Mar. 31st, 2011 03:59 pm
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Sent in my two essays for my application to Temple Rome. It is done. @_@ Now, I just wait. And I'm working on the scholarship essay and just need to edit and send that in too. (Might need someone to help with that...? Tonight, hopefully.)

So, barring apocalypse or lost muses, I should be having a ficcing weekend, starting tomorrow. I have a HUGE list of Hetalia prompts, and... I have some small DCU bunnies, but don't hold you your breathes, darlings.

So yeah, gonna be home late. Gonna see a play for class with Jackie. <3

And I'll have a rant about Corbett later because I don't want to freak myself out with that again.


Mar. 9th, 2011 12:02 pm
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Going to the Philly Flower Show soon. I'll take lots of pictures! ...unless hanging out with Jackie totally distracts me from this goal, which may very well happen. XD

Also, watching Match Game, and I approve of macking on Richard Dawson. That show is so adorable. <3 Game shows, why not so awesome anymore? XD

Aaaaand I got a new Hetalia plot bunny. It's Austria/Hungary/Prussia. High school AU, whatever do you mean? It can be canon! There's Hetalia Gakuen, so I'm totally playing in a AU that exists canonically.

Have I mentioned how I love fandoms with built in multiverse? DC, Marvel, Kingdom Hearts, Hetalia... XD

EDIT: P.S. LJ, fuck you. You're STILL giving me sporadic comment e-mails. I demand this be fixed, and this needs to STOP happening. I haven't gotten a SINGLE e-mail for my first Hetalia fic, and it's not because it sucks. I checked. It has PLENTY of lovely comments. *huffs* ...though, I am glad that it alerted me on the thread on grammar over here. XD
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Goddamn Hetalia/DC's Red Son crossover just ate my fucking brain. I'm gonna have to read Red Son is what this means. Goddammit, Russia, you do not universe where everyone is one with you because you got Superman, and America didn't.

...so, while I was taking a bath, I was trying to think what countries would last against Russia and Commie Superman. I think the US would be all that's left, North America wise (sorry, Canadians!), and then there're states that are Commie sympathizers in Red Son. And I really don't think Alaska would last long, considering it's geographical location...

I think Russia'd have gotten most of Asia and Europe. England-UK is a definite hold out; he uses magic, and that's Supes second weakness. I think maybe Switzerland would last out, but would be totally insane and isolating himself from everyone (especially since Liechtenstein would probably be 'one with Russia'). ...I feel like having Spain last out too, but damn, he'd be a mess too. Prussia and France and South Italy would have been easily part of Russia, considering Prussia pretty much was after WWII, and well, France and Romano aren't great fighters. Ohgod, it'd be like fanon's conquistador!Spain. *dead*

I think in Asia, China and maybe Japan would last out. China, because he's lived the longest, and I think he'd have a jade dragon sculpture made out of Kryptonite. Whaddya mean I got that idea from the World's Finest B:tAS/S:tAS crossover episodes? Dunno whatcha talkin' about, man. Then Japan would just have Gundams or something... >>;; (Actually, Japan would probably still be too fucked over by the atomic bombings that ended WWII. I guess Japan is out too...)

...MAN, THIS AU IS DEPRESSING! Not only that, America would be all McCarthism forever. MCCARTHY WAS RIGHT WITH HIS CRAZY UNIVERSE? D: Ahhhh. I don't even. Hmm, maybe Turkey would be a hold out... Not any Middle East countries. Oh snap, there goes America's oil supplies, though did we still have oil in '50s? I should know this shit... Now, I wonder how South American countries, African countries, and Australia would hold out... I'd have to research their state of affairs in the '50s. If anyone would like the provide me with that kinda info, I'd eat it up like ice cream. >>;;

As for Russia, I feel mayhaps becoming one with everyone may not be as great as he thought. Insanity is- Okay, shut up, I know Russia's already pretty insane, but I mean like, the countries he 'became one with' trying to come out. They're all totally plotting against him in his head. ...this AU makes me saaaaad, but I think I have a happy ending... *wonders how much DC Red Son canon to use and not use...* ...I don't think I could resist President Luthor and Vice President Olsen.

