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The second Dissidia game came in the mail today. I am made of fangirly joy. And I think Kefka just mentioned Kuja in a rant, calling him a spoony bard. I LOVE THAT PHRASE! >>;; *is shot* Also, I shall be referring to Kuja as Kujie-coo from now on! Thank you, Kefka~!

Gwahahahahaha- *ahem*

Yes. And umm, Lightning is really damned hot. Laguna is fucking adorable. And Tifa's endowments are endowed. XD Caaaaaan't wait to fight as Tifa and have more joygasms, fangasms, and well, all kind of -gasms!

As I fangirl, I am typing from my laptop. Things look okay. Got personalize everything again, but system restore had given me a small free trial of Norton, and they say all my back up files are clean. Finding the files where all my bookmarks are is going to be fun. Ahhh, I'm so useless without LJlogin. I'm looking, and it's not there! I'm so sadface. >>;;

But back to gaming! ...for tomorrow shall be homeworking times. D:
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One: You can find posts in communities by a certain poster by just adding "?poster=INSERTLJNAMEHERE"! OMG, [ profile] dizmo, why did you not tell us all SOONER!? <3

e.g. Okay, let's go with [ profile] comment_fic. If I wanted to find the days I posted there, I would just type this hyperlink: (Easy, no? XD)

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Guess who got something like 3 hours of sleep last night? I'll give you a hint. It happened because she stayed up to write Hetalia fic that involved soccer. (Why did I look up all that stuff about Diego Maradona? Ohgodwhy.) ...fuck. While I wrote the fic I kept telling myself, omfg, GO TO SLEEP! YOU HAVE TO TAKE A BATH AND GO TO CLASSES TOMORROW, GODFUCKINGDAMMIT!

In other news, wheeeeee, I downloaded Umberto Tozzi music. His song Gloria is pretty much what I was named after. Duuuuude, I totally misheard the line "scappa senza far rumore" as "scappa senza far l'amore." Yeeeeeeah, two totally different meanings, man. One is "run away without a sound" while the other is "run away without making love." my defense, the next line has 'letto' (word for bed) in it! What else was I supposed to think? >>;;

Also 'Tu' and 'Ti Amo' give me fangirly squee-ness. Oh, old Italian music. Also, I need to break some brains so... Fun, with 1979! Warnings for when disco-esque outfits were in style...? Side Note: Don't tell me Dick Grayson wouldn't steal this guy's outfit. XD


Jan. 21st, 2011 09:47 am
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I have absolutely no self-control, whatsoever it seems. I should do my little Italian paper.

...dammit, I found a kink meme. The Hetalia kink meme seems as though it might be as epic as the PW one. Ohgod, that one is still going, I bet. @_@

...again, no self-control. Heee, Spain/Romano is so cute and so is every pairing ever, eee! Gah, I'm falling back into old patterns of fangirly anime fan. HELP ME!
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Tah-dah! Look at the pretties I got from a gift exchange on Friday! Aren't they pretty and awesome? :D? <3 The art is by [ profile] xsolarflarex. Tell him he's awesome on the post. <3
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Winick: And I can't talk too much about it, but I've been getting a tremendous amount of email about Red Hood, after the mini-series finished up. People want to know if we're going to do more.

Yes, we're going to do more Jason Todd/Red Hood. And yes, I'll be writing it. I can't tell you in what manner. Or what we're doing exactly, but we'll be announcing it soon. There will be some Jason Todd stuff coming out.

THERE IS A GOD! Here's the concrete proof, at the end of the interview. SQUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

EDIT: There's also a petition here for an ongoing. <3
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What the hell? Philly's ahead? Fuck yeah! If USA gets the 2022 World Cup, I'd be so fucking ecstatic if a game came to Philly. Do this for me, people! (And if you must vote for someone else, Boston or NYC is workable. >>;; What do you mean I know people in both places? Hush you.)
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One, Batman Beyond on TV. Squee-worthy, yes? God, so much snark. I forgot how Jason-esque Terry is. And oh Bruce. Heee. <3

TWO, [ profile] ms_duck has returned, and as usual, she has returned with Fic Meme! She will write you fic if you pick some random numbers. XD It's always so lovely. <3

NOW, I must run and go see Macbeth. ...and try not and kill my mom because I can't even count how many times she's bitched about me going into Philly at night. I'm not going alone, goddammit! Argh. This is going to happen for every play, ain't it? *sigh* IT'S FOR SCHOOL, DAMMIT! *huff*

That is all.
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I forgot to post these! I am ashamed. Here, have cuteness. The Stephs are by Franco, and the Jasons and Tim are by Art Baltazar. <3

Cut for EXTREME cuteness, and the last pic is a spoiler for Tiny Titans #33, <3 )
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Short Story of the Event of Friday:

Didio brought up Green Arrow. Me and some people brought up Lian Harper. He said "Oh, you mean the dead kid." I stood up, saying I was dressed up as her.

