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Uhhh, I had this WEIRD dream this morning. Until just now, I think my brain was still thinking it was real. Oh man. Paranoia does not help.

So, apparently there's this lady on the phone with the mama. Some important thing having to do with school and my school money. And all you should have a JOB during the school year, and you're a TERRIBLE person because you DON'T. Pffft, and me being me took the phone and bitched out the lady about my five classes this semester, and fuck her, because I CAN'T get a job while in Rome since my Italian just isn't that fucking proficient, and REAL Italians would laugh at me.

...she had some snappy, bureaucratic comeback which forced me to hand the phone back to mama who is not a bitch like me. ...usually, anyways. Then I think I woke up, and I don't think this whatever the hell this was really left my mind. Noooow, I'm all paranoid. Lovely. *goes to crawl in a hole and finish her applications*

EDIT: YES! One of my teachers sent in the recommendation. Thank god. Now, just waiting on my last Italian teacher. *sigh of relief*


May. 10th, 2010 11:46 am
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Argh. Still hormonal and in a shitty mood from yesterday. My morning is pissing me off. My Wizard World tickets are a whore and charging a convenience fee which pretty much defeats the purpose of buying online. Fuckers.

And I had the weirdest dream last night. I was at the PM mall, and there was a second comic book store, so I went there to buy my Brave and the Bold box instead of Comics and More (because it wasn't open yet?). So I bought the box, got it for $9.97 (which is weird and was plus tax and why do I remember that bit?). I open it as I walk out pass the kiosks and such, I see the J'onn on his cookie throne 'clix. After that, it was Bats & GA, Booster/Beetle, Fire/Ice, and Bats & Cass (mind you, the last one doesn't exist).

Of course, this can't happen since there's not enough room in a box, but this didn't tip me off. So I go to Comics and More (which is weirdly downstairs and has a crowd waiting at the door to open). When we get in, Ryan's there to work (which is weird because he worked at PM and lost his job like me, but I saw him there Saturday, so that's probably why he cameo'd). Then I go to the back or something, and people are passing by.

People being Booster and Beetle! I show 'em my J'onn 'clix to remind them about the cookie incident, but they're not saying anything. D: They're not talking to each other, but Booster was gonna say something, but he stops himself and follows Beetle out. D:

Then Fire and Ice come in. I show them their 'clix, which is weirdly not like it should be because the 'clix has Fire in fiery form in translucent dark green and Ice's is all translucent dark blue, and they're facing each other like they're angry or wanna kiss on the 'clix. I show 'em the weird 'clix, they exchange looks, and they leave, to make out apparently.

Theeeeen I woke up and didn't get to see the girl kisses. D: Stupid dream that made me think I had the 'clix I wanted. *sob*

OH! And I have an Astronomy final today. Motherfucker. >:O


May. 4th, 2010 12:59 am
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Hahahaha, I only woke up 20 minutes ago? Essentially, in time for Craig Ferguson! >>;; And I had the weirdest Countdown dream. I dunno, it just ended with Jay having gotten attacked and his face was kinda burned. Kinda like Grant's? Well, Jason!muse did not approve of this and told me to wake the fuck up because he ended Countdown by slitting throats, not getting owies. >>;;

So yeah. I'm fucked up. @_@


Mar. 31st, 2010 10:09 am
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I hate mornings, with a burning passion. Ugh. And I downloaded a majority of Blackest Night last night. Holy fuck, I haven't read it, but seriously, it's over 70 comics long, and there's almost month of issues I'm missing! And it's not done yet! Wtf, DC? And Brightest Night is gonna be the same dealie. UGH.