Side note: Since I can't write anything without pairings, my pairing possibilities make me sad. US/UK or Spain/UK. ...okay, I like the last one. >>;; Oooh, China/America? ALL MY FAVORITE PAIRINGS ARE ONE WITH RUSSIA! *sob* ...or one half is one with Russia. Goddammit, no FrUK or Spamano. ;-; SUPERMAN, YOU RUIN EVERYTHING!

*goes off to read Red Son* ...BUT, apparently, LJ didn't want me to post this. It logged me out while LJlogin said I was still logged in. IT SEEMS LJ DOESN'T WANT ME MAKING MOTHER RUSSIA CRAZY! >>;;


Feb. 3rd, 2011 02:20 am
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Stupid Hetalia Kink Meme. It unfroze while I wasn't checking for that, and it's on freeze again. *whiiiines* I'm just listing ideas to request as they come to. ...and I got one with the male nations trespassing on Paradise Island. My slowly forming Hetalia muses are like, oooh, lesbians! ...then D: Ahhh, prison! And the ladies aren't making out! Double D:!

...mainly, this is Bad Touch Trio (sometimes called the Bad Friend Trio, but I prefer the former name, lol). How did they get this name? I have no clue. Prussia, Spain, and France, oh darlings. You're not getting any on Paradise Island.

...also, if this was early on Post-Crisis WW, I feel finding out that Greece's name is Heracles may not bode well for him. >>;; Just a thought.

Outta curiosity, darlings, what's your favorite country and why? I am asking this outside of Hetalia and just in general. What? You think I want this information to try to seduce you into a new fandom? Never! Perish the thought! ...>.>;;


Nov. 14th, 2010 11:56 am
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Man, I fail at doing homework. I don't even know why. Actually, I fail at writing lately. I can't even fic. Like, I did a little RP, but seriously, not my best stuff. ;-; I just binged on comics yesterday, and what the hell is wrong with me? I need to at least bullshit something for this class. ;-; I'm such a fucking failure right now, it's not even funny.

Ugh. *curls up under her blankets like the useless lump she is right now*

Oh Dammit.

Oct. 17th, 2010 12:17 pm
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My brain fused DCU and KH:BbS. This happened a while ago, but I ignored it because well, it wants to be a chaptered fic! My track record with chaptered fic? About 8 years of ficcing, and not a one chaptered fic done. >>;;

FORTUNATELY, I'm using Birth by Sleep as my plot outline, so I'm quite confident I can finish this? I mean, I'm not keeping strictly to the happenings in the game, but it's a nice crude outline for what I plan to do.

And it's totally readable with no KH background, since it's the DC characters, and I strive to keep them in character, so it's following them as you learn the KH'verse through them. An AU of yay, I hope? I may even have an idea for who is Sora, Riku, and Kairi. XD

...though, no ideas on the Organization. >>;; I'll get to them when I get to them, sheesh.
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Okay, so midterm paper due. I don't even fucking know what to do about this. Oh, and I have this class double today. What made this shithead teacher THAT was a good idea? Fuck, it's not even just double, man. It's go to class 2pm-3:20pm then come back to see a movie in an auditorium 6pm-9pm.

Yeah, this is a little fucking inconvenient for me, fucktard. Plus? My mom doesn't want me in Philly that late alone, and frankly? I don't fucking wanna be there that late either. I'm pretty sure my thigh isn't bothering me anymore, but I didn't go to class yesterday since I skipped the first class, and the other class was an online exam.

Paper wise, I just have to list what I plan to write. Ummm, thing is, didn't read the second book. He wrote it. Oh teachers that think their own books are good ideas for their classes. Apparently, it reads like a book that's for colleagues, not students. Ugh. Do not want.

And I wanna fic, but nope, guilt over not doing homework prevails. *sigh*


Sep. 21st, 2010 11:59 am
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Mini freak out in my head on the train to school. I really, really need and want a job. I didn't get a phone call from the Halloween Store. I-I don't know if I can deal with the job search thing again and all that rejection on top of classes, let alone if I actually GET a job on top of classes.

My to-do list just gets longer and keeps changing because homework keeps changing, and I have to make my room presentable by Saturday because seriously, my room will probably kill anyone not me, and I don't want to be responsible for a dead Beckaboo her life tries to kill her enough as it is, thank.

