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Forza Napoli! <3 I'm soooo glad I fucked up my sleep schedule and ended up awake for the second half of the Napoli-Lazio game. It was several kinds of awesome! 4-3! <3 Napoli won~ It was 1-0, Lazio half time then it was 2-0, and Gloria was sad. D:

THEN, one guy gets it in (Dossena, I think, with a header), and boom, 2 minutes later, Maggio heads the ball over towards the goal, and Cavani heads it in! <3 2-2, baby! But oh noes, Lazio get another goal that bounces in then out. Definitely went in, buuuuut the ref didn't see it, so it didn't count. >>;;

Obviously, angry Lazio players are angry. Their anger is gone a few minutes later when a defender on Napoli kicks the ball in his own goal while defending. >>;; I guess that's justice, and then it 3-2, Lazio. Sadface.

AND THEN! The game keeps going, and a Lazio guy knocks Cavani over in the box (this is a liiiittle debatable)! Red card AND a penalty kick! Gasp! ...Lazio, again, not happy. Cavani evens out the score 3-3, sinking the penalty shot. <3

Near the end of the game, Cavani makes another goal off an assist by Mascara (hehehe, his name is make up!), and they totally tackle to man to the ground. >>;; Uhh, I think it was waaaaay too close to the fans, because there was this huge pile that lasted a minute. Maaaaan, it was like a game of 'Let's Find the Napoili Players!'

...then after that, a fight sorta broke out? Cavani and number 77 on the Lazio team were all over each other. >>;; They both got yellow carded. A few minutes later, game over, Hamsik is sans a shirt and getting picked up off the ground by Cavani. <3 Mind you, Hamsik is taller than Cavani, but it happened anyways. Heee. I love this sport~


Mar. 27th, 2011 09:37 pm
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Now, that's a Batman I'd enjoy! And heeee, Robin is a cutie~! <3 ...and now Ra's Al Ghul is counting how many people he's had killed or how many times he's faced the Detective, ha ha ha. One, ha ha ha. Two, ha ha ha... XD

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The second Dissidia game came in the mail today. I am made of fangirly joy. And I think Kefka just mentioned Kuja in a rant, calling him a spoony bard. I LOVE THAT PHRASE! >>;; *is shot* Also, I shall be referring to Kuja as Kujie-coo from now on! Thank you, Kefka~!

Gwahahahahaha- *ahem*

Yes. And umm, Lightning is really damned hot. Laguna is fucking adorable. And Tifa's endowments are endowed. XD Caaaaaan't wait to fight as Tifa and have more joygasms, fangasms, and well, all kind of -gasms!

As I fangirl, I am typing from my laptop. Things look okay. Got personalize everything again, but system restore had given me a small free trial of Norton, and they say all my back up files are clean. Finding the files where all my bookmarks are is going to be fun. Ahhh, I'm so useless without LJlogin. I'm looking, and it's not there! I'm so sadface. >>;;

But back to gaming! ...for tomorrow shall be homeworking times. D:
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Porn Battle is on, darlings, and for a moment, I thought it had betrayed me. I mean, argh, the too much SPN and then there was Dr. Light porn (3 pieces of art I couldn't avoid! Light/Kimiyo, Light/Ralph, and Light/Sue. I don't even. *sob*)

Then I found one of my prompts had been filled. Since I had had so much terrible-horribleness, I wasn't optimistic. I WAS PROVED GLORIOUSLY WRONG! Guh. And my prompt was 'Jason/Talia/Tim, negotiations.' THEN THERE WAS PEGGING! How did I NOT think of Talia and pegging before!? Guuuuuh.

I'm haaaaaaaappy. And now, back to the Hetalia kink meme for more happy. *disappears*
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There's a nice sized ball of dough rising in a bundle of blankets in the living room. I talked mama into making doughnut dough. <3 It just has to riiiiise~ Mmm, sugar doughnuts. They're super yummy! :D

*...thinks about bringing the bundle into her room since it's the warmest room in the house, so it'll rise faster...and scurries off to do so*
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Winick: And I can't talk too much about it, but I've been getting a tremendous amount of email about Red Hood, after the mini-series finished up. People want to know if we're going to do more.

