Apr. 2nd, 2011 02:09 am
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I think I'm getting my period. My moods are blah and meh and time for bed. ...maybe after some Dissidia 012...
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Test in Death & Dying today. It's kinda ridiculous. She totally gave us the questions for the test.

Except, you know, the ten of them are hiding in a pile of NINETY-SIX QUESTIONS! (ONLY 40-30 of them will be for me to pick from on the test.) *grumbles* And there's ONE 5-6 paragraph essay thing (which, hell, I'm supposed to write that in less than two hours PLUS 10 short answer questions? You have to be shitting me), and I have the questions for that too. Eight of those, but two won't show up on the test., me studying is essentially writing three 5-6 paragraph PAPERS to make sure at least ONE of those questions is on the test. Doing two would lead to my bad luck, and one is just bad odds. Motherfucker. I don't like having to play ODDS for my tests. It kinda pisses me off. Just a tad.

Not even mentioning the other 10 questions that I'd have to do A LOT OF QUESTIONS just to have enough to write about. I'm not even thinking about those odds. Ugh.

So, I'm skipping my first two classes for this test. I have this luxury since it's right before Spring Break, and there's nothing I can't catch up on in those classes. (Plus, I've never skipped on a Tues-Thurs schedule, so I'm good.) For those who say 'But Gloria, don't skip your classes!', I say fuck you I'd be completely useless in said classes as I worry for this test, so fuck that shit.

In other news, Beckaboo, if you see this before I decide to text or talk to you or whatever, the Mama would like to have a list of your food allergies. >>;; Yeah, she's totally afraid to cook for you until she knows what to avoid and so she can know when she goes food shopping. <3? (All the tasty things are flavored with meat! D: It's EVERYWHERE!)

EDIT: Mother. Fucker. Now my stomach decides to act up. *unhappy face of anger-unhappiness!* I think my period's going to pay me a visit during Spring Break. Traitorous motherfucker. ...well, at least I'll have plenty of chocolate because Bek is wonderful. ;-;
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Okay, I don't think I can count how many times I threw up tonight. It was so very unpleasant since I kept hurling with nothing left to hurl up. It's obviously not a PMS thing since my period just ended today, and ugh, I don't even know.

I'll get back to the fics for my last meme at some point, promise. Man, you guys just come outta the woodwork whenever I have a fic meme. I feel the love. XD You only love me for my porn! *faux sob*

So, yeah. I think I need an icon of being sick at this fucking rate. Stupid stomach. So much hate for it right now. We're only two weeks into the new year, and I've thrown three nights outta thirteen. This is kinda ridiculous, and I start classes next week. *sigh*

And I'll be calling the doctor tomorrow. Or something.


Jul. 26th, 2010 10:54 pm
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I have my period. I am not in a good mood. Fuck.


Jun. 30th, 2010 02:54 pm
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Ugh, cramps. At least, I have this now instead of next week, which would suck harder. :/

I wanna write, but I'm kinda bleh. We'll see what happens. >>;; ...and I don't want to eat. >>;; I'm having ramen since that shouldn't upset my stomach. *sigh*


Jun. 29th, 2010 01:05 am
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I've been trying really hard to boycott anything Twilight. No more Burger King until the Twilight shit is gone. No more watching Adult Swim since they have BOTH BK commercials and the movie commercial (which has the tagline is 'best Twilight movie yet' which really, is saying nothing).

...Food Network has betrayed me and had Twilight commercials, and now, so has CBS during my Craig Ferguson fix. I can't... *sob* This is all kinds of wrong. I can't stand it. And if ANY of you on my f-list come on this post and defend Twilight, I will de-friend you out of being a moron. If you like Twilight, say nothing, and I'll never know.

Am I being a bitch? I don't think so, but I also just started my period, so who fucking knows. >:O

...also, I have 'Vampires' on my AU_bingo card. I kinda want to write the most horrific, blood, and violent vampire piece ever, and I like my vamps smutty. No, these vamps will kill you for fun or for food then desecrate your corpse. That's the kind of vamp I want right now. And the things they'd do to Twilight vamps? Delicious, torturous things...
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So, I have my period, and as usual, first day I start bleeding, I get sick. Blah. Playing Dissidia helps? Firion, Tidus, please be making out now.

...also, my mind is still blown that Ollie from Batman: the Brave and the Bold has the same VA as Tidus. XD I'll start making comparisons, you know? XD Oh, and Ollie, if you ever say 'this is my story,' I may have to beam you with a blitzball.

