Jan. 13th, 2011 12:55 pm
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Guess who found some lovely Steph/Tim porn~ Me, me, me! I must share it with my lovely f-list because I love you. And I propose a challenge. Write me fic, telling me what they're saying in this pic, what finally made this happen, ect. I will reward you a pretty banner for your efforts. (Also, underage darlings on my f-list, don't click the lj-cut or participate. Just for everyone's peace of mind. <3)

I shall call this the WRITE FIC TO THIS PICTURE AND I WILL LOVE YOU LONG TIME Art To Fic Challenge. XD You guys can do it! <3 (I'll even accept art of the next part or RP, XD.)

Lovely art by Demeters_Wake found on Rule 34, XD )

EDIT: I found the original post for this art here. The blog has some other nice porny pieces as well. AND commissions are begin taken here. *sigh* Man, I wish I weren't broke. XD
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Tah-dah! Look at the pretties I got from a gift exchange on Friday! Aren't they pretty and awesome? :D? <3 The art is by [livejournal.com profile] xsolarflarex. Tell him he's awesome on the post. <3
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I drew some Preggers!Steph/Tim art. I'm hoping to inspire fic, maybe? >>;;

Cuteness below? XD )
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I forgot to post these! I am ashamed. Here, have cuteness. The Stephs are by Franco, and the Jasons and Tim are by Art Baltazar. <3

Cut for EXTREME cuteness, and the last pic is a spoiler for Tiny Titans #33, <3 )


Aug. 20th, 2010 03:03 pm
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Okay, best piece of mail EVER. [livejournal.com profile] a_bashful_boy sent me a check for some stuff he bought, and the envelope was covered in AWESOME! :D Don't believe me? Have a look! (Addresses removed because I say so, and I think this gave me a Sailor Steph plot bunny? >>;; )

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Guess who's birthday is almost a week away? Me! :D I take presents and love in the form of lots of things! Want a list? No? You're getting one anyways! XD

-I like Jay fic. Om nom. (or Roy/Steph or Jason/Babs or Jason/Tim or Jason/Talia or Steph/Tim...)
-I like Jay art. (or Roy/Steph or Jason/Babs or Jason/Tim or Steph/Tim... I think you get the picture)
-I like icon slots. Lots and lots of them. Apparently, 130 is not enough for me. Silly, LJ, GIMME MORE! XD
-I really like when people shop at my store. Makes me feel important. <3
-I like heroclix to make more jewelry! Mmmm, jewelry.
-I like paid LJ. It is tasty and addictive. Nom.
-I like getting mail! Any kind is fuuuuun. <3 (Message me and I'll give you my address.)

Now that I've been an attention whore, time to give the attention to someone else! Two weeks ago, I got a piece of mail from [livejournal.com profile] batstalker. Bek was here when I got it, and how, you ask, did we know it was from her?

Well, let me show you! )

Art Rec~

May. 19th, 2010 06:49 pm
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So, most of you have read my First Robin: Stephanie Brown fic, and now there's art for her Robin costume by [livejournal.com profile] phoenixofborg. Some of you may know her from lots of Connor [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic answers and such. XD Art under the cut.

First Robin: Stephanie Brown )
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So, Bek's still laptop-less, so I decided to mail her some comics and some Roy/Tim art. I had some my art bitch drew that she'd seen, and I drew some Roy/Tim just for the Beckaboo tonight. SO, I'll share all that with you. And extra bonus balloon animal Robin picture from Free Comic Book Day that I forgot to post. As usual, art bitch's pic is NOT work safe. Mine's pretty tame, though it would make some straight comic fanboys cry. :D

Beware of boy kisses and sexings! )

And when I wake tomorrow, there shall be a post about my Hush!Jason's new playmate that came in the mail for him. <3

Art Dump

Apr. 17th, 2010 01:31 pm
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Okay, so there were these Christmas cards I was supposed to send out as Jason. Well, I flaked, BUT there was some porny art that was going to be in the cards (because we all know Jay would send naked pics of himself to all the hot, bangable people on his X-mas card list). So, some art bitch art AND one that she and I collab'd on. What, you say? A collab she and I finished? Yes. I drew and she added the bow, fixed/finished the hands, and the shading. *hates shading, >>;;*

SO! Time for Jason nudity! Obviously, not work safe. A little blood in one, but barely anything, really.



Mar. 18th, 2010 04:36 pm
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CUTE JASONS! LOTS OF CUTE JASONS!!! Click the cute Jason [livejournal.com profile] batstalker drew! :D Leads to more cuteness!


Jan. 22nd, 2010 06:21 pm
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Well, I started drawing, and I found a pose that I liked, and the chick happened to look a lot like Power Girl...

...I accidentally started drawing her? *goes back to work on drawing the rest of her which should be posted tonight*

EDIT: Done. Yeah. Hating her left hand and loving her right hand by her boot. XD I used this for the pose.

