Superman: The Man of Steel #30 (Lobo's on the cover, hee!). So, she got me evil Hal and retro Superboy. XD

I love my mama. <3


Aug. 11th, 2010 03:32 pm
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I made peach cobbler last night and warmed up perogies on the stove without waking up the dragon mama. And I baked pita chips today, while watching Julia Child. I feel chef-y. XD

And the bug guy is here. Meh. He's done with my room, and he's not spraying outside. All good. <3


Jul. 30th, 2010 12:14 am
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Hung out with the bff pretty much all day. Walked most of the King of Prussia mall. <3 Lots of fun had. She gave me boots for my b-day prezzie. <3 Mmm, my boot fetish lives. XD And I got a shirt with Batman logos in many different neon-y colors. I dub it my Rainbow Batman shirt. Aaaand I bought a Women of DC calendar. <3

I got her and mama to watch Under the Red Hood with me. XD They all awed at bitty Robin Jason, as they SHOULD! And apparently, my special edition DVD's second disc has Batman: the Animated Series on it! Robin's Reckoning 1 & 2! :D This so was worth the 20 bucks, man. <3
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I have 250 icon slots now. >:D I love my mama. <3 SO, I need some characters I need icons of. DC, Marvel, FMA, Final Fantasy, ect. Tell me who I should have.

Who I KNOW I need icons of:

-Edward Elric
-Some Disney something
-More of my cosplays
-Soccer sexiness
-More Boostle
-More JLI
-Young Justice
-Kate Bishop
-Spike and Buffy
-An icon to convey confusion
-...MOAR JASON? Hahaha, like I need more... >.>;;
-Ace Attorney icons
-Babs icons
-More Bucky (with a dash of Jack Monroe, I think)
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Okay, my Fire costume is finished, baby~! <3 I haven't put on the wig yet, but I've used this wig before. XD My mom and aunt made the top from a skirt I had, and I hammered in the buttons (god, that was a task!). The headband was sewn from leftover skirt pieces. The pants and jacket were white jean things I had and dyed months ago (I had accidentally tossed half the dye down the drain, but it worked out for the best). I spray painted a pair of brown cowboy boots this week my mom was gonna toss. I made the belt from ribbon and some silver things I bought (and spray painted gold). AND the gloves were bought a la eBay. XD

Picture of Fire )

Pictures of Me as Fire Sans Wig )
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So I was talking to my mom about who's going to be at Philly Wizard World, and I mentioned William Shatner and James Marsters (Spike from Buffy). So she said 'Oh I have to go now.' Oh my mom. Maybe I'll bring her along one of the days. XD


Jan. 22nd, 2010 09:29 am
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I love my mommy. My dad called an hour earlier than he usually has been this week, and mommy answered. She talked to him for like good ten minutes, I think. She totally bitched him out. XD I love mommy sooooo much.

She was all, 'stop calling, she doesn't want to talk to you' and he was all like, 'you turned her against me, blah blah blah.' I laugh forever at that, and mommy told me that he turned me against him when we visited 5 1/2 years ago, and he said shit behind mommy's back. Did he think I was stupid? XD

Then she went on saying if you have the money to call, you should have the money to send her. She totally used one of his things against him (he's a bit racist), and she said I take the bus and surrounded by black people (which probably made him twitch violently- oh wait, he already does that normal, my bad). And she said if she told the Italian government that he had a daughter, maybe he could send me money!

Lots more was said, and he listened, apparently. Mommy was liberated by this. She also said if he doesn't stop calling, we're changing the number. :D <3 She's my favorite forever and ever and ever.
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Gloria: *asks if she can buy chocolate when on the way home from picking up art bitch*
Mommy: Why do you need chocolate?
Gloria: *incredulous stare*
Mommy: Oh, you have your period.

XD <3<3<3


Dec. 30th, 2009 10:51 pm
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Mama went to New York today to see something at the Rockafeller thing or whatever. Apparently, wherever she was, there was bomb scare! ;-; Mommy didn't tell me on the phone. *clings to her forever*

Though, she did get to meet that Maksim guy from Dancing with the Stars, and that guy is fucking hot. XD Mommy got his signature and another dancer. Go mommy. But she's not allowed outta the house anymores. *more clings* Bomb scares are BAD! >>;;


Dec. 20th, 2009 09:56 am
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I feel sick. I usually get sick at beginning of my period, and it's a lot of not fun. :( I'm mostly not in the bathroom now, but I can't get back to sleep, and I only slept maybe 5 or 6 hours. D:

EDIT: Haha, my Zio Andrea is here for a visit, and my dad called. My mom answered, and the coward actually talked. She lied and said I was asleep. Told him Merry Christmas rather sarcastically then said 'Hey, you want to talk to Andrea?' And dad, being a coward, hung up. Best thing ever.

...okay, not true. My mom talked to my nonna, my dad's mom, and she calls her sons 'fiori' or whatever the dialect equivalent of flowers is. My mom was confused and ask what? And nonna told her she means her sons. XD Oh nonna. All her 5 sons except my Zio Carmine in Switzerland have been separated/divorced from their wives and one won't leave the house like ever (he's being fed; why would he leave? XD). In conclusion, my nonna is HILARIOUS. :D
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Someday, I'm going to write fanfic to O Holy Night. Not all of it, just the part that says 'faaaaaall on your kneeeeees.' Dirtiest lyric ever. I will always, always think someone's getting a blow job because of that song somewhere.

...and you just KNOW Jason would pervert this song. He would be on the roof of a church with Tim for a mission (that's gone bust), and he starts grinning when O Holy Night starts playing. Tim being Tim is all wtf, I don't trust that grin; Jason, what are you up to? Then the choir gets to the fall on your knees part, Jason does just that. And Timmy gets a quite the night divine.

...and I'm going to hell, but who's coming with me~? :D

EDIT: I love my mother. "I don't like that laugh. Evil laugh." *cackles* >>;; This may because I told her what I thought about this song, so she knows what I'm giggling about. XD

Oh shit.

Nov. 13th, 2009 12:06 pm
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It's Friday the 13th. That doesn't bode well. I'm staying in bed all day since my luck is horrid, and I have NaNo to catch up with.

Also, as much as I bitch about it, I still love my NaNo. I haven't run out of idea for where it's going and how it'll get there. Just hit a little snag with Timmy, but he's cooperating now.

Oh, didn't mention last night, but Seth called at almost midnight again because he's an idiot. I tried to answer the phone before mommy, but there's a phone in her room. It was a futile effort. XD I laughed my ass off though. Seth was trying to call my cell, so I'd call him on the house phone as NOT to wake the angry dragon mama. He fail SPECTACULARLY, and the mama took like a minute to hang up the phone because she couldn't get it in the cradle. XD

So, two strikes for Seth. Mommy's gonna kill him when he least suspects, and I will laugh forever. ...until I notice I'm short one bff and ride everywhere. XD


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