...JASON DAY TOMORROW! :D Maybe I'll have pics of me in my Talia costume. XD Lol, I should take a picture with the huge Batman statue at the store... >>;; The one that has a huge sign that say DO NOT TOUCH...right in front of Batman's crouch. XD Talia would ignore that sign thoroughly. >>;;

I started some Steph fic last night. Stephanie Brown, the first Teen Titan. Oh how she wants to smack Wally already. XD And poor Garth is just getting overshadowed by two pretty much A type personalities. XD


May. 10th, 2010 11:46 am
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Argh. Still hormonal and in a shitty mood from yesterday. My morning is pissing me off. My Wizard World tickets are a whore and charging a convenience fee which pretty much defeats the purpose of buying online. Fuckers.

And I had the weirdest dream last night. I was at the PM mall, and there was a second comic book store, so I went there to buy my Brave and the Bold box instead of Comics and More (because it wasn't open yet?). So I bought the box, got it for $9.97 (which is weird and was plus tax and why do I remember that bit?). I open it as I walk out pass the kiosks and such, I see the J'onn on his cookie throne 'clix. After that, it was Bats & GA, Booster/Beetle, Fire/Ice, and Bats & Cass (mind you, the last one doesn't exist).

Of course, this can't happen since there's not enough room in a box, but this didn't tip me off. So I go to Comics and More (which is weirdly downstairs and has a crowd waiting at the door to open). When we get in, Ryan's there to work (which is weird because he worked at PM and lost his job like me, but I saw him there Saturday, so that's probably why he cameo'd). Then I go to the back or something, and people are passing by.

People being Booster and Beetle! I show 'em my J'onn 'clix to remind them about the cookie incident, but they're not saying anything. D: They're not talking to each other, but Booster was gonna say something, but he stops himself and follows Beetle out. D:

Then Fire and Ice come in. I show them their 'clix, which is weirdly not like it should be because the 'clix has Fire in fiery form in translucent dark green and Ice's is all translucent dark blue, and they're facing each other like they're angry or wanna kiss on the 'clix. I show 'em the weird 'clix, they exchange looks, and they leave, to make out apparently.

Theeeeen I woke up and didn't get to see the girl kisses. D: Stupid dream that made me think I had the 'clix I wanted. *sob*

OH! And I have an Astronomy final today. Motherfucker. >:O


Apr. 7th, 2010 11:30 am
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I'm guessing it's bad my fall back fic to cheer me up when I'm bored is Te fic...? >>;; Seriously, wtf, me, wtf. And tell me not to be playing in other people's 'verses. I have enough of my own playgrounds, and I should get the fuck outta other people's. *sigh*

And I should probably eat something, but my stomach is like, you eat stuff, I'll give you worst cramps ever. Oh fuck you, body, I just won't eat. I do it all the time, so fuck you. >>;; Also, while I'm on the issue of fuck you, fuck you, LJ, for good measure. Seriously, you and your slowness is gonna drive me up a fucking wall. People'll need to start calling me Spiderman. It all goes down hill from there, deals with the devil and all that.

...and now I'm just rambling. Cool. Ugh. Oooh, good song on the MP3 player. Yes, I love Rick Springfield, shut up. He was on my soap, and he sings pretty and is awesome. So there.

Also, I'm thinking of reccing some Jason/Tim fics. There's one re-read (not Te fic, I swear!), and I remembered the ending worse than it was. It ended pretty well, all things considering. Mmmm, Jason/Tim. >>;;


Mar. 26th, 2010 02:14 am
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Oh man. I forgot how fun it was to talk to Alex. It's like not talking to him for ages hasn't made him any less one of my best guy friends. <3 Like I haven't talked to him in ages, and we're talking about sex. XD He's totally saying I should go out there and get some action. ...considering he was there for my last sexual experience.

...I thought he was asleep, dammit, and his brother was okay with messing around... Argh, stupid boys! >>;; But yes, I should get out there. Probably. Oh! Alex gave me an interesting statistic I thought I'd share.

"there was a legit study done recently and apparently sex with nerds is the best sex you can get. they are inventive because they are always thinking about having sex. and they are more willing to give and more excited about it."

Truth. Like really. And we have plenty of time to think up kinky shit. XD


Mar. 23rd, 2010 11:09 am
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I hate Tuesdays. Have I mentioned this? I do not want to go this class, but I can't keep skipping it, no matter how much I hate the bitch, hate her teaching, and hate the way she kills my muses. And I have a fucking headache. And my uncle is here to patch up things in the attic, and argh, I wanted 'alone time.' Yes, TMI, but my LJ, I can say whatever the fuck I want.