Yadda, yadda, he invites me on stage. Beginning of his downfall. Yadda, yadda. I am given a microphone. Unfortunately, the GA stuff has passed, so I pick my battles. Well, hello there Batman mention. B&R, you say? Well, time to ask what drugs Morrison is on! Then continue my opinions on him. I do say he writes well, because he does, but it's not a story that fits with anything else.

As I've been saying: Morrison doesn't play in other people's sandboxes very well. He'd be great in his own, but no one can follow him up well or precede him. It just doesn't work.

Then Dick was brought up (Didio wore a Nightwing shirt, pffft), and I was asked if I preferred him as Bats or Nightwing. I said I don't mind him as Bats as long as he's characterized, unlike when Tony Daniel was writing him. He was just Batman, no Dick Grayson characterization to be seen.

And soon after my microphone was taken away, and Bob Wayne haaaaaaates me. ...and Didio probably liked me too much. D:

There's more, but that's the synopsis of my awesome. There a few more bits and pieces I can bring up later. <3 There, I'm no longer a tease, right?


Sep. 27th, 2010 09:13 am
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Damn you, Batman: the Brave and the Bold, and your super catchy music numbers! >>;; This will NEVER get out of my head... And I may write fic, just with the lyrics. Embarrassing all the DC men in bed? Why yes, yes I will. XD

Oh Damn

Sep. 25th, 2010 08:22 am
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So, going to NYCC in a few weeks. Flat broke at this point, so Bek offered to buy me a commission there for Christmas. Best Person Ever. <3 So I looked up the people going there, and someone will have to keep me from smack JT Krul or banging Tony Daniel's head against a wall until he goes back to just drawing and my list of artists I'd want commissions from has been narrowed down to three.

Amanda Conner, Adam Hughes, and Francis Manapul. If these names mean nothing to you, Conner did Power Girl #1-12, Hughes drew a a lot of Catwoman covers and the that women in DC thing (many of the ladies in white dresses with Selina in the black one), and Manapul did the first few Red Robin covers and the first handful of Adventure Comics.

See my dilemma? Guh, I don't even. I'd ask Manapul for Jason. The other two would probably be Steph, though a Conner drawn Jason could be adorable. XD

EDIT: Also, I did not know Geoff Johns was kinda cute. He surprised me just like Judd Winick did. Hell, I need my brain to stop thinking all the guys behind comics look like a cross between Dan Didio and Alan Moore. >>;;


Sep. 22nd, 2010 09:16 pm
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I just talked to Art Bitch for over two hours today. Man, I needed that. I bitched about my drama. She bitched about hers. We talked about our sex lives. Well, my lack of a sex life, and how I wish to be living vicariously through her.

We talked of KH:BbS, which is glorious. She's played the main KH games, so it was soooo nice to talk IRL with someone who knew what the fuck I was talking about, even if she wasn't playing the particular game.

Oh! I got an e-mail! My net book is on it's way! :D 5-7 days, so that means Monday-Wednesday of next week. I hope earlier? Usually I've had packages be earlier, and this got sent earlier than it should of. Okay, I'm being optimistic. WAIT, OPTIMISM!? I STILL CAN HAVE THAT KIND OF THING? I AM AMAZED! :D

So yeah. Good mood, for now.


Sep. 8th, 2010 03:02 am
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*squeeing* It took almost 9 1/2 hours, but I got me some Zack! Heeee! And Aqua is soooo awesome. I played her part first because girls are awesome. Well, not much kickass in the KH series, but she is the kickass girl! <3 Zaaaaaaaack.

...and I may have forgotten to eat dinner while I was playing. *ahem* Oops?

EDIT: EEE! Zack's theme in KH style AND hitting on Aqua. I'm shipping Aqua/Zack now like whoa. Heeee.


Jul. 6th, 2010 02:20 pm
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Dear Netherlands Fans in South Africa,

I love you.


