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I only got to sleep for two hours. FML. *goes back to writing her paper*

EDIT: *checks the clock at 9:48am* ...I finished my paper with time to spare? Holy fuck. It's even the minimum page requirement! Wooooow. *is impressed with herself* I can even make myself a sandwich for lunch! Whooo.

...also, oh god, Italian class is going to be INTERESTING on this much sleep. I'm either going to be manic with no comprehension of Italian OR half asleep with no comprehension of Italian. Whooooo. *dies*


Mar. 22nd, 2011 03:59 pm
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I did something to my laptop last night (AKA hiiii there mister virus, I think and everything goes kinda safe mode). I did a full system restore with a back up file. I think I need to run a virus scan on my files... Any free programs you guys can suggest? AVG links too, because I'm failing on that front, and I'm all frazzled at the moment.

@_____@ I dunno what to do. I could go to the Temple tech center for help but... You know, personal things porn and other things. :/ DNW other people in there.
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Uhhh, my Governor seems to be being an ass. He's planning on cutting 50% of government funding to the universities/higher education. My university, Temple University, is part of that. Fuuuuuck.

Since this would mean cutting of programs and such, let's not even let that be an option. Please, help me out with an e-mail here.

I don't want my tuition to go up because fuck knows if I'll be able to afford it. :/ Like PA needs LESS education and MORE idiots. Or you know, people leaving the state for schooling and work. Not that I plan to stay here myself, but soooo not the point.


Mar. 21st, 2011 08:41 am
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Cooooooold. Soooooo cooooold. ;-; I'm wearing warm jammies, so I don't get why I'm so cold. ;-; My nose is fucking freezing, and that means I can't warm up. Haaaaaate. *wants hide under her blankets forever and ever*
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You West Coasters in Cali, Washington, and Oregon, comment on this post, so I know the tsunami doesn't drown you in a few hours? Okay? Okay.

Also, any of you in Japan and Hawaii and such. Or you if you need a place to vent your frustrations or a shoulder to cry on or something. I'm here.

And what the fuck, my aunt's ceiling fell in on her bedroom!? Argh. Evil rain. Bad day...
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*scowling* I am not a fucking morning person. At all. But SOMEONE decided to call at three something AM. Four. Fucking. Times. Oh, but Gloria, aren't you awake then anyway?

No, not this time. I'm supposed to be up now to talk to some bitch about my health insurance and figure this shit out. So, I had only just gotten to sleep at two. Maybe.

Wanna know who had the gall to call four fucking times this morning? If you've been here enough, you have guess right! My dad. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate! Mom ended up disconnecting the phones, so we could sleep! *grumbles* And it's not even like the fucking pussy LEAVES A MESSAGE or you know, SAYS ANYTHING! >:O

I swear to fucking god if someone doesn't take that mans cell phone away, I am going to make sure it happens when I am in Italy. >:O

Also, I feel that my angry/hate icon and tag isn't enough for the rage I feel, but it'll have to suffice. Motherfucking sons of bitches. And now, I have to go be a fucking responsible adult. Fuck my life. And after this meeting thing, mama better bring me to McDonald's because I am getting a Young Justice toy to make up for this.
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Anyone want rain? I don't want rain. Take our rain this weekend. Beckaboo probably can't come over because of it. Hate all the things. And she was going to bring chocolate. I have my period; it'd be very much appreciate the tasties.

*sigh* Upside, I get bff time on Sunday? I hope. Nothing should... I'm not gonna say anything. *just curls up elsewhere*


Feb. 25th, 2011 01:36 pm
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Mother. Fucker. I got caught in a downpour after class. I had an umbrella, which made sure my top half and my bag was mostly unscathed (thank god, or my netbook that I'm typing on would've been a casualty, and I'd be in tears!), but my jeans and boots are soaked through.

I can't even articulate how uncomfortable it is to be wearing wet, tight jeans. Any pornos that use that? Fuck them. At least the chicks get to take jeans off. The boots aren't as bad, but everywhere my jeans touch my skin is itchy as fuck. Argh. I had a weird inkling not to wear these this morning, but did I not wear them? Noooo...

Ugh, I'm so pissed, but at least I don't look like wet cat. *sighs* I want to go home. Fuck.
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RAGE! I think only this icon maybe articulate my rage. Temple fucking dropped my classes. I CALLED TO GET MY GRANTS AND LOANS APPLIED TO MY ACCOUNT, AND THE GUY SAID HE'D CONFIRM MY CLASSES TOO! @#!#$!(!