Now with more boobs. >>;; )


Jan. 4th, 2010 01:50 am
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[Poll #1507000]

Well, is he? (Link is NSFW) [livejournal.com profile] pervyficgirl and I can't agree. What do you guys think?
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I made General Hospital icons! Yes, this doesn't interest most of you. Okay, I have other icons too! :D

Make sure to credit for me for the icons, and the artists for fanart if you use the icons. <3

-25 General Hospital Icons
-25 Full Metal Alchemist Icons
-18 Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson Icons
-17 DCU/Marvel Fanart by my Art Bitch Icons (Mostly NSFW)
-5 DCU Chibis by [livejournal.com profile] ani_bester Icons

Icons! Icons! )


Nov. 30th, 2009 02:05 pm
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So, last night I linked the art bitch to Bek's Jason/Tim/Jason porn, and this art is what resulted. :D

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I did a meme! An art meme! I took it from this one here. She picked Timmy for hers, and I picked Jason. I've also put my meme under the cut. ^-^ Enjoy?

Long Art Meme Is Long )
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Oh my god, re-hydrating scupley after it's dried AND glued itself to the little bins I store it in so annoying. I could just toss 'em, but that be wasting such good colors when a little oil fixes 'em right up. ...stains my hands a bit to do this, but hey, for art! >>;; ...and money. >>;; I would have worn gloves, but we used up all the ones mom keeps around the house (yay for lunchlady mama).

In other news, I made myself pasta. Go me. >>;; Seriously, I don't like it enough to do it myself, but there's hardly any food left in the house I like, and the sauce was in a big container in the fridge. Okay, back to sculpey-ing.

...I'll post more comment fics tonight. >.>;;
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Yes, I'm still awake, BUT I was useful. I made three Red Lantern rings, a Red Lantern bead (prototype to see if I can use it make bracelets), and smaller pair of Red Lantern earrings. I have to bake them, and may I'll make a few more Lantern things tomorrow. Any requests on which Lantern I should do next? Also, I plan to make pendants like Avatar betrothal necklaces. Think it'd look good?
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I've been back from art bitch's house for a few hours now. I took nap because sleep is never properly had at a sleepover, ever. I got two full drawings out of M-chan and some chibis. Jason/Tim + ducati and Jason saves Bucky from the Russians. I have fic to go along with the last one, which means I should finish it, shouldn't I? >>;;

On another note, I named the art bitch's car, Red Robin Hood. ^-^ I still think that sounds like a Roy/Tim/Jason threesome name. XD Oh so I don't forget to mention, I saw Heather B. for a while too at M-chan's house, but only for an hour. :( I got there a bit late, but she was very amusing and such. <3

And last night with played dress up! I got to be a witch and a princess and M-chan got to be cat and a clown! ...I don't think we changed very much. Oh yeah, M-chan was also a brightly colored go go dancer. XD Then this morning it was let's put make up on Gloria time. It wasn't quite so bad. I liked it well enough, but I'm always waaaaaay too lazy to wear make up.

We played pool, made cake, had cakes, and played Rock Band, not quite in that order. Oh, Bek, they loved your cake at M-chan's house, by the way! I shared so the whole thing wouldn't go to waste at my house. It was loved, very much, and I still have a little bit left here.

Only downside, attention whore was not getting as much attentions! Stupid boy that drops in unannounced and got stuck at her house until 1:30am. >:O Ah well. At least he was a good boy, though I think them being all kissie face rotted my teeth more than both cakes combined (and Bek's icing had 4 cups of sugar!)

We did some major scanning of arts this morning of 26 pieces by M-chan. It was wonderful, and I will link you all to more tonight or tomorrow because I set up a community for her art! I'm her self-proclaimed PR agent! XD I wonder if her writer Michael will be amused? >.>;;

Speaking of Michael, he is the assistant manager at a comic book store. There MIGHT be an opening, so I'm typing up a resume tonight and e-mailing it. Anything that might make the thing more professional? XD Also, oh god, Michael loves Damian. ...he almost got me liking him today! I will desist! No! ...I'm not giving in, damn you! *stubborn, dammit, stubborn!*

On another note, why does M-chan know me so well? She totally knew what I was gonna say during our girl talk! >_<;; That was interesting... And to go an opposite topic from that girl topic completely, we saw this awesome boy at the comic store. He spoke of the lamented LJ community, [livejournal.com profile] scans_daily! It was one of the best things ever! ...well other than the BUCKY POSTER THEY HAVE FOR SALE! OH GOD, LET ME WORK THERE, PLEEEEEEEEEASE!

EDIT: Speaking of covering everything, I lied. >.>;; I forgot the art links in my links. Ooops. <.<;; Also, the colors were actually much more gorgeous. M-chan's scanner was a bitch whore. I'll try and see if my scanner noms the colors less. >:/
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Maybe I went on a biiiiit of a drawing spree. Maybe I wanted to not write Timmy topping because Jason just won't fucking allow it! *glares at Jason!muse* So yeah, got around it! Art! Technically, Tim's on top in the picture! ...may not be able to tell... >.>;; This is the stock photo I used for the picture. Not really work safe for boy cuddles and bare chests. (P.S. I'm lazy with hands, stfu.)

EDIT: Prompt: #34 snuggle for [livejournal.com profile] dcu_freeforall (Though, Jason will deny there's ANY snuggling happening. ^-^;;)

Look, Timmy's got a Jason. Lucky bitch. )


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