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*scowling* I am not a fucking morning person. At all. But SOMEONE decided to call at three something AM. Four. Fucking. Times. Oh, but Gloria, aren't you awake then anyway?

No, not this time. I'm supposed to be up now to talk to some bitch about my health insurance and figure this shit out. So, I had only just gotten to sleep at two. Maybe.

Wanna know who had the gall to call four fucking times this morning? If you've been here enough, you have guess right! My dad. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate! Mom ended up disconnecting the phones, so we could sleep! *grumbles* And it's not even like the fucking pussy LEAVES A MESSAGE or you know, SAYS ANYTHING! >:O

I swear to fucking god if someone doesn't take that mans cell phone away, I am going to make sure it happens when I am in Italy. >:O

Also, I feel that my angry/hate icon and tag isn't enough for the rage I feel, but it'll have to suffice. Motherfucking sons of bitches. And now, I have to go be a fucking responsible adult. Fuck my life. And after this meeting thing, mama better bring me to McDonald's because I am getting a Young Justice toy to make up for this.


Feb. 13th, 2011 08:53 pm
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Anyone who bitches about American bureaucracy can just swap places with me. Fucking Italian Consulate wants SO much paperwork. I found my mom's, my dad's, and my birth certificates, but noooo, that's enough. They're the originals, even! Argh, I'm probably gonna need to get my mom to call my nonna to get her to get a better copy of the birth certificate AND my parents' marriage certificate.

Then I'll need to go through American bureaucracy to prove that my parents never gave up their Italian citizenship. What the fuck! Duh, of course my dad didn't, or he wouldn't be living in Italy for like 9 years, with his fucking Italian pension! *fumes*

I'm gonna call tomorrow to see if what I have would work because I'd rather not have to bother my nonna with this. Plus, it'll totally ruin the surprise of telling her in a letter that I'll be in Rome for the Fall semester. *huffs*

And my mom really needs to file our taxes, so I can finish FAFSA and stuff for going abroad. *grumbles*
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Snoooooooow. It's everywheeeeeeeeeere. The street is so whiiiiiite. This should constitute no school. ;-; Pleeeeeease send me a text message already, Temple, I do not want to make my way through the snow.

Also, my dad seems to be calling earlier lately. Fucker. Just because it's 2pm there and no one actually gives a fuck about him there either does not mean he has to wake me up earlier than I need to be awake. *scowls*

If I get a snow day, I'm gonna post a little rec list of Hetalia fic from the kink meme. *hugs it* Such shiny things.


Dec. 23rd, 2010 12:47 pm
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Ugh, I didn't get much sleep last night. Mom left at 5am, and since I was still awake, and I'm freaked about what's probably living in my room's mess, I went to her bed to sleep. ...a few things are shitty about that.

One, she sleeps in the bed, and half of it is covered in clothes and Christmas bag! Dude, I put a lot of shit on my bed, but it's all elsewhere when I go to sleep. I can stay on one side of the bed, but man, I much rather spread out when it's like a king/queen sized bed like mama's. Or mine, since there's lots of spread out room.

Two, she has two huge fucking windows that get ALL the sunlight EVER. Wasn't the biggest problem, but argh. And three, there's a phone in her room, and people CALL during the day. With my door shut in my room, I can't hear it, but when it's the room with me? Fuck. And I'm NOT going to check the phone because it was probably my dad, and my mood is sour as is.

A few other things: Gotta finish my JBBS by tonight (I may ask for an extension into tomorrow), my head was pounding when I woke up (slightly better now), and the hell, the back door was wide open this morning. The screen door was still locked, but fuck, that was cold and confusing since mama isn't home. What the hell was she up to this morning? She left the light in her sewing room too.


Nov. 10th, 2010 11:55 am
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I ate something substantial today. Yay me. Still feel blah instead of just full. Oh, and guess who's been calling the house a few times every morning? If you guessed an asshole, you would be correct. Oh daddy dearest, fuck off. I am not in the mood to deal with you.