Yes, we're going to do more Jason Todd/Red Hood. And yes, I'll be writing it. I can't tell you in what manner. Or what we're doing exactly, but we'll be announcing it soon. There will be some Jason Todd stuff coming out.

THERE IS A GOD! Here's the concrete proof, at the end of the interview. SQUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

EDIT: There's also a petition here for an ongoing. <3
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I forgot to post these! I am ashamed. Here, have cuteness. The Stephs are by Franco, and the Jasons and Tim are by Art Baltazar. <3

Cut for EXTREME cuteness, and the last pic is a spoiler for Tiny Titans #33, <3 )


Oct. 15th, 2010 08:18 pm
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Michi: Something about him just says, "Make me your bitch, please!"

Hahaha, it does. She's talking about Tim. It's something from Road Home: Red Robin that sparked this. Oh Timmy, you're starting a trend. XD

Also, Road Home: Batgirl made me squeal so loud Wednesday night, it may have been the squeal heard around the world. It was so fucking Steph. Bryan Q. Miller is one of my favorites. And the man was so nice in person. Lol, especially after being on a panel where I high-jacked it. XD
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Short Story of the Event of Friday:

Didio brought up Green Arrow. Me and some people brought up Lian Harper. He said "Oh, you mean the dead kid." I stood up, saying I was dressed up as her.

Yadda, yadda, he invites me on stage. Beginning of his downfall. Yadda, yadda. I am given a microphone. Unfortunately, the GA stuff has passed, so I pick my battles. Well, hello there Batman mention. B&R, you say? Well, time to ask what drugs Morrison is on! Then continue my opinions on him. I do say he writes well, because he does, but it's not a story that fits with anything else.

As I've been saying: Morrison doesn't play in other people's sandboxes very well. He'd be great in his own, but no one can follow him up well or precede him. It just doesn't work.

Then Dick was brought up (Didio wore a Nightwing shirt, pffft), and I was asked if I preferred him as Bats or Nightwing. I said I don't mind him as Bats as long as he's characterized, unlike when Tony Daniel was writing him. He was just Batman, no Dick Grayson characterization to be seen.

And soon after my microphone was taken away, and Bob Wayne haaaaaaates me. ...and Didio probably liked me too much. D:

There's more, but that's the synopsis of my awesome. There a few more bits and pieces I can bring up later. <3 There, I'm no longer a tease, right?


Sep. 8th, 2010 03:02 am
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*squeeing* It took almost 9 1/2 hours, but I got me some Zack! Heeee! And Aqua is soooo awesome. I played her part first because girls are awesome. Well, not much kickass in the KH series, but she is the kickass girl! <3 Zaaaaaaaack.

...and I may have forgotten to eat dinner while I was playing. *ahem* Oops?

EDIT: EEE! Zack's theme in KH style AND hitting on Aqua. I'm shipping Aqua/Zack now like whoa. Heeee.


Aug. 20th, 2010 03:03 pm
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Okay, best piece of mail EVER. [ profile] a_bashful_boy sent me a check for some stuff he bought, and the envelope was covered in AWESOME! :D Don't believe me? Have a look! (Addresses removed because I say so, and I think this gave me a Sailor Steph plot bunny? >>;; )


Aug. 4th, 2010 05:08 pm
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California can have gay marriage again! Take that, Mormons and other dumbasses that were against it. <3

EDIT: Gimme a gay/lesbian pairing (or straight then I'll genderbend it) and a word, and I shall write you bit of fic. And you guys know what I won't write. XD
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Well, I took some Jay pics with my Timmy. <3 Unlike [ profile] darthbatgirl's pics, my Jay is STILL taller than my Timmy. XD Timmy can't get a break~

Look at my Jay figure~ )
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My life, it has been made.