And I have a headache with a side of homework. AND I had a dream about going to class without my homework. Fucking lovely, subconscious. When did YOU turn against me too? Argh. !%$#!
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Weird dreams this morning. There was definitely Roy and Lian in one part. Like, sorta the scene from Donna's wake? 'Cept they were visiting a big memorial for her. And there was a big picture of Donna. ...but there was a big picture of Lian next to it at some point. D: Dear dreams, don't let me dream such terrible things. ;-;

...okay, so I said if comics put Roy/Donna back together, I'd have to smack a bitch. Ummm, I think I may retract that statement because it'd probably be better than the bullshit DC's gonna pull soon. :/

Later in the dream, I was playing in a ping pong tournament in the game room, and I was winning. Which is weird since the ping pong tables are gone, and I have no hand-eye coordination to speak of. And the final bracket, I was up against Donna Troy? I dunno, that's when I woke up. Haha, I think I was smack talking her. >>;;
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I just had a weird dream during my nap... Craig Ferguson was in it. I'm pretty sure it went through a show, but I don't remember the first bit. Apparently, he made fun of Einstein during the monologue (which, hahaha, he did last night), then he more than one guest on at once.

One of the guests was Einstein, who was somehow still alive, but very old. The other guy had a name, but essentially was a heavy set Mexican with a mustache. So he was reading the e-mails and twitters with them, apologizing when one came up about being rude to Einstein.

Then they read another one that asked about Craig and something about boy make outs, so he and the Mexican decided to fake make out. 'Cept it turned into real make out, and they pulled away all going eww, turned away and spitting, then kinda like cartoon, looking at each other like it was a mirror and wiping off their tongues in sync, mirroring each other.

While this is happening Einstein is just reading the rest of the twitters and e-mails like nothing happen, and the Mexican has a cup of ramen he spilled, and he picks up the noodles from his leg saying they're still good even though something about his mouth not being because of the kiss.

Then my brain said all this was illogical or something and woke me up. None of it earlier was illogical, brain? >>;;

Also, I filled out a survey at school to get a pretzel because I'm poor and didn't eat yet, and the survey was summer jobs! Apparently, I got an interview for Monday...? Entry level, $17 (per hour?)...? Ummm, I have no idea what they do there. I just have dress business appropriate. I think I can do that. ...maybe? Uhhh... Yes, I totally can. Yup. ...>>;;


Jan. 7th, 2010 11:40 am
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My dad called again, waking me up AGAIN. I swear to fucking god, if this becomes a habit-! And I had weiiiiiird dreams when I back to sleep for an hour. Christ.

*...goes back to reading Jason/Tim bits of a reeeeeally good and long Te fic. >>;;*


Nov. 28th, 2009 08:38 am
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...I dreamed of alphabetizing shelves. ;-; Now I dun wanna go to work to do that for 8 more hours. I wanna sleep. I went to bed at 2am, even though I knew I had to go to bed earlier. I just wasn't tired. My body doesn't understand going to bed before two. ;-;

...also, gotta remember to ask for what my hours are this week with all the chaos. @_@
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Hey, you, Damian. Yeah you. You are not invited in my head when I dream in fanfic. No, I don't care that Dick was with you. Leave. Now. ...though I am rather amused at how pissed Dick was that you had locked yourself in HIS room and was rifling through his stuff.

...I blame reading Blackest Night: Batman last night for that dream. I think Damian was trying to find out more about Dick after- Well, that would be spoilers, now wouldn't it? Also, why couldn't my dream be about the phone call at end of the comic. :/

Damn you, DC. Stop trying to endear me to Damian! Do. Not. Want! >_<;; Also, can I say how glad I am that you don't 'love' Jason (or Steph since her dad's dead too) to bring back his parents? Because oh my god, the mommy issues he must have that he hasn't dealt with! They have to be WORSE than the daddy issues he has with BRUCE! ...god, that's pretty terrible.

And another thing, Jason!muse when the HELL did you get monogamous on me!? You are not making Timmy into the only character you wanna sex up! Look, Dickie will get jealous! Everyone will get jealous! ...okay, maybe not everyone, but if I write just you and Tim, you'll NEVER beat Tim's character tag on this LJ, and that's just sacrilege!