And I skipped my first class. I'm a fucking failure like that. My second class has an online test, and I should ace. Oh, and there were people who wanted to take it with me at school? Oh well, I didn't go, and I don't care. Am I alienating the cute boy this way? Maybe. I'm just gonna say I was sick.

Or you know, sorry, I don't give a fuck about anything right now. Yay me. And I'm thinking about calling the doctor about how often I have stomach issues... I don't even know.
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So, got an e-mail about my academic progress and how to check it. The e-mail says a Y is BAD. I expected one Y by my History class. Oh, there was a Y, all right. It was next to Italian, which means Gloria nearly has a panic attack because that's not possible.

Sure, I missed a class and a few homework assignments, but I got a 90 on the last test! So, I freak out a little, then click the Y and find out if it's under the S column, it's okay and means your awesome. THE E-MAIL DID NOT SAY THIS; IT SAID Y'S WERE BAD!!! ;-;

I do not need this right now. I'm in such a mood right now. Like the kind of mood that would lend well to that fic I wrote where Jason killed Tim and Dick and almost decapitated Tim, so Jay could roll the head to Dick. So yeah. Tact, not here. Giving a fuck, not here. Sadism, totally here.

Also, my dad's been calling this week. I told him to fuck off on Monday morning because I was just ugh. I need this extra bit of not fun like I need a hole in the head. You'd think someone with HIV for the past ten years would drop dead already. Obviously not.
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Go, Italy, go! YOU CAN BEAT NEW ZEALAND! Okay, there's a Cannavaro commercial, and it is tasty. <3



EDIT 3: Halftime and the story? France being children. Yesterday, one of their strikers cursed out the coach, and the coach sent him home. Old news. New news? The team won't practice today. What. The. Hell. Are they stupid? You are at the fucking WORLD CUP. It only happens every FOUR years. Some of you may NEVER have this chance again. Stop being fucking CHILDREN. *shakes her head*

ALSO, I JUST NOTICED! With France falling apart at the seams, South Africa could make a comeback! They got royally screwed and need to beat France with like 3 or 4 goals in the net. With France not practicing and not getting along with the coach and missing a striker? This is great! :D I really want SA to get through. <3

EDIT 4: ended a tie, but if Italy loses or ties again next time, I think they're out. They WILL get pelted with rotten fruit and veggies when they get home. Why are ALL the GOOD teams sucking? England, Italy, France... Even Brazil had problems with North Korea! Spain lost to Switzerland! This is getting ridiculous! Germany did poorly after the first game, I hear, too. @_@

Also, Father's Day sucks. I hope my dad is having coronary over the Italy team doing so poorly. Hmph.

I have decide I want an AU with Jason Todd as a soccer player. Mmm, those thighs and he's tall. International players are mostly 6 foot at least at this point. Om nom nom. Maybe Dick can be one too, and Tim can be their fanboy. XD Delicious.


Jan. 22nd, 2010 09:29 am
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I love my mommy. My dad called an hour earlier than he usually has been this week, and mommy answered. She talked to him for like good ten minutes, I think. She totally bitched him out. XD I love mommy sooooo much.

She was all, 'stop calling, she doesn't want to talk to you' and he was all like, 'you turned her against me, blah blah blah.' I laugh forever at that, and mommy told me that he turned me against him when we visited 5 1/2 years ago, and he said shit behind mommy's back. Did he think I was stupid? XD

Then she went on saying if you have the money to call, you should have the money to send her. She totally used one of his things against him (he's a bit racist), and she said I take the bus and surrounded by black people (which probably made him twitch violently- oh wait, he already does that normal, my bad). And she said if she told the Italian government that he had a daughter, maybe he could send me money!

Lots more was said, and he listened, apparently. Mommy was liberated by this. She also said if he doesn't stop calling, we're changing the number. :D <3 She's my favorite forever and ever and ever.