*grumps and didn't finish her short story because her teacher can suck a cock*
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Dear stomach,

Fuck off. Yes, you. Cramps suck but making me have to run to the bathroom for half the night? Argh. No. Denied. Go fuck yourself. Sometimes you DON'T do this. I like those times. Be one of those times now, or I'm not feeding you. I have Spring Break. I can just not eat. >:O

...okay, maybe better no threats because I have a job interview on Monday, and it's the Ides of March, so I don't need anymore bad luck. >_<;;

No fucking love,

Now for something completely different!

"My job is not to piss you off. My job is to be a corporate whore for CBS." -Craig Ferguson (03/12/2010, Late Late Show)

"I have sex on the brain tonight. I'd rather have it on my penis, but I'll take it on my brain." -Craig Ferguson (03/12/2010, Late Late Show)

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So, in creative writing class today, we were doing quotes and how to put in punctuation and such. Oh god, so boring. I'm a grammar nazi; I know this shit. Hell, I point out when you can use a semi-colon! proven by this post because I already used one barely three sentences in! >>;;

Yes, I have a favorite kind of punctuation, and that's the semi-colon. Poor, unloved semi-colon! IT IS NOT JUST FOR SWEATDROPS AND WINKY FACES! >>;; Okay, so here's what we did (try it yourself and see if you know your grammar~):

He said you are late

You are late he said

You he said are late

You are late he said you should get to class

Here's the answers... )

Under the cut, stylistically, I think the first and last one are terribly awkward. Do not want. I don't write that way, and I'm not too fond of seeing what I'm reading written that way. Oh and the one with the semi-colon probably wouldn't have come up if I hadn't said it. The teacher was impressed by my grammar nazi ways and my love of the semi-colon. ...actually, said I was weird, but totally compliment!

...also, really good vocabulary and diction is very hot. Like, I'm into dirty talk, but if you could have dirty talk and high diction? Insta-orgasm. >>;; TMI? Suuuure. XD Guh.


Dec. 20th, 2009 09:56 am
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I feel sick. I usually get sick at beginning of my period, and it's a lot of not fun. :( I'm mostly not in the bathroom now, but I can't get back to sleep, and I only slept maybe 5 or 6 hours. D:

EDIT: Haha, my Zio Andrea is here for a visit, and my dad called. My mom answered, and the coward actually talked. She lied and said I was asleep. Told him Merry Christmas rather sarcastically then said 'Hey, you want to talk to Andrea?' And dad, being a coward, hung up. Best thing ever.

...okay, not true. My mom talked to my nonna, my dad's mom, and she calls her sons 'fiori' or whatever the dialect equivalent of flowers is. My mom was confused and ask what? And nonna told her she means her sons. XD Oh nonna. All her 5 sons except my Zio Carmine in Switzerland have been separated/divorced from their wives and one won't leave the house like ever (he's being fed; why would he leave? XD). In conclusion, my nonna is HILARIOUS. :D


Dec. 3rd, 2009 12:57 pm
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Owwwww! I fucking slammed my and into some furniture while I was walking out my bedroom door because I wasn't fucking paying attention. Stupid hyper music make me dance around and forget my appendages can and will hit something if I flail like that. ;-;

*holds an ice pack to her hand for a bit* So, sequel to that fic I just posted or to Kon/Jason/Tim one? Or should I just stop being an ass and do my belated b-day presents AND fic exchange? Or maybe, you know my HTML homework. ;-;

...I think my hand's going to bruise like I was in a fight. Yeah, with a piece of furniture, and guess who won? ;-;

EDIT:, I'm in the bathtub, and I look at my left hip and there are scratches there. They're pretty red, and whatever did it left a mark, but wtf? This is like where my underwear covers, and I don't remember doing this with my nails. >>;; It's creepy. :(


Nov. 23rd, 2009 02:02 am
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I feel like I'm just whining tonight, but I have my period, so my emotions are shot to fuck...

I've looked over my schedule this week, and I'm pretty sure the only way I could win NaNo with this week fucking me over would be if I weren't over 12k words behind. I...really wanted to finish this. I know I can do 50k. I'm sure if you added up my NaNo and all my RP logs, I'd have 50k by the end of the month. It's just really frustrating.

Okay, also, I skipped Italian class last week, so I shouldn't skip again because of apathy and how bored I know I'll be. Not doing the presentation. Fuck it, I can present in December. The fucker didn't really give me a due date, so he can fucking wait.