P.S. Why? That picture of Luis Suarez with devil horns that says 'hand of the DEVIL.' :D *loves on*

Also, if anyone can get that picture for me, you'll be my hero forever and ever and ever. >:D

EDIT: Like this picture! But better quality. XD

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My Timmy and Arsenal came in the mail, [ profile] saphire_dance~! Timmy's so short! He's a-gonna get mocked by Jason! Heeeee. *goes to make them all do lewd, fun things and take pictures*

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Holy fuck, Batman! I didn't watch it (gonna watch it now), but Germany like RAPED Australia. When I say raped, I mean RAPED. The game ended 4-0. I'm so glad Italy isn't in that Group. Hell, if USA had been in Australia's place? That rape probably would have been WORSE.

...then again, USA seems to get these lucky goals from when the other team fucks up. Last World Cup, Italy scored on themselves versus USA (Italy still won, duh), and England vs USA this year, the goalie fucked up badly. Actually, haven't seen it, but hell, I posted the lego version of it yesterday. I think that's all that's needed. XD Mom said that's exactly what it looked like when I let her watch it.

Also, daaaaaaamn, Spain. You lost to Switzerland! You were a favorite! Man, the Swiss goalie? Fucking ace, man. He was amazing. And Spain? They had a goal, but it bounced out and never hit the back of the net. Ow. That was some kind of ow. And the goal Switzerland made was fucking amazing.

And South Africa's playing again at 2pm. Gonna watch it then probably make a recap. Are you getting sick of my soccer obsessing yet? XD
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They are here. I am lazy, and apparently I only took 65 pictures. Silly con with less comic cosplayers than Otakon, the anime convention. *shakes head* (There are many interesting pics, but goddammit, why didn't anyone fix my wig BEFORE the pics? *sob*)

Also, at least three people asked if Bek was Lady Gaga. Man did she wish she could Canary Cry their eardrums to hell.

And I met James Marsters and went to his Q&A. He is one charismatic man. Dude, it got Bek to let me get her into Buffy. I succeeded, by the way. Totally got her into Phoenix Wright as well. Next time we have a long transportation trip, I think there shall be more playing. XD She hasn't even met Edgeworth yet, and this must be remedied! XD

There was more con stuff, but my brain is all meh right now. Seriously. OH! I got a GIANT Robin!Jason poster from Artist Alley because Bek is the most awesomest friend everer. <3 She got a poster of Cap and Bucky since the Robin!Jason was the last one, and even though she wanted one, we knew where THAT one was going. XD

Aaaaaaand, I got three trades for 5 bucks. Trades I got were as follows: Batman: The Bat and the Cat (Fabian Nicieza AND Kevin Maguire, you know, with that naked orgy two page thing), Tiny Titans: Adventures in Awesomeness, AND Batman: Under the Hood Vol. 2. I failed to find A Death in the Family and Under the Hood Vol. 1, but I'll get 'em eventually.

In other shopping news, I got a Roy for my Hush!Jason and Dickie figures. There were no Timmys I could find for him. Jay likes his threesome just fine at the moment, though. XD

Hot damn

Jun. 11th, 2010 01:33 am
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I finished the Full Metal Alchemist manga. Man. That was something. For a bit I was gonna be like, 'world, if you don't stop fucking over the Roys I love, I'm gonna kick your ass.' Luckily, this Roy gets pretty much a good ending. *waits for some love for Roy Harper but doesn't hold her breath*

Liiiiing. Eddddd. Alllll. Meeeeeei. Roooooy. Scaaaaaaaaar. :D Also, Greed. <3

Also, World Cup tomorrow morning, bitches! I'm gonna watch South Africa vs. Mexico. Tomorrow will be England vs. USA. Let's see if US can even get outta the block this time. I rather doubt it, but hey, they're not matched up with Italy this time! XD
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So, I have my period, and as usual, first day I start bleeding, I get sick. Blah. Playing Dissidia helps? Firion, Tidus, please be making out now.

...also, my mind is still blown that Ollie from Batman: the Brave and the Bold has the same VA as Tidus. XD I'll start making comparisons, you know? XD Oh, and Ollie, if you ever say 'this is my story,' I may have to beam you with a blitzball.

...JASON DAY TOMORROW! :D Maybe I'll have pics of me in my Talia costume. XD Lol, I should take a picture with the huge Batman statue at the store... >>;; The one that has a huge sign that say DO NOT TOUCH...right in front of Batman's crouch. XD Talia would ignore that sign thoroughly. >>;;

I started some Steph fic last night. Stephanie Brown, the first Teen Titan. Oh how she wants to smack Wally already. XD And poor Garth is just getting overshadowed by two pretty much A type personalities. XD


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