The kicker? My classes were canceled AFTER office hours ended on Friday. And I can't talk to them until Tuesday.

I mean, I'm pretty sure I fixed it. I'm in my classes now. The CONFIRM button showed up, and I confirmed classes, but I am not paying $100 reinstatement fee. No. Denied. I can't do this shit. It was their fault, and I am not paying money for their fuck up.

And I think this has gotten my stomach all riled up. Look, rebellion! Everywhere! FML. *curls up in a corner for a while*
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Okay, I don't think I can count how many times I threw up tonight. It was so very unpleasant since I kept hurling with nothing left to hurl up. It's obviously not a PMS thing since my period just ended today, and ugh, I don't even know.

I'll get back to the fics for my last meme at some point, promise. Man, you guys just come outta the woodwork whenever I have a fic meme. I feel the love. XD You only love me for my porn! *faux sob*

So, yeah. I think I need an icon of being sick at this fucking rate. Stupid stomach. So much hate for it right now. We're only two weeks into the new year, and I've thrown three nights outta thirteen. This is kinda ridiculous, and I start classes next week. *sigh*

And I'll be calling the doctor tomorrow. Or something.


Dec. 23rd, 2010 12:47 pm
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Ugh, I didn't get much sleep last night. Mom left at 5am, and since I was still awake, and I'm freaked about what's probably living in my room's mess, I went to her bed to sleep. ...a few things are shitty about that.

One, she sleeps in the bed, and half of it is covered in clothes and Christmas bag! Dude, I put a lot of shit on my bed, but it's all elsewhere when I go to sleep. I can stay on one side of the bed, but man, I much rather spread out when it's like a king/queen sized bed like mama's. Or mine, since there's lots of spread out room.

Two, she has two huge fucking windows that get ALL the sunlight EVER. Wasn't the biggest problem, but argh. And three, there's a phone in her room, and people CALL during the day. With my door shut in my room, I can't hear it, but when it's the room with me? Fuck. And I'm NOT going to check the phone because it was probably my dad, and my mood is sour as is.

A few other things: Gotta finish my JBBS by tonight (I may ask for an extension into tomorrow), my head was pounding when I woke up (slightly better now), and the hell, the back door was wide open this morning. The screen door was still locked, but fuck, that was cold and confusing since mama isn't home. What the hell was she up to this morning? She left the light in her sewing room too.


Dec. 5th, 2010 11:23 pm
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I feel like crying. My throat kinda hurts from not crying. I just e-mailed my teacher about how fucking fail I am at these paper. Fuck, I can't even fic, and it's getting me depressed more nights than not. I just e-mailed my teacher, and I feel shitty about it. It's the last two weeks of school. He doesn't need this, but I just need to not fail this class.

And I need to stop fucking looking at heroclix. No, Gloria, you can't buy more of them when you only made one fucking sale in the past two months (not including the one sale from Rasha in October). *sighs*
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I'm in Italian class, but fuck if I'll be able to pay any attention. I'm so pissed. So yesterday, I was buying my ticket for the train for today, but my debit didn't work. Luckily, I had money on me. No big deal and I figured it was SEPTA being a big fuck up because I KNEW there was at least $100 in there. I keep it that way whenever I can.

Since I used that money for the ticket yesterday, I didn't have food money. Food trucks only take money (except the Insomnia Cookie truck, but that's another thing). BUT I called the Japanese Food truck ahead. Then figured out I had no money, so very unhappily, I go to the Student Center to hit up the ATM (that's not mine, so it would have had a fucking fee), but it says there are no funds.

What the fuck. So I go to the building my Italian class is in since it was getting late, and I get online to check my bank account, and lo and behold, my account is negative by nearly $70. It says Paypal took it, so I check Paypal, and see that the clothes and camera I bought from Sears on Cyber Monday with mom's credit card used my debit card. Fucking hell.

So yeah, not happy. Called my mom to tell her I was gonna take money from her account to fix mine and so I'd have some money. Used some money to get more minutes on my phone since I needed that soon. Argh, but the food truck must think bad things now. I want that food. *sigh*

Fuck this. After class, I'm buying myself some cookies. I'm so drained right now. I'm running on four hours of sleep since I woke up to take a bath, and I stayed up too late last night playing Sims 2 because I'm fucking idiot. Then before I got to school, I'd only had a banana and some water.