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I'm abusing the amount of new icon slots I have? Why yes, yes I am. XD Still craving more Steph/Tim, like whoa. Though, I have rec this tiny drabble fic from years ago: Best Girl by [ profile] petronelle. It actually made me laugh out loud, in very few words. Short things aren't usually capable of that. *noms on it*

Omg! When did this get here? *points to 'select tags' button!* LJ HAS MADE MY LIFE EASIER! ...this sentence seems weird to say. XD
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My Timmy and Arsenal came in the mail, [ profile] saphire_dance~! Timmy's so short! He's a-gonna get mocked by Jason! Heeeee. *goes to make them all do lewd, fun things and take pictures*

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This is a matter of GRAVE importance to Even Robins fans. Mary just made a post about wanting to put the site back up, but it's such a mess from what happened back then that she needs some help from someone that understands HTML and putting together a site with FTP.

Go help her out if you have the skills to help. I would help, but my HTML skill is novice level, at best.

Don't know what the hell I'm talking about? Google the Wayback Machine and check out It was an amazing site that I never got to see other than through the Wayback Machine. It combined the Jason fansites, the Steph fansite, and the DCAU!Timmy fansite to make Even Robins. Jason's site before was 1-900, if I recall correctly. >>;;

I'd be a fangirly mess of happiness if this site was up and running again. So, how about it? Any of you HTML savvy people willing to help Mary out? Consider it your birthday present to me if you do it and things happen. <3

And on another note, I updated my list of chicks Jason has interacted with. Man, I didn't even notice this list got to two pages long. >>;; I probably should have lj-cut it, but oh well. XD
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Go, Italy, go! YOU CAN BEAT NEW ZEALAND! Okay, there's a Cannavaro commercial, and it is tasty. <3



EDIT 3: Halftime and the story? France being children. Yesterday, one of their strikers cursed out the coach, and the coach sent him home. Old news. New news? The team won't practice today. What. The. Hell. Are they stupid? You are at the fucking WORLD CUP. It only happens every FOUR years. Some of you may NEVER have this chance again. Stop being fucking CHILDREN. *shakes her head*

ALSO, I JUST NOTICED! With France falling apart at the seams, South Africa could make a comeback! They got royally screwed and need to beat France with like 3 or 4 goals in the net. With France not practicing and not getting along with the coach and missing a striker? This is great! :D I really want SA to get through. <3

EDIT 4: ended a tie, but if Italy loses or ties again next time, I think they're out. They WILL get pelted with rotten fruit and veggies when they get home. Why are ALL the GOOD teams sucking? England, Italy, France... Even Brazil had problems with North Korea! Spain lost to Switzerland! This is getting ridiculous! Germany did poorly after the first game, I hear, too. @_@

Also, Father's Day sucks. I hope my dad is having coronary over the Italy team doing so poorly. Hmph.

I have decide I want an AU with Jason Todd as a soccer player. Mmm, those thighs and he's tall. International players are mostly 6 foot at least at this point. Om nom nom. Maybe Dick can be one too, and Tim can be their fanboy. XD Delicious.


May. 24th, 2010 05:13 pm
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I'm getting an order of heroclix soon~ First order was a set, and I wanted a particular 'clix: Martian Manhunter, Mikron O Jeneus, Ra's Al Ghul, Extant, and Krytonite Man. Yes, that's J'onn with the choco throne. I shall make it into a pendant or keychain to sell. ...if there're no buyers, cute necklace for me! XD (Lol, and that'll be my second Ra's; mayhaps he'll be turned into earrings.)

My second shipment is a bigger one. 18 'clix are as follows: 4 Nightwing (black suit), 4 Robin III OYL, 4 Red Hood (Jason), 4 Starfire, and 2 Superboy. Hmm, Kon seems out numbered in this Titan/Bat orgy. XD

So yeah. Those'll probably be in my store come next week. <3
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Since Etsy charges for their shop, I set up shop over at ArtFire. I've posted all the matching earrings I have available (okay, technically Red Hood and Robin III OYL aren't available, but I can make them available). I can also make earrings mismatched (e.g. One earring is Timmy and one is Jason, so you have Jason/Tim!).

So, here's my shop. <3 Love me and buy things, okay? I'll be posting more stuff as I go. I took pictures of all my heroclix pendants and such, so I'll be posting them.

Also, anything you see that's not in the format you want (e.g. You want a keychain, not earrings.), I can fix up for you, so just ask. <3

AND [ profile] dixid IS MY FAVORITE! [ profile] red_hot_robin NOW HAD A PAID ACCOUNT! :D LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! <3


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