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Jason Todd/Red Hood (DC Comics): [ profile] red_hot_robin
Jason Todd/Flamebird (DCAU): [ profile] havens_castoff
Jason Todd (Pre-Crisis DC Comics, pre-Robin): [ profile] iwannaberobin
Jason Toddler/Robin II (DC Comics, Tiny Titans): [ profile] jason_toddler
Jason Todd (DC Comics, AU partners with [ profile] notyourbatgirl): [ profile] notyourrobin
Jason Todd (DC Comics, AU partners with [ profile] like_asurgeon): [ profile] hushliljaybird
Jason Todd/Robin II (DCAU, Under the Red Hood): [ profile] baby_jay_robin
Jason Todd/Robin II (DC Comics, AU where Jason becomes a Titan after Garzonas): [ profile] titans_robin_ii

Stephanie Brown/Robin IV/Spoiler (DC Comics): [ profile] spoiled_robin
Stephanie Brown/Robin IV/Spoiler (DC Comics): [ profile] spoilagirlrobin
Stephanie Brown/Robin IV/Spoiler/Batgirl III (DC Comics): [ profile] blondie_batgirl
Stephanie Brown-Wayne/Robin II (DC Comics, World Without Young Justice): [ profile] robinhatespills
Stephanie Brown/Spoiler (DC Comics, pre-pregnancy): [ profile] justaspoiler
Stephanie Brown/Spoiler (DC Comics, AU partners with [ profile] nothissidekick): [ profile] caughtarobin
Stephanie Brown (DC Comics, particularly YJ 80 Page Giant): [ profile] luvs_sooperman

Colin Wilkes/ABUSE (DC Comics): [ profile] colin_wilkes
Bianca Steeplechase/Joker (DC Comics, Thrillkiller Elseworld): [ profile] withadeathkiss
Grant Emerson/Damage (DC Comics, AU post-Blackest Night): [ profile] morethanacrack
Grant Emerson/Damage (DC Comics, Titans v1): [ profile] atlantabannedme
Donna Troy (DC Comics, just post-Countdown): [ profile] just_donna_troy
James Jesse/Trickster I (DC Comics) : [ profile] tricksyoudead
Cassandra Cain/Batgirl II (DC Comics, Tiny Titans): [ profile] thebatmantype
Bromwell Stikk/Gargoyle (DC Comics, Titans v1-ish): [ profile] bromwell_stikk
Myndi Mayer (DC Comics, pre-Wonder Woman v2 #20): [ profile] miz_myndi_mayer
Joseph Wilson/Jericho (DC Comics, pre-The New Titans run): [ profile] digsmuttonchops
Magdalene Kyle/Sister Zero (DC Comics, Gotham City Sirens run): [ profile] warrior_sister0
Tara Markov/Terra II (DC Comics, The New Titans): [ profile] terrakindafirma

Pearl Fey (Ace Attorney Series) HIATUS: [ profile] widdle_pearly
Relm Arrowny (Final Fantasy VI): [ profile] i_can_paint_you
Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy VI): [ profile] well_done_hate

Jason Todd & Steph Brown at [ profile] earthfire_logs (No longer posting there, go to comm. below for more logs)
My community for my AIM RP logs: [ profile] shiny_rp_logs

If you want to contact about RPing (or just want to talk fandom), here is my contact info.

AIM: yuumeiakutenshi
E-mail: /

I live on my LJ and my e-mail account, so I should get back to you pretty quickly if you comment here or e-mail me about RPing or chatting on AIM. I won't mind.


Dec. 21st, 2010 03:49 pm
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Dear Self,

Write your damn JBBS. Yes, it got to the word count minimum. No, you can't stop here because that's not a finished fic. It's the START of a fic. Keep writing, bitch.

Sorta Love,

P.S. Stop tagging and get some damned fic done! >:|
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So, I was thinking... Someone should make a Cluemanster (Arthur Brown) RP journal for [ profile] dcu6wordstories. C'mon, you know you want to~ I'll even make the icons for it. Halloween's coming up, and what better time to let [ profile] blondie_batgirl know her father's alive. :D?

You know you want to~ <3?

Now, time to run. Gotta go to class and see Macbeth tonight. I won't be home until late. Oh, and it's raining. What fun. @_@
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Going to the beach soon. Totally gonna probably make a Grant Emerson (Damage) RP account when I get back? >>;; How does atlantabannedme sound? XD Still deciding whether or not to make him Titans v1 or JSA. Lalala, BN is ignored either way, bitches. >>;;
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So, DCU Remix. I'll finish mine, I fucking swear. Go ahead and post yours, people, if you have 'em. If not, just post before I do. Mine ain't getting written until at least Friday. First week at a new school and all. I'm only just getting my mind back into the right mindset to fic. @_@

So yeah. Link me to your DCU Remixes on this post.

P.S. [ profile] batstalker has joined us at [ profile] sixwordstories. If you RP DC Comics, go play. Her Timmy's fucking adorable.

