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Surprisingly enough, I had fun at this wedding reception. I reconnected with my bff from grade school (Caralee, <3). I thought we'd have nothing in common after so many years, but we're totally still compatible people. We grew into people that can still hang out. <3

The reception was optional costume, so I totally rocked my Red Hood Lian costume. <3 No one knew who I was, but like I care. Also, there was a little Superman, Batman, and Robin. They were all tiny and cute. It seems DC rules this crowd. XD

Also, the cake was Nightmare Before Christmas themed. <3 So Caralee and some cute guy changed into Sally and Jack costumes! XD Oh, and here, have an awesome picture of my costume. <3

Pictures from last night INCLUDING a nice pic of my Red Hood Lian costume. <3 )

EDIT: Oh! And have the pics I took at NYCC a few weeks back. <3
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Short Story of the Event of Friday:

Didio brought up Green Arrow. Me and some people brought up Lian Harper. He said "Oh, you mean the dead kid." I stood up, saying I was dressed up as her.

Yadda, yadda, he invites me on stage. Beginning of his downfall. Yadda, yadda. I am given a microphone. Unfortunately, the GA stuff has passed, so I pick my battles. Well, hello there Batman mention. B&R, you say? Well, time to ask what drugs Morrison is on! Then continue my opinions on him. I do say he writes well, because he does, but it's not a story that fits with anything else.

As I've been saying: Morrison doesn't play in other people's sandboxes very well. He'd be great in his own, but no one can follow him up well or precede him. It just doesn't work.

Then Dick was brought up (Didio wore a Nightwing shirt, pffft), and I was asked if I preferred him as Bats or Nightwing. I said I don't mind him as Bats as long as he's characterized, unlike when Tony Daniel was writing him. He was just Batman, no Dick Grayson characterization to be seen.

And soon after my microphone was taken away, and Bob Wayne haaaaaaates me. ...and Didio probably liked me too much. D:

There's more, but that's the synopsis of my awesome. There a few more bits and pieces I can bring up later. <3 There, I'm no longer a tease, right?
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Ohgod. NYCC is tomorrow. Okay, I only have one glove left and touch up on my boot then some packing tonight and tomorrow morning. Yay. Good. Also, making list times. Started last night. I can do this. @_@

And if you're going to NYCC and wanna meet up, hit me up here OR PM me your cell number for texting. <3

EDIT: ALSO, I'll have my heroclix jewelry on me if you wanna buy something. You can place an order with me too. <3


Oct. 5th, 2010 10:15 am
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LJ's a cunt. Oh, you knew that? Well, of course. Just reiterating a point. If these slow loading times don't fucking stop (or at least stop for my MAIN LJ since I PAY for it), I'm gonna pitch a fit. How does one contact LJ to pitch a fit? >>;;

Also, fucking IE kept eating itself, and I have to use it for Italian homework because My Italian Lab doesn't support Firefox. Grrr. This pisses me off, man. Well, lots of things piss me off. >:O

In better news, I finished one glove sans thumb. I'll try and finish the second one today then me and mom can get to the thumb part. Also, if anyone has a pattern for boot covers, you'd be loved forever. <3
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This was supposed to be a quick post of ARGH before running for the bus, but fucking combination of LJ and Firefox being cunts made this take a five whole minutes to load. Motherfucker.

What I wanted to bitch about is that my said she's not helping with my gloves anymore. They aggravate her. Well, fuck her. I'll sew them by hand my fucking self, you bitch. And did she have to tell me she gave up just before I went to bed? It made sleeping almost fucking impossible. Thanks ever-fucking-so. Grrr.


Sep. 30th, 2010 02:46 pm
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Sadface. I think... I think Spoiler will have to wait for another con. :/ I just can't do it. I'll make the Red Hood Lian one look better. Or have Spoiler done for Halloween. We'll see.'s to hoping my Steph muse doesn't hate me for this. >>;;

Man, this class is fucking boring. :/
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Ow. Head, you hate me. And LJ's lagging. Bah. In better news, my cosplays seem to be coming along quite well. I have pretty much all the pieces I need except for Lian's boots and Steph's thigh belt is a bit ehh at the moment. If you have any suggestions for the latter, feel free to pipe up.

*goes to get ready for school*


Sep. 28th, 2010 10:15 am
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Ugh, I think I caught whatever the mama has. My throat is scratchy, my nose is stuffy, and just ugh. I think I'm skipping today. I feel bleh. Plus, do not want to have this cold in a week and a half, and the weather is miserable. ...totally going through a tissue box right now. @_@

Not done two of my costumes. I'd list what I need done, but I'd need a LJ cut, probably. >>;; Meh, I'll do it anyways.

