Jan. 15th, 2011

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RAGE! I think only this icon maybe articulate my rage. Temple fucking dropped my classes. I CALLED TO GET MY GRANTS AND LOANS APPLIED TO MY ACCOUNT, AND THE GUY SAID HE'D CONFIRM MY CLASSES TOO! @#!#$!(!

The kicker? My classes were canceled AFTER office hours ended on Friday. And I can't talk to them until Tuesday.

I mean, I'm pretty sure I fixed it. I'm in my classes now. The CONFIRM button showed up, and I confirmed classes, but I am not paying $100 reinstatement fee. No. Denied. I can't do this shit. It was their fault, and I am not paying money for their fuck up.

And I think this has gotten my stomach all riled up. Look, rebellion! Everywhere! FML. *curls up in a corner for a while*
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Title: Criminal Offense
Fandom: DCU
Character(s): Jason, Dick
Pairing(s): Jason/Dick
Word Count: 2165
Genre: pure smut
Rating: NC-17/MA
Notes: I started this fic forever ago for a porn battle? I'm pretty sure it was for [livejournal.com profile] saavikam77? If not, I kept associating it with her anyways. XD So, I dedicate this to Saavi. XD (Prompts: Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, identities, costumes, flexible, collar, kinky, control) I think I got all of them but collar, honestly? XD Also, with this piece of porn, I declare it [livejournal.com profile] pornday! Have it, darlings. <3 (Also, wtf, Jason muse! You were supposed to bottom! I guess this is as much Dick's fault as yours. Also, there's like 6 kinks in this thing? Sheesh. @_@)
Link: N/A

Gonna punish me, Officer Grayson? )
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Title: A Changing Situation
Fandom: DCU
Character(s): Dick, Jason, Tim, Steph, Roy
Pairing(s): Roy/Steph, forming Steph/Tim
Word Count: 3231
Genre: family/comfort/smut
Rating: NC-17/MA
Notes: This has been sitting for god knows how long. I was part way through the porny bits before I chickened out. Oh het porn, why must you be so difficult for me? >>;; Also, titling kicks my ass, so I stole the title from the Crisis Core soundtrack. (And this is my second entry for [livejournal.com profile] pornday!) Don't read this without reading Pervy and Cero's series first, or my last two installments. Just follow the series tag.
Link: Master List of Pervy's and Cero's Masters and Slaves 'verse

So, girls like that kind thing too? )


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