Dec. 1st, 2010 03:03 am
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I don't want to be awaaaaaake. I finished my stupid project that's due tomorrow. I'm so wiped. At least my teachers keep dropping stuff. I have two oral presentations and a book that are completely off my to-do list because my teachers said fuck it. <3

Maybe I'll have some time this weekend to make ornaments and post them to my site. Gotta pimp those once I post and my mom's aprons. Man, I'm broke. @_@

In other news, Sims 2 with expansion packs is fuuuuun. *has a neighborhood full of DC characters* Lol, and Dick's attracted to red heads. I made it so. Now, if I can get some time to play it guilt free... Yeah, right. X_x


Nov. 14th, 2010 11:56 am
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Man, I fail at doing homework. I don't even know why. Actually, I fail at writing lately. I can't even fic. Like, I did a little RP, but seriously, not my best stuff. ;-; I just binged on comics yesterday, and what the hell is wrong with me? I need to at least bullshit something for this class. ;-; I'm such a fucking failure right now, it's not even funny.

Ugh. *curls up under her blankets like the useless lump she is right now*
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Ugh. A few things. Kinda depressed tonight. I'm thinking this stomach thing is stress. I guess I'll find out tomorrow, maybe. I have homework catch up to do this weekend. I just feel like shit. And I feel completely useless.

And since it's NaNoWriMo, there's no fic to read. Oh, and I made a monster with my community. Everyone is RPing, and there's no fic because of it. I don't even want to go near that community right now. And my muses are dead, so I can't do that. Don't feel like drawing or iconing or anything useful.

Also, LJ's a fucking useless cunt. So much fucking maintenance that wouldn't be needed if they didn't keep making fuck ups which each new thing! Argh, why most they fuck up things that were FINE!? *sigh*

Oh look, this post is less coherent than usual. Wonderful. Another thing to fail at. Oh, and once I escape classes in December? I just get family. Fucking lovely. I hate them. Well, no, more like I couldn't care less about them. Whatever.


Nov. 10th, 2010 11:55 am
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I ate something substantial today. Yay me. Still feel blah instead of just full. Oh, and guess who's been calling the house a few times every morning? If you guessed an asshole, you would be correct. Oh daddy dearest, fuck off. I am not in the mood to deal with you.

And I skipped my first class. I'm a fucking failure like that. My second class has an online test, and I should ace. Oh, and there were people who wanted to take it with me at school? Oh well, I didn't go, and I don't care. Am I alienating the cute boy this way? Maybe. I'm just gonna say I was sick.

Or you know, sorry, I don't give a fuck about anything right now. Yay me. And I'm thinking about calling the doctor about how often I have stomach issues... I don't even know.

Ah Fuck.

Oct. 12th, 2010 11:50 pm
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So, apparently, all the people in my hotel room were sick during or getting sick just after the con. Nuh-huh, I refuse. I'm sore, emotionally drained, stressed, and my stomach is playing rebellion again. I refuse to add a head cold to this, so fucking take that, sickness that I don't have, damn you!
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I'll tell my the story of NYCC awesomes when I'm not so dead. Ugh, I feel like tomorrow is going to be terrible. I'm so sore all over. I barely want to move right now, but I have to at least move shit off my bed, charge my phone, and charge my MP3 player. If I don't charge the phone, there will be no alarm, and I'll miss class.

...let's not talk about school, or I may just curl up in a ball for a bit. Ugh.


Sep. 28th, 2010 10:15 am
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Ugh, I think I caught whatever the mama has. My throat is scratchy, my nose is stuffy, and just ugh. I think I'm skipping today. I feel bleh. Plus, do not want to have this cold in a week and a half, and the weather is miserable. ...totally going through a tissue box right now. @_@

Not done two of my costumes. I'd list what I need done, but I'd need a LJ cut, probably. >>;; Meh, I'll do it anyways.

-Unitard (needs to be dyed)
-Cape with hood (needs to by dyed again AND sewed)
-Utility Belt (needs to be spray painted black and silver)
-Mask (need to buy black wig cape then white sheer pantyhose for the eyes)
-Shoulder Belt (need belt part and silver circle thingy)
-Thigh Belt (uhhh, still on the fence on this one)

Red Hood (Lian):
-Boots (find a pair and spray paint; insert thrift store shopping here)
-Skirt (buy or dye fabric for the mama to sew)
-Gloves (dye a slightly darker red)
-Hood (buy or dye fabric for mama to sew)
-Dye hair
-Arrows (spray paint another coat of red)
-Quiver (find something for it, use a small trash can, or just make one out of cardboard and duct tape)
-Bow (make sure Bek brings it with her)


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