And my Jason Toddler gots a Timmy! <3 Thanks, Sans~

P.P.S. Justine~ The two Tiny Titans mentioned above are plotting to get Zat to pull animals outta his hat for them. >.>;;
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Gaaaah. Totally running around like a headless chicken. ...and talking to myself, but that's mainly because it's way too fucking quiet around here. Gotta run because I figured out last night I can miss the bus anymore, or I'm boned. *runs off*

...and I was totally going tag this "IC" like I'm RPing at my comm. Fuck. >>;; I am a real person, I swear. @_@
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So, [ profile] dcu6wordstories has eaten me for the past week. Oops. I have helped sooth this problem by my making my many (and god, do I mean many) RP LJs' notifs go to a separate them from person LJ ones. @_@

Point of this post? I'm lazy, and I dunno wanna go through the notifs. Leave a comment here if there's anything you want me to read, comment, or if you just wanna say hello. Post away, my lovelies. *passes out*
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Well, as most of you know, I RP at [ profile] sixwordstories. Well, [ profile] daggerpen, [ profile] phoenixofborg, and I ended up talking about a just DCU version of SWS. So we made one.

[ profile] dcu6wordstories is up and running. Read the rules on the profile and join as your DCU muses. Vertigo, Wildstorm, animated, and movie'verse are all welcome. Just no joining as your personal journals, kay? <3
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See my icon? I'm thinking of making an RP journal for World Without Young Justice Robin!Steph. Her background's interesting, and considering Jason in this world is a bit Pre-Crisis-y and lived at the circus (where his girlfriend Anita used voo doo to kill him, sigh), Steph would be the second Robin in this 'verse.

So, I'm trying to name her LJ. Any ideas? Also, does anyone wanna play in the World Without Young Justice world with me? XD I can provide all five issues of that particular world, if you like. <3

EDIT: Okay, I have two ideas for LJ names. "lookslikeaninja" OR "pillsarebad". Why the latter? I'm glad you didn't ask! Steph's dad, the Crypto-King (haha, and you thought it couldn't get worse than 'Cluemaster!'), forced Steph's mom to take a quadruple dose of her favorite pill. Steph was hiding under the bed and saw this happen.

After this, she stalks her dad to take him down. She does get him, planning to kill him, but not exactly thinking that far ahead to the killing part. She ends up struggling with him, and Steph forces pills down his throat. When Batman gets there, she's crying, afraid she actually killed her dad. Then Bruce makes her Robin.

Now, so many ways to go... She could have killed him (though, I doubt Bruce'd make her Robin after that, but he could since there's remorse), she could have just made him pass out and he goes to jail, or she could have even put him in a coma with those pills. I'm still trying to think which way to go with this muse. XD
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Since Etsy charges for their shop, I set up shop over at ArtFire. I've posted all the matching earrings I have available (okay, technically Red Hood and Robin III OYL aren't available, but I can make them available). I can also make earrings mismatched (e.g. One earring is Timmy and one is Jason, so you have Jason/Tim!).

So, here's my shop. <3 Love me and buy things, okay? I'll be posting more stuff as I go. I took pictures of all my heroclix pendants and such, so I'll be posting them.

Also, anything you see that's not in the format you want (e.g. You want a keychain, not earrings.), I can fix up for you, so just ask. <3

AND [ profile] dixid IS MY FAVORITE! [ profile] red_hot_robin NOW HAD A PAID ACCOUNT! :D LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! <3


May. 21st, 2010 12:44 pm
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Dear LJ,

You are sending comment e-mails LATE and STUPIDLY. Fuck you. I decided to LJRP last night. You made it very difficult for Jason to hit on two Donnas, Zatanna, and a Timmy. >:O Jason does not appreciate being cockblocked like that, bitch.

No Love,
The Jason RPer That Has Batarangs

...and I think I need to get my Jason account paid for. He feels so inadequate with only 15 icons to emote with. >>;;


Apr. 15th, 2010 10:39 am
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So, I turned Jason into a puppy in my RP yesterday, which I totally blame [ profile] alexiel_neesan for. XD And poor Pre-Crisis Jay ran into Black Mask. ;-; *shudders* That Black Mask creeps me out so bad since it's just played so well. @_@;;

I get my short story back today. I hope it got a good grade. If not, the teacher kicks kittens in her spare time. *nods*


Apr. 14th, 2010 09:57 am
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Ever have one of those days where you have SO many fic ideas, you have no idea which to choose? D: That was me last night and this morning. Soooo not fun. I have bunnies for some DCU/Food Network crossover, a Roy/Steph fic, but then there's fic ideas I started like pervy and cero's masters and slaves 'verse and maybe some Robin Band AU...

Or perhaps I should do the backlog of b-day fic and/or meme response. ...or you know, not be a bitch and answer the lovely comments people made on my fics. >>;; Or respond to RP threads. Oops.