...and now, I should attempt to clean my room. Again. *sigh*
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Okay, I forgot to post this yesterday, but two nights ago, I dreamed in fanfic again. XD This time, it was Roy/Tim. I don't remember the dream (bummer), but I do remember it was Roy/Tim, and I'm pretty sure I woke up because Jason!muse was whining that he didn't get to play in the fic.
XD Oh Jason. *pets him*

I'm gonna go bathe, get dressed, and hop on the SEPTA to go visit Kimi-chan at work. I'm gonna get sandals out of this! <3 ...hmm, maybe I should put a bit more money on my debit. :/

On another random note, I need to not give up on fic so easily. Or rather, my MUSES need to not give up on fic so easily. Also, I need to write more Jason fic WITHOUT Tim in it. At least 11 fics with Jason sans Timmy. ...Jason may sulk about this, but then he'll have the top character tag in my tagging system, and we all know he wants to top Tim do that. XD

One more thing! I need to make more icons, so I can has more shinys. I need an icon for each of my fandoms, at least... A Spike icon, FFVII, Marvel icons that have nothing to do with Bucky (le gasp!), maybe some Death Note, definitely some Young Justice icons, and more crack icons. XD And for something completely different, MOAR JASON ICONS! ^-^;;

Also, I woke up with Broken Promises For Broken Hearts by She Wants Revenge stuck in my head. o_o;; Angry dreams, mayhaps? Sheeeesh.


Jun. 29th, 2009 08:44 pm
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Mmm, I love when my dreams are yummy. XD End of my dream was kinda going through my fanfic files, looking for some angry Jason/Tim hatesex to write or something, but instead it turned into Timmy giving Roy a blow job. Mmm, it was lovely, 'cept now Jason!muse is bitching that should have been HIS blow job, and Steph!muse is bitching because that was HER Roy. ...Roy's just not happy because the dream ended before he could cum. XD Oh, silly muses. Timmy is just getting all toppy like for July~ >>;;
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Yes, even more than Jason's at the time he said that quote in my icon. >>;; Okay, maybe not quite that crazy but STILL. I had two dreams last night/this morning since I woke up then went back to sleep this morning.

Okay, first dream concerns fanfic and fandom. Clearly, Roy Harper being in my dreams means I should keep writing that fic I was writing, so he gets laid. *grins* Steph!muse like this plan and most likely gave me the dream. I vaguely remember it, but there was definitely Roy and a little bit of Dinah. :D

Well, that dream had been nice. Now, onto the I'm fucked up in the head and should NOT watch soaps before bed part. So, daddy's in the house, which is silly because you know, DEPORTED. He's definitely like has all his issues, the looking terrible and having dementia and such, but I'm tolerating, mainly because I want him out of the fucking house.

Then this the party where I don't get to watch General Hospital late at night anymore. So, since Jason Morgan almost got shot by a sniper in the show, I guess that translated into the dream. So there's totally that little red light that shows a sniper's gonna snipe you. So, since I'm not going to just let anyone just die in front of me, yes, even my bastard of a father, I knock him down.

After that, we ran around the house to get away from the sniper, which was really weird because the sniper had weird angles since there were no windows from that angle. Very confusing. Then I was asked the jackass why there would be a sniper after him. He doesn't tell me. :/ Then I leave him alone, because well, I don't like spending time with him.

Back of my dream mind tells me he hired the sniper for attention. *rolls eyes* I call 911 (which is busy, wtf, emergency line!) about the sniper, but it takes forever to reach anyone.
Well, daddy gets sniped in my mom's bedroom, which mom tells me while I'm on the phone. For some damned reason, I'm on the porch doing this (well, that was stupid), and I see the red light thing.

Great, snipe at Gloria time. Just lovely. I get the person on the phone, tell her my address and explain the sniper situation, but I don't think she really believed me. That ended up with phone tossed in the street when I duck sniper shooting. *sigh* Ridiculous dream was ridiculous. Sniper fire still made no sense because the angles just weren't possible. There are quite a few place in the house with out windows that would be safe from that but wasn't. Silly dream.