-Unitard (needs to be dyed)
-Cape with hood (needs to by dyed again AND sewed)
-Utility Belt (needs to be spray painted black and silver)
-Mask (need to buy black wig cape then white sheer pantyhose for the eyes)
-Shoulder Belt (need belt part and silver circle thingy)
-Thigh Belt (uhhh, still on the fence on this one)

Red Hood (Lian):
-Boots (find a pair and spray paint; insert thrift store shopping here)
-Skirt (buy or dye fabric for the mama to sew)
-Gloves (dye a slightly darker red)
-Hood (buy or dye fabric for mama to sew)
-Dye hair
-Arrows (spray paint another coat of red)
-Quiver (find something for it, use a small trash can, or just make one out of cardboard and duct tape)
-Bow (make sure Bek brings it with her)
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They are here. I am lazy, and apparently I only took 65 pictures. Silly con with less comic cosplayers than Otakon, the anime convention. *shakes head* (There are many interesting pics, but goddammit, why didn't anyone fix my wig BEFORE the pics? *sob*)

Also, at least three people asked if Bek was Lady Gaga. Man did she wish she could Canary Cry their eardrums to hell.

And I met James Marsters and went to his Q&A. He is one charismatic man. Dude, it got Bek to let me get her into Buffy. I succeeded, by the way. Totally got her into Phoenix Wright as well. Next time we have a long transportation trip, I think there shall be more playing. XD She hasn't even met Edgeworth yet, and this must be remedied! XD

There was more con stuff, but my brain is all meh right now. Seriously. OH! I got a GIANT Robin!Jason poster from Artist Alley because Bek is the most awesomest friend everer. <3 She got a poster of Cap and Bucky since the Robin!Jason was the last one, and even though she wanted one, we knew where THAT one was going. XD

Aaaaaaand, I got three trades for 5 bucks. Trades I got were as follows: Batman: The Bat and the Cat (Fabian Nicieza AND Kevin Maguire, you know, with that naked orgy two page thing), Tiny Titans: Adventures in Awesomeness, AND Batman: Under the Hood Vol. 2. I failed to find A Death in the Family and Under the Hood Vol. 1, but I'll get 'em eventually.

In other shopping news, I got a Roy for my Hush!Jason and Dickie figures. There were no Timmys I could find for him. Jay likes his threesome just fine at the moment, though. XD
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Okay, my Fire costume is finished, baby~! <3 I haven't put on the wig yet, but I've used this wig before. XD My mom and aunt made the top from a skirt I had, and I hammered in the buttons (god, that was a task!). The headband was sewn from leftover skirt pieces. The pants and jacket were white jean things I had and dyed months ago (I had accidentally tossed half the dye down the drain, but it worked out for the best). I spray painted a pair of brown cowboy boots this week my mom was gonna toss. I made the belt from ribbon and some silver things I bought (and spray painted gold). AND the gloves were bought a la eBay. XD

Picture of Fire )

Pictures of Me as Fire Sans Wig )


Jun. 6th, 2010 10:05 pm
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Okay, found my gold spray paint for my Fire belt, and that's all done. All I have is to spray paint the boots and have mom finish sewing the headband and top. Probably have to buy buttons for it. I'm also running low on bits for the jewelry. :/

Shopping trip tomorrow, it is! Oh, and my cosplay group keeps GROWING. I'm gonna be Fire and Talia, Bek'll be Black Canary, art bitch will be Zee, and art bitch's boy toy's gonna be Roy. XD Then there'll be Max Lord-Spirit-Question, depending on the day, and mayhaps a Misfit. And a cop!Renee friend of Bek's. ...I think this could make an interesting team, huh? XD BoP with a twist? XD


May. 19th, 2010 01:41 am
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Dear self,

You are not to ship Jason/Talia when he was Robin because of Batman #400. ...especially since that's technically still PRE-CRISIS Jason. >>;; ...there will probably be icons.

On a side note, Talia would very easy to cosplay. XD ...though, that'd require going up to Batman cosplayers and calling them beloved. I think that'd make me gag.

Oh, I guess the last part wasn't really to you, self. Okay, well maybe it was? >>;;


P.S. Self, you started some Jason/Talia porn a while back. Why don't you, I dunno, finish it at some point?


Mar. 6th, 2010 12:24 pm
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Ugh, I'm so outta sorts lately. I can't really write, and I blame my Creative Writing class. I write for myself, and no one else. Yes, I occasionally write for you guys, but really? I don't change my writing to suit my readers; I change my readers to suit my writing. >>;; I find it easier then everyone's happy.

Unfortunately, changing my teacher won't work, the stupid bitch. >>;; She's old and repeats a lot, and she's made me too self-aware of my writing to write. If anyone's missing reading fic from me, they can lynch her. >>;;

So yeah. And I think I'm sure on what costumes I'm going to plan out for NYCC (New York Comic Con) in the fall. Fire, Spoiler, and Red Hood. Not the Red Hood you're assuming, either. This Red Hood. Yeah. Some of these are subject to change, but the last one is going to stay, so I can protest. >>;;

And I've this headache the past two days. I don't have it now, but if it come back, I'm smacking a bitch.