Tuesday's my day off, but I'm sure something will fuck that up. I work Wednesday 5pm-9:30pm. Then you know Thanksgiving, and I really don't like my family. I don't really want to deal with them. At least I can't get bitched at for not having a job.

Then Friday and Saturday, I have my first 8 hour shifts for a job ever. 3pm-11pm on Friday and 10am-6pm on Saturday. Which means I cannot stay up late on Friday. That's gonna be fucking with my sleep schedule. >_<;;

So yeah. NaNo won't get finished. I'm kinda upset about this. ...actually trying not to cry, and I blame my motherfucking bleeding vagina for that. >_<;;

EDIT: I need to not go on DevArt when I'm depressed. It doesn't help. It only reminds me I can't draw anymore. I used to be good, but fuck if I know where that talent went. Best if I go to bed now. ;-;


Nov. 22nd, 2009 02:28 am
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Motherfuckers. There's a bar down the street, and they're a fucking nuisance! I'm almost ALWAYS feeling/hearing the pulse of their music from my fucking room. Like OVER the fact I play my music all the way up. It's happened before, and I had to make sure I wasn't hearing things since my room is almost in the back of the fucking house!

Argh. This didn't happen before that bar got bought and turned into a Mexican bar. ...okay, that's a little racist, but true! It's obnoxiously painted pink and red now, and they added a deck. I'm pretty sure the neighbors or someone has called the police on their asses on more than one occasion. Why haven't they been close the fuck down yet?

Bah, now my muses have been jostled. They like to be in a certain mood for NaNo. I think Jason!muse would like to be real and make a nice disturbance to make that bar close down. >>;; I like the way Jason!muse thinks. XD

Also, they should be glad I don't how to exactly file a complaint about them being jerks with their shitty bar. I have my period, and I can be a terribly angry bitch NORMALLY. See me when I'm on my period? Take fucking cover. >:O
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I have decreed that it is Jason Weekend! During Jason weekend, there should be copious amounts of Jason nudity and/or Jason make outs! I've already gotten some this yesterday and today! Keep up the good work, f-list! I shall do my part with more Jason in NaNo (okay, same amount but finally got to writing in the third Jason), and RP with Michi. :D

Maybe Jason Weekend will outshine the face it's also Gloria Just Got Her Period For This Month Weekend. >>;;
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Just woke up from a nice long nap. The brat kinda woke me up with his new Bumblebee toy. God, that brat is loud. I tickled him into submission to teach him a lesson. >>;;

Guess what! Got my period! >>;; It was trying to make a grand entrance like it's SPECIAL. >:O What-fucking-ever. It'll be gone by Friday if it acts normal (and if I have anything to say about it).

On another note, my NaNo notes went missing, but they are found and freak out over. >>;; I need to add some ideas I got while in the bath. It means double the Jason in the fic. XD Is anyone surprised by this?

EDIT: Also, Seth's bff can't take a fucking hint. He sat behind me on the bus. Then he MOVED to sit across from me, and I BLATANTLY turn my head the other way, hoodie up and music in, but that doesn't deter the bitch. After he get off the bus, he follows me, which I notice for a sec. He tried to get my attention, which I shrugged off by turning my head enough that my hoodie blocked it. Buuut, persistent. He asked if I was okay, since I was obviously not. >:O I was giving homicidal vibes, dammit! ARGH! It was fucking annoying. */endrant*
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Gah. Okay, so I drove home halfway Montgomeryville. That's a twenty minute drive one real roads, man. I'm trying to learn to drive, and I think I'm ready to go to the driving teacher person.

....and NOW Septa might have a strike this week. Oh god. This is TERRIBLE. I can't deal with that on top of school stresses! ;-;! Don't strike, Septa. And really, striking this week will get people very angry. Isn't the World Series IN Philly this week...? The city will burn. And I'm not going anywhere near it. >>;;

EDIT: OH GOD, NANO'S IN A WEEK!! OH MY GOD, I'M GONNA FAIL SO HARD. >_<;; ...and getting period symptoms (unless they're just psychosomatic) without the bleeding. BLEED, VAGINA, BLEED! >>;; Sorry. Yeah. *ducks away*

EDIT 2: Okay, so I got my schedule straightened out, though I do not like waking up on a Friday, but it's Italian, so I will deal (and it could get canceled anyway, >>;; ).

EDIT 3: I'm a fucking idiot. Nevermind. ;-;


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