So then the sniper fire stops, so I go to check on dad. Mommy says he's weak. I get there, he seems fine, which makes me roll my eyes, because that jerk is ALWAYS fine. Then the dream ends. Thank you fucking Christ. Sheesh.

No more soaps at night. Lots more ficcing, so I get more Roy Harper in my dreams, yes? XD
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Whooooa, too much Deadpool/Cable fanfic before bed. @_@ I dreamt I was Deadpool. Yup, dream was fucked up. Then Deadpool wasn't Wade anymore, but Tiberius Stone. I know, right? Wtf. I only know about the guy because of some Steve/Tony fic. So Stone is living Deadpool mercenary life all peaceful, talking to Domino about assignments. I dunno, wtf.

Later, Tony shows up in the dream. This is all post-Civil War, and I guess he's on the run from the law, and this is like yeeeeears later, 'cause Tony's still has his goatee black, but he gots no hair! >>;; In his Iron Man suit, even. Sooooo confused.

I think Cap!Bucky was around for a minute to tell Tony he was an idiot to face Stone alone. Then we have Tony and Stone talking, when Steve shows up. And I'm all thinking as I dream, you're dead! Which wakes me up, and I don't get to see a Tony-Steve reunion OR find out where the fuck Wade went. I'll just pretend he went to find Cable. >>;;

And this is why late night fanfiction reading is a baaaaad idea. *flops*


Jun. 10th, 2009 01:29 pm
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I think I dreamt I wrote Marvel fic, so I could post at my own community. -.-; Yes, I know that means write for Marvel already, shut up. >>;; I wish I remember what I 'wrote' because that would make this SO much easier. >>;;
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Okay, so caught the tail-end of my dream. So on drugs. So many fandoms. Starts with being Sora with Donald and Goofy in KHII in like a cutscene. They're not actually anywhere that's in the game, but it feels like they're heading the Hollow Bastion. They run into DiZ and maybe Namine? I dunno it's vague and weird.

Something switches somewhere and Namine asking for something from someone in the kitchen. Someone hands her something from the fridge (eggs?), but it's actually Jason Todd (with a sorta goatee things and it looks adorable)! It felt like he belonged in KHII. >>;; Also, I think he was in Rachel Ray's kitchen, for some cracktastic reason. He goes back into the shadows when one of Org. XIII starts poking around. I think it's Xigbar.

It felt like this was in Hollow Bastion, but the place looked more like Hollow Bastion in KH:Re:CoM. So like in Castle Oblivion. @_@ Then I woke up. Crossover of gah.

I can explain most of it. I was talking to people who RP comics and KH. I can explain Jason's goatee because I was reading Tony Stark fic before I took my nap. Also, I had been watching Food Network (albeit not Rachel, but whatever). And when my brain was still foggy, it tried to pair Alton Brown/Steve Rogers. What the fuck, brain. I hate one of these people, and we know it's not Steve! @_@

...I think that was enough crack for one night, don't you?
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More funky dreams. I blame that three hour phone convo with Kimi-chan then the hour and half with Heather B. and M-chan. @_@;; I love the phone.

So I dunno. I think we're going climbing in my backyard, which works with the hill, but there's a bunch of shit that isn't actually there IRL. Like a stream (that's under ground in a piping system now) and some really cool bridges that connects to my neighbors yard. Me and Kimi-chan were exploring, then her school trip took her way 'cause they were there and looking for her. I think Heather B and M-chan were there to on the school trip, but that's weird because their all in college no and none of them ever went to the same school.