AND I still have to work on big parts of two costumes. I am not scrapping either. I want the Spoiler one, and dammit, I'm dying my hair for the Red Hood Lian one; I am NOT skipping out on that one. At least the red leotard isn't as dark as before, thank fuck.

Oh, then there's all the plays I have to see for class, AND I'm supposed to be taking my driving lessons. I'm supposed to call the guy back like last month. I just freaked out so bad in my head, and it's just argh. I'm creating stress for myself. This shit is manageable, and I know it is; why the fuck do I do this to myself?

In conclusion, if you see me online RPing or fucking around in general, scold me and tell me to go clean my room or something. And to stop checking my second e-mail for RP like a freak. I am not here this week. ...which really sucks because I have so many fucking plot bunnies, but I seriously can't indulge in that right now. I'm at least getting my creative out through drawing on the train and in some classes, oops, so I should fucking deal.

...but man, can't wait until I get my netbook sometime next week. She shall be named Spoiler, and thne I can write fic and type on the train. It'll be glorious. And someday, she shall meet Bek's netbook, Alvin Draper, and flirt with him. XD Maybe meet Griff's someday too, Jason-Fucking-Todd (hmmm, I wonder whose fault THAT name was, heheh).
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Ohgod. So much to do. I- And I wanna do fannish stuff. And I demand everyone here re-read (or read) Titans v1. God, Devin Grayson, write Roy forever. Roy, you screamed like a girl. Garth, omg love you, baby. Grant, darling, you are adorable. Wait, I see a pattern with the people I listed; they don't EXIST in canon anymore. Fuck you, DC.

AND I found a comic where Babs adopts Jason Todd. True facts. I think there needs to be fic off this.

Also, KH:BbS gave me some rabid DCU/KH fusion bunnies. This is like...gonna be a long fic thing, if it happens. I'm hoping that replaying the game in Proud Mode during the course of the fic will keep me interested and writing. Since, same plot, just tweaked and using Robins.

And it's homework time, and I'm terrible. >>;;
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I'm reading a chapter by chapter review/summary of the Twilight series. It has confirmed my suspicions of this being nothing but absolute garbage and work of fanfiction. She has no plot (which, I can't reprimand her for because I never do either), but it makes me angry that she can't write dialogue OR characterization.

Fuck plot. Dialogue and characterization are the things I pretty much WRITE for. I don't write because I love a world; I write because I love the damned characters and what they do with the world they're in. And you know, why can she make so much money writing when I can write better than she can? At least I know how to us characterization and dialogue. Maybe I fail at plot, but clearly, plot means nothing in this world anymore.

So yeah. I wanna write a book. Placing bets on how long that'll last with my attention sp- Oooh, a butterfly! *wanders off*
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My post from last night had you guys vote for what I should write and finish for you guys next. Heh, I derailed and did some Masters & Slave'verse instead with Pervy last night. XD I'm terrible.

BUT, Number 3 won so far, so I'm working on that one right now. Curious to what you voted for? Okay, I'll tell you what the snippets are from, because I'm oh so nice~ Here're the file names. XD

1. Steph/Tim: sex pollen
2. Connor/Steph/Tim
3. Roy/Steph/Tim/Connor
4. au_bingo: Steph, Alton, Tim, kid fic
5. Early On Steph/Tim
6. Robin 126 AU

Am I on a Steph/Tim kick? It seems so. Not a Jason in sight. >>;; Though, I guess that line I gave you guys from number 5 would make an interesting Jason/Tim fic... XD
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Okay, so I'm bored. I have a few different fix I've been working on, but I thought I'd give you guys a choice on which I finished and posted next. Here's a sentence of so from each, and you comment with the number you want to read most. XD

1. “Ivy had no problems with me when I was Robin, and Harley won’t be a problem,” Tim stated, “but if any of them are a problem, it’s better if we went together.”

2. When he did return to the nest where he left them, Tim found no sign of them in the living room. He frowned.

3. Usually, running away like teenagers infatuated with the idea of being in love wouldn't be something Tim would do, and it still wasn't; he just needed away from Batman and life for a while, after the debacle that had been his sixteenth birthday.

4. “My brother is a moron,” Alton stated plainly. “Stephie, I’ll be up to Gotham in a few hours. Do you like chicken and waffles?”