Also, I bought more heroclix, and the general manager gave me the same discount my other (ex-)manager did! I thought he wouldn't, but yay, dollar per 'clix! On this little spree, I bought: Namor (with pants, D: ), Power Girl, Wiccan, two Spoilers, Arsenal, Black Cat, Kid Flash (Bart), Piper/Trickster, and Ravager (Rose). Contact me if any of them interest you.
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Okay, so I just read the issues of Red Robin I'd been skipping (I was kinda meh on the whole Tam thing; once something gets that popular that fast, I get turned off to liking it, like all the Tim/Tam on LJ), and I got plot bunnies like whoa. The rest will be under the cut for possible spoilers?

WARNING: I almost say something nice about Grant Morrison?'s my optimism talking, so totally ignorable, I swear.

Hey, do I see support for my favorite head canon? I think I do! )


Oct. 18th, 2009 01:39 am
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Okay, one, tell my muses to let me write since I'm fucking bored. I'm not starting something new. I have like 60 DCU fics that can be finished. Silly Jason!muse being a bitch.

Another thing, if anyone understands PHP and how to make a rotating banner, kindly inform me. I tried to figure it out from [ profile] comment_fic from their rotating banner/header, but it was not like HTML or even CSS, so I had no fucking clue how to handle it. I even tried to find tutorials. Whoosh, right over my head. :(

So the other day, I got a kid's Batman utility belt to go with my little Robin's Robin costume. Kid's size and everything, but it fits me. >>;; This makes me kinda happy inside. XD Be jealous.

Speaking of costumes, Halloween's in two weeks and Zenkaikon is in three! <3 Gratuitous Bek hang outs, nerding out, and costuming will occur. I can't wait.

Also, my art bitch needed to do a comic for her art class, and she asked me for a plot. Of course, I just hand her a few of my fanfics for her to use. XD Though, I wasn't allowed to give her slash. Her teacher used to do art for Batman comics covers, soooo he probably wouldn't appreciate Robin on Robin. XD

Aaaand, I'm still making sculpey stuff, so if anyone wants something (other than Lantern rings because the sizing kinda failed), I'm your girl. <3


Oct. 14th, 2009 10:05 pm
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Bek's internets are not accessible because her laptop died. If you have anything you need to say to her, I'll relay the message.

On another note, went costume hunting today. Got a few bits for a new costume for the con. Though, I didn't help the boys much with theirs. >>;; Oops. I did, however, find Teen Titans GO Robin costume for $5 which I'm going to alter for my little Robin. ^-^ Success.

EDIT: Oops, I accidentally comment locked this post too. I fail. >_<;; Comment all you like now. >>;;


Sep. 25th, 2009 12:24 am
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So, I texted Seth earlier about the daddy bullshit, and he called back. 12am. Which made mommy unhappy sleepy dragon. XD We talked for a while which was awesome. Mostly cosplay talk about Zenkaikon, Dissidia talk, and fixing our awesome under-appreciated Word List. XD

Though, mommy may kill him next time she sees him. XD That'll be detrimental for con going since he's our ride. >>;;
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Okay, so I'm going to see a Nobou Uematsu's Distance Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy concert (my first real concert! <3) in Baltimore tomorrow. I'm bringing my mom since no one is reliable, and she and I can have a day in Baltimore Inner Harbor before the concert. Now, I got an e-mail from the concert people:

"All patrons are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite character."

Duuuude, don't encourage my cosplay habit! >>;; I have plenty of Final Fantasy Costumes to choose from, even! FFIV's Rydia, FFVII's Zack, FFVI's Relm, FFVI's Kefka, and FFIX's Garnet. Relm's clothing is the most normal. >>;; Shouldn't so that. <<;; What if no one dresses up? >_<;;


Jun. 18th, 2009 10:45 pm
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It is FINISHED! The pic isn't all that big so no cut. Bitch at me if you want a cut.

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Ahahaha, last part of the Robin costume, the cape. It's trying to have a vampire collar. Then mommy made me think vampire!Robin! ...this would be funnier if Steph were still dead, lol. Vamp!Steph is going to go nom nom on Timmy! ...or better yet, Roy! XD Mmm, vampiiiiire~ Vamp!Steph should go for Roy. Timmy wouldn't be as yummy as Roy. XD

...plot bunnies! *dies* Also, any combination of the Robins I-IV and Roy makes immensely happy. *sighs* I'm pouncing a Roy tomorrow if I find one. >.>;; Also, M-chan, my art bitch is totally gonna be Supergirl tomorrow. XD Apparently, she needs to do some publicity with an author she's drawing for. Heee, she may draw comics at some point! *dances* I'm soooo proud of her! <3

I am SO manic right now. And my wig needs to dry faaaaster. *passes out*


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