Switch of scenery. At the front of a mall, one I've never really seen before. I dunno, I had pissed someone off by hosing them down earlier for some reason, so the came after me with a hose. I got soaked as I ran to get inside. I was pissed, so I decided just to go to the comic book store and see how pissed my ex-work would be about me flipping through comics when I'm soaked. Then some guy is trying to talk to me, gives me fake flowers, but then I blow him off because I remember I left my purse outside. Purse paranoia. Then I wake before I figure out if I got my purse back. Lovely. >>;;

So, yeah weird. In other weird news, I got a hair cut. Pretty short for me, since I despise short hair with a passion. I guess it's a bit longer than Bucky's Winter Soldier hair when he let it grow. ...I am NOT thinking of cosplaying Winter Soldier. Shut up. *plans to be Steph!Robin and Red Hood, damn you, shut up, doesn't need another cosplay, okay, kinda does, but shhhh*
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Okay, this dream was little all over the place. I think there was some real life/DC/slight tiny Marvel crossover going on. (A reason to to not read comic books until 5:30 on the morning. >>;; ) There was definitely me locking myself in my room to avoid family because they don't understand me, which means I still have lingering anger for them being assholes when they haven't been. Joy, bitterness without a real reason.

I was me for most of this dream, but at some point, POVs switched, and I saw Jaime Reyes. Wtf? He got brought to the hospital because of a fight (war or something), but he/I said he/I was fine. He/I locked him/myself in my room, but eventually went to get a physical, and lookie, nothing was wrong except for a slight fever (that was probably from the stress of the family anyway).

Then yelling match with my family. Yelling only happened because they wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise (which I hate when people won't listen to me). Me throat as of right now, not in the dream, feels like I dry like I have been yelling. >>;;

After that, family leaves, and I get approached by Alex Wilder (evil traitor boy from Runaways). Then I wake up because I didn't want to deal with him because he was evil and trying to me/Jaime into something evil. The end.

...maybe I'll lay off the ice pops and comics before bed. @_@
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No, I'm not going to breakout into song, but it's true! On day more, and we find out what happens to Timmy and Jason. :'( I'm not going to like it. Bastards. >>;; After this, I probably won't buy another DC comic out of spite. Downloading is good for the bitter soul. >>;;

In other news, I finished my Robins claim set over at [ profile] dcu_freeforall! That's the first claim set I've EVER finished. >>;; I'm so horrible. >_<;;

No Jason prompts at my Mood Meme. >>;; Though, I dreamed that someone left one for Dick/Pre-Crisis Jason: curious. I even had an LJ name to go with it, but my brain has blurred that away. @_@ Ah well, I was hoping it was premonition. >>;; *wanders back to [ profile] comment_fic to try write more ficlets*


May. 2nd, 2009 05:26 pm
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Just woke up from my nap. Vague dream about sitting around a poker table (it had corners like a dining room table; bah, poker tables don't have corners). So this guy sits at a corner, and then I tell him after a he flirts with the pretty blond chick (not very well, I may add) that people who sit at corners of tables never get married. (It's some Italian saying mommy tells me whenever she sees someone sitting at a corner instead of a good part of the table.)

His response was that he was gay, which I then squealed and said I knew it because well he had one of those obviously gay voices (and he wasn't flirting with pretty chick worth shit). I woke up, but that made me kinda sad. Because he was gay, he didn't think he'd get married. Booo, gay marriage laws in most states, boooo!

Then I remembered that NJ is gonna may have gay marriage laws instated soon, which is cool. (Too bad it'll be years for PA, stupid state I live in!) Mainly was thinking about NJ because it's right next door, and I want it to pass there, so I can have my batboys gay marry in fics. >>;; Too bad those plans wouldn't works since they're pretty much all legally brothers. @_@ Steph and Cass can get married though! >>;; My brain works funny, shhh.


Mar. 6th, 2009 10:10 am
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Can I stop dreaming about hanging out with friends? It's not fun. Two dreams (I'd say last night, but it was really all this morning). First one had Gwen and Julia. Vaguely remember them being buddy-buddy, so I was left out. Whatever. Then I got to hang out with M-chan. <3 But something happened there that I can't quite remember. (I started typing this before class then forgot to finish, oops...)

Then the second dream was comic related. I have no recollection of that at this point. @_@

Side note: The Wayback Machine is my new best friend, and may be a staple in my Jason Todd manifesto, at least for the fanfiction part. Also, I've decided Jason!muse deserves his own tag. >>;; Since I rant about Jason so much. <<;;


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