...mayhaps I should just do my homework. >>;;


Apr. 13th, 2010 12:31 am
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Feeling better than earlier. RP times with Michi and on [ profile] sixwordstories really helped. Omg, there was a Zordon! Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! I think I totally was in love with the Green Ranger. Haha, I didn't like pink, but I'm pretty sure I wanted to be the Pink Ranger because of Tommy. I lol at this. <3

...and I am not RPing at [ profile] pokeheroes. I'm not. ...not at all. I haven't picked out pokemon for my muses... Pre-Crisis Jay doesn't have a Pikachu, nor does Post-Crisis Jason have a Charmeleon or Steph with an Espeon or Delcatty. >>;;

...and why, brain, do you think the Robins have to be Power Rangers? Who would be Zordon? Or Alpha 5? Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi... XD Mmm, childhood. Mayhaps I should download the series...

EDIT: I think I should download it in a Italian too to watch it! Ooh, language. XD
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None of the posts for the past few days have not been totally Gloria's life oriented! >>;; Considering things happened, I should share! Let's see... I got free heroclixes from my old work because my ex-manager just hands me things! Serious, I got an Arsenal (since I had lost mind earlier that night because I was wearing too many, I guess), Nightwing (he's expensive, so yay!), and a Babs!Batgirl! FREE, oh how I love thee-

HOLY FUCK SPIDER IN MY ROOM! *hides until it goes away* was fucking huge. D: *kinds sorta shrieked like a little girl*

...okay, calm now...sorta. Ummm, so where was I? Oh yeah, ME. Let's see... I've been having laptop issues, with overheating and such. I took off all my important data and such, and I did a factory restore. Look, I can run Firefox and it NOT crash because it's overheating the whole fucking system! :D

And I went to see How To Train Your Drago on Thursday after getting the free 'clix. It was made of adorable, and I need a happy meal from McDonald's to get one of those cute toys! Tooooothless~ Heee. And Craig was WONDERFUL in the movie! :D

RP with michi has been Steph ending up back in time and heeeey, she takes Roy's virginity! XD Now's she back in her own time and ended up naked in Red Arrow's bed. Oops. XD The conclusion, tomorrow! XD

I've been playing lots of little RPs over at [ profile] sixwordstories. I'll probably make more posts when bored. I wouldn't mind seeing more Titans and Bats, rpers on the f-list~ XD And omg, Jason is hitting on Zee, Steph's having a sleepover with Kara, Jason's making fun of Black Mask, Jason's stealing kisses from Timmy and/or helping him with Ra's, Jason kinda sorta compared himself to Jesus, Pre-Crisis Jay's talking to Ted!Beetle, and Jay's got a crush on Duela Dent. (Omg, why do I want to ship Jason/Zatanna and Pre-Crisis Jay/Duela!? Oh RPs.)

...I replaced my soap operas again, what? XD Also, ugh, family shit for Easter. I better get some damned candy. >>;; I get to see my Little Robin, though! XD

...oh fuck

Apr. 3rd, 2010 03:46 am
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I forgot the Jason Het masterlist. I'll get to it this weekend! I swear! ...I kinda used all day to factory restore my laptop. @_@ It was quite misadventure, but now running Firefox doesn't make my computer angry and unbearably hot to the touch. AND my openoffice files are saving properly! Yay!

So yeah, masterlist tomorrow with maybe some new 'clix pictures since I finished a bunch more. :D You guys know you want them~ <3

Also, omg, I had so much fun with my RP journals tonight. I juggled Pre-Crisis Jay, my normal Jason, and Batgirl Steph. Lots of fun! And there was a Ted, a Zee, a Duela, and one of my Timmys! I missed this Timmy... Jason liked working to get into his pants. XD

Okay, bedtime before I pass out ON my laptop, which could never end well. @_@


Mar. 31st, 2010 01:25 am
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I was RPing at [ profile] sixwordstories with a new Steph account ([ profile] blondie_batgirl), and Black Mask showed up! Eeep. >>;;


Feb. 10th, 2010 01:03 am
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Okay, so a handful of you used to follow my RP Journal, [ profile] havens_castoff. Those of you know my Dickie RPer fell out of fandom, so I never got back to this 'verse 'cept in the occasional fic. Well, Mina (my Cass) may take over as my new Dickie. All depends. I'm hopeful.

In other news, my other RP with Mina and Michi is getting interesting. Jason/Cass is fun, and Timmy's going to lose his virginity to Steph soon. ^-^;; There was Cass/Steph kiss too, and Timmy accidentally watching Jason eat out Cass. XD

EDIT: MEME! 'Cept I dunno why I'm bothering. XD We all know what you'll all say. >.>;;



Sep. 21st, 2009 02:59 am
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I've been posting logs over at [ profile] earthfire_logs. It where Michi, Jae, and I post our logs. I've posted a bunch of the logs for our Roy/Steph storyline. At least logs and bunch more to come since I seem to find cleaning up the logs to be calming or some sorta thing. Read some logs and tell me what you think. XD I play Jason and Steph. Jae plays Dick, Connor, Ollie, and Kon. Michi is Roy, Tim, Kyle, Dinah, and Lian. (Jae and Michi play other characters too, but not posted up to that yet.)
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...since Jason pissed off Ivy in a RP thread, he has now been made irresistible. And his first commenter is Deadpool., Jason, RUN!


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