5. My life can't be this easy, can it? I did not just get Robin's name handed to me, I think as I shrug. “Never heard of him,” I answer rather truthfully. “Should I have?”

6. When I saw him with that bimbo, I was furious. Now, I’m still pretty furious, but I have a plan.

Poll Time

Jul. 10th, 2010 11:29 pm
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[Poll #1590679]
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Okay, so I have about...90 WIPs that are for comics. One is Marvel, two are a Marvel/DCU crossover, and the rest are DCU. @_@ I posted 'em all in GoogleDocs to get 'em straightened out. @_@

There are 7 Roy/Steph, 16 Jason/Tim, and probably a handful of Roy/Dick. That's not even counting the threesomes those pairing could be in. 4 amnesia Jason fics. >>;; Two Jason/Babs. Some Steph/Tim. Just lots of unfinished things. >>;;

So, that's not even counting the unfinished things I have in other fandoms...? >>;; *dies*


Jul. 1st, 2010 01:02 am
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Why. Why the hell did I try to watch TV? I flip the channel to get away from the disgusting Volvo Twilight commercial just to find another Twilight commercial! It's sickening. Like if I see one, I may need to throw up on one. Or punch the person driving when they come out, especially if they have poofy Edward hair.

Ugh. Not helping with period cramps. Also, plot bunnies are kicking my ass. >>;; When will this Twilight shit end, and when will the bunnies stop being bitches? D:
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So, I got double teamed by [livejournal.com profile] me_ya_ri and [livejournal.com profile] anidawehi to write part of their film noir 'verse with Glimpse and Stained Glass Angels. But film noir is not a happy place, and I wanna write Roy/Steph, but I CANNOT write anything sad for Roy right now. DC's doing that enough for every writer ever. ;-;

So yeah. And I'm trying hard not to cop out on my Film Noir square by playing a little in the Thrillkiller'verse. I still have a Detective square...? >>;;


Jun. 16th, 2010 01:30 am
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Hooker!Jason plot bunny went from fic to RP. Oops. But at least I got to RP with Michi. I haven't had RP with my Timmy something close to two weeks. D:

And I made a manatee keychain for the bff, since it was her birthday, and she whined until I made it. XD I shall see her tomorrow to give it to her. <3
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So, I'm working on my kink bingo card, and I was gonna do it at random, like randomly pick a pairing and kink, but Steph/Tim decided to be loud, so they randomly got a kink. Steph!muse is being kinda frisky. XD She knows it's her month, lol. XD

Also, dear muses, stop making me giggle when I'm trying to write porn! You did this last time when I was writing Jason/Dick porn, and do remember, that never got finished or posted. I will not giggle through this. Steph is going to have an orgasm, goddammit, and Tim's going to provide it. ...albeit, a liiiittle unknowingly. Oh Timmy. *pets him and his sexual naivete*


May. 28th, 2010 02:45 am
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My muses are so dead right now. I'm hating this. :/ Though, I did make a bit of money tonight. Liking that. <3

...and I wanna write Roy getting laid, a lot. If you know why I say this, you poor soul, why did you read that shitty comic? I didn't, but I've heard enough. *sigh*

EDIT: I love my Jay baby, and we all know I ignore the past year of his canon, but when I can firmly say JASON'S better off than someone, that character is truly fucked. *sob*

EDIT 2: [livejournal.com profile] phoenixofborg has declared it Make Roy Happy Week. I am behind this, one hundred percent. Now, go forth and give Roy MANY HAPPYS! >:O
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Dear Muses,

You CANNOT make me write more than one fic at one time. I am not physically capable to this, so please stop thinking I can multiply myself or that I am a speedster. Neither of these are my superpower. My superpower is my Jason Senses and changing my voice without noticing.

...yes, they're not the BEST superpowers, and they don't lead to MORE fic getting done, but goddammit, I'm only human, muses! And until I can make it otherwise, I CAN ONLY WRITE ONE FIC AT A TIME, AND IT IS GOING TO BE SOME GODDAMN PORN FOR BEK, SO SHE HAS SOMETHING FUN TO READ IF HER LAPTOP EVER WORKS AGAIN!

Sincerely yours,

Gloria, who is only HUMAN, DAMMIT!


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