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This is here for my reference (and it's a work in progress), and if anyone finds something that should be on this list, do tell in case I've forgotten. 3 1/2 months is a long time to go without some things, you know? I'll cross things off the To-Do List as they get done hopefully.

To-Do List Before Departure

  • Get passport (picture and passport itself)

  • Get Italian citizenship (including all the damned paperwork, going to the consulate, and going to US immigration office for more papers)

  • If there's time, get an Italian passport as well

  • Figure out cell phone situation for going abroad (and how much texting I can do)

  • Get driver's license to appease the mama (which include taking driving lessons)

  • Make packing list

  • Dye hair again

  • Buy ticket for the trip (and figuring out the cheapest way with student airfare?)

  • Set up desktop computer for mama (for Skype purposes)

  • Get a summer job

  • Correct FAFSA when the mama does her taxes

  • Remember to temporarily close down ArtFire account (since I can't ship things from Italy)

  • Go to the doctor (for figuring out the stomach situation)

  • Figure out the health insurance bullshit with the mama

  • Find out what kind of living situation I'm gonna have in Rome (roommate, or what?)

  • Find the e-mails of some teachers from MontCo for Temple Rome application


Packing Checklist
Not prepared yet...

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