Jan. 21st, 2010 10:03 am
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If the phone does not stop ringing this morning, I WILL rip the phone wire out of the wall. >:O Stop calling consistently at the same time for three days in a row, dad! I'm motherfucking sick of it. And doing it during my first week of going back to classes? Your timing is shit. Fucker. *in not a good mood at all*
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Ugh, stupid day that can only get worse, I'm sure. I see nothing good coming of anything today. So dad called again this morning. We're talking about just changing the number, which I REALLY don't wanna do because no one will ever call me again, and I'll never be able to get my new number to them because people are impossible to contact because the world hates me.

Then I go to my first class of the semester: Astronomy. It's going fine other than the annoying retarded kid (okay, mentally disabled, whatever; he's interfering with my learning, so I couldn't give a fuck) who can't take cues when he can and can't talk during a lecture. Then I get a text, and I'm all like maybe it's Bek since I texted earlier to ask how her day was going.

No, it was Dylan, my ex from nearly three years ago. Fucking wonderful. He asked if I still worked at Game Stop, which I don't. He works at one, so I ask him after I say no, why? And he says he was going to offer me some hours. Well, fuck, I don't work anymore so fuck you, I'd probably be covering YOUR shift, bastard. >>;; Okay, I didn't text that but grrrr. I told him I didn't want to talk anymore. HELL, Alex, one of my pretty good friends and his brother says he's not that good of a person! Ugh.

And I have a feeling Bek won't be able to come over tomorrow. Just call it a hunch. Pessimism is my friend, so fuck this, I'm taking a nap. Only good thing about my day was that Countdown Audiobook. Guh, Jason. ...guh, Mary Marvel? >.>;; mmm, Darksied, and I'm going to heeeeell.


Jan. 19th, 2010 10:52 am
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I was gonna bake Little Bears, but we only have wheat enriched flour. Ugh, wtf, mother. And I'm so outta sorts right now because my dad called yet again, but Bek hasn't answered (she's probably busy) and all my other friends just got back to school. *sigh* I'm calling my mother to bitch at her about the flour and see if the recipe will work with the shitty flour we have. D:


Jan. 7th, 2010 11:40 am
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My dad called again, waking me up AGAIN. I swear to fucking god, if this becomes a habit-! And I had weiiiiiird dreams when I back to sleep for an hour. Christ.

*...goes back to reading Jason/Tim bits of a reeeeeally good and long Te fic. >>;;*
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Bek's most likely not coming over. Got off the phone with her a while ago, and RIGHT after my useless fuck of father calls. I answer with "FUCK YOU." That made me happy then he called again, which just got him a nice long rant of curses and angry ranting. Happy Fucking New Year's, fucker. >:O

...yeah, it felt good. He even tried to respond after the second time, but I wasn't having it. He hasn't called back. It felt nice getting my anger out. Haha, the art bitch isn't going to find a nice message on her cell phone either. >>;; Uh, I gave a preamble of I'm in a bad mood, so disregard anything nasty I say. >>;; Yeah, I'm a bitch.

Also, my friends won't really appreciate a home cooked meal, so they can have fucking pizza because I could give less of a fuck if they eat. I doubt I'll want to eat anyway.


Dec. 20th, 2009 09:56 am
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I feel sick. I usually get sick at beginning of my period, and it's a lot of not fun. :( I'm mostly not in the bathroom now, but I can't get back to sleep, and I only slept maybe 5 or 6 hours. D:

EDIT: Haha, my Zio Andrea is here for a visit, and my dad called. My mom answered, and the coward actually talked. She lied and said I was asleep. Told him Merry Christmas rather sarcastically then said 'Hey, you want to talk to Andrea?' And dad, being a coward, hung up. Best thing ever.

...okay, not true. My mom talked to my nonna, my dad's mom, and she calls her sons 'fiori' or whatever the dialect equivalent of flowers is. My mom was confused and ask what? And nonna told her she means her sons. XD Oh nonna. All her 5 sons except my Zio Carmine in Switzerland have been separated/divorced from their wives and one won't leave the house like ever (he's being fed; why would he leave? XD). In conclusion, my nonna is HILARIOUS. :D
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Going to the comic book store today instead of studying for my final when the teacher GAVE US A COPY OF THE FINAL would be insanely stupid, so anyone who has a copy of Tiny Titans #23 and a scanner, I'd love you forever. Really. I'll write you fic. I'll get the art bitch to draw you something. Just please. ;-; I need my Jason Toddler.

EDIT: When I said someone love me, I didn't mean that my fucking father should leave a fucking message, for once NOT being a pussy. When is going to fucking get that I don't want to talk to him? >:O And he ALWAYS seems to call on days that I need to not be pissed off. Motherfucker. >:O I don't want to talk to him unless he's sending me LOTS of money for Christmas and still then I'll want him to rot. *stomps off to bathe*
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Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."

• I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity
• Update your journal with the answers to the questions
• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

No resisting! )


Nov. 6th, 2009 12:25 pm
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*hugs new icon* I really should make an icon post. I've been making a few icons. I made this one because a DDR icon is a must, and hey, it's an Arrow Clan icon now too! XD Because, omg, that icon right there? Those arrowa? That's not fucking possible. I think it's a stepmania thing, because gah, I'd die at the shear EVIL of that many arrows so close together.

Too many Arrows in one place always leads to badness. XD

EDIT: Okay, I'm bored, not with NaNo, but you know, in general. When I'm bored, there are more LJ posts of nothing of much import. If something doesn't amuse me on the interwebs soon, I may wander off again (or make excessive LJ posts). I hear the siren call of my PSP, perhaps my DS. Cloud demands to be a pretty princess (okay, no, he doesn't but he WILL, dammit), and Axel wants to tap some Roxas ass without an interfering, cock-blocking Xion. >.>;;

Ooh, phone call! Maybe it's Bek. *looks at caller ID* Nope, it's the jackass who just won't die. Dumb fuck. *sigh* Is it bad karma to wish your father dead? Probably. XD
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Apparently, you can't block cell phones on our phone plan. Motherfucker. >:O I say we either call the nuns that fucker lives with, and tell them to take away his goddamn cell phone. OR call one of my uncles, and tell him to strong arm the cell from the bastard.

I'd do it myself except for the fact he's an ocean and a sea away. >:O Annoying as fuck.

In other news, I shall be getting faster internet. And an Italian channel or two for the TV. Watch me rant about soccer forever. Guh, yesss. Ask Bek, I can rant for a while about Italian soccer. >.>;;


Oct. 14th, 2009 11:14 am
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He called again and left a message, waking me up this morning. >:O Mom hasn't gotten his number blocked yet. Wtf, mom. This is fucking annoying. And I have plans today, so if I'm a bitch today, it's his fault.

I have to deal with Seth's bff being a coward with a crush on me during this shopping trip. It's very annoying. I just wanna go costume shopping in peace (and when I say costume shopping, I mean finding pieces for the costume at a thrift store then turning them into my costume).

Ugh, bad start to today. And I have homework and driving to look forward to when I get home. Fucking wonderful.

EDIT: Now my fucking blow dryer stopped working. Fuck. At least I have Jason/Tim fic. Heee. Go read this series. Now. It's fucking wonderful. <3 *swoons*


Sep. 24th, 2009 12:05 pm
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No, seriously. My dad has no balls, so why is getting so ballsy to call 6 times a day and actually leave a message twice in the span of a few short months. He sounds very pathetic, asking me to please be home. Loser. And he always calls when I have no one to talk to. My friends keep normal school hours, and mom works school hours.

We should just block his number. Also, if he calls one more time today, I'm answering and cursing him the fuck off. >:O I shouldn't want to call my friends to calm me down after he's on the answering machine. Why can't he kick the bucket already and do that damned world a fucking favor?

EDIT: I told him to stop calling, that it was annoying, and that he's not my father anymore. He seems to think being my dad gives him the right to call. He lost that right a long time ago, thanks. I didn't get to tell him off for lying to his mother, my nonna, about me visiting. I mean, what the hell? With what money am I going to visit him? Also, why the fuck would I bother visiting him while in Italy? Just to sour my mood? No fucking thank you.


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