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Gah. I'm so freaked. What's professional attire? I bet I can't wear my Red Hood or Spoiler earrings. ;-; I-I have to be there 15 minutes early, the ride will be at least 40 minutes if we don't get lost, and the interview says to leave 90 minutes in your schedule for the interview!

*flails madly* And I had to take a bath in the dark because the light bulb in the bathroom went out, and I have no fucking clue where to find the light bulbs without breaking my neck (probably) let alone putting the light bulb in without breaking my neck. A broken neck would not lead to a good interview.

And and I have no idea what to wear or to eat so my stomach isn't angry and and and-! ;-; And Ides of MARCH. Nothing good can come of that. And I just wanna curl up with some Steph/Tim fic and the comics and tell the world to go awaaaay. I'm on Spring Break! I don't need this.

...and art bitch better fucking contact me or I'm going wring her little neck. ;-; She's been out of contact with me AND Heather, so who the hell does she talk to that's not at college with her!? I don't trust her judgment with boys. Nothing good could have happened without me to consult her on her social escapades! Argh. ;-;

...also, wtf, I have done anything remotely Jason related lately. Like at all. I must be ill. I've only been RPing Steph het lately. Obviously, I've been replaced by a pod person. ;-;
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Ugh, stupid day that can only get worse, I'm sure. I see nothing good coming of anything today. So dad called again this morning. We're talking about just changing the number, which I REALLY don't wanna do because no one will ever call me again, and I'll never be able to get my new number to them because people are impossible to contact because the world hates me.

Then I go to my first class of the semester: Astronomy. It's going fine other than the annoying retarded kid (okay, mentally disabled, whatever; he's interfering with my learning, so I couldn't give a fuck) who can't take cues when he can and can't talk during a lecture. Then I get a text, and I'm all like maybe it's Bek since I texted earlier to ask how her day was going.

No, it was Dylan, my ex from nearly three years ago. Fucking wonderful. He asked if I still worked at Game Stop, which I don't. He works at one, so I ask him after I say no, why? And he says he was going to offer me some hours. Well, fuck, I don't work anymore so fuck you, I'd probably be covering YOUR shift, bastard. >>;; Okay, I didn't text that but grrrr. I told him I didn't want to talk anymore. HELL, Alex, one of my pretty good friends and his brother says he's not that good of a person! Ugh.

And I have a feeling Bek won't be able to come over tomorrow. Just call it a hunch. Pessimism is my friend, so fuck this, I'm taking a nap. Only good thing about my day was that Countdown Audiobook. Guh, Jason. ...guh, Mary Marvel? >.>;; mmm, Darksied, and I'm going to heeeeell.


Jan. 8th, 2010 03:17 pm
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Yup, jobless yet again. I figured. They're not keeping any of the seasonal workers because of cut backs, soooo yeah. At least I'm free for this weekend. I'm having a fucking sleepover party and if snow or anything tries to stop me, they will be sorry. >:O


Jan. 2nd, 2010 07:13 pm
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So, I didn't really drink anything until just now, aaaaaand I barely ate today. >>;; Oops? And apparently I was supposed to work today. No one fucking told me when I called. Argh, but I couldn't go in since I didn't nourish myself today, so I probably would have passed out even though it would have been a four hour shift. >>;;

Yeah, fuck my life. Stupid fucking New Year sucks. Guess what hasn't changed? No one answers their phones, you say? Ding ding ding! And mommy was out all day today, and she was surprised I didn't call with all the whining I did about wanting to make dolls last night. -.-;; I fail, spectacularly, really.

*goes to curl up while mommy makes her soup since mommy doesn't trust her to eat on her own, >>;;*
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Okay, so I almost had work Friday. Then I was all nope, can't. Luckily, someone needed me to cover, otherwise I'd have no hours this week. So, I work today 2pm-6pm. ...also, I only have three days to clean my room. >>;; This is not good. :/ Ah well. *wander off*


Dec. 26th, 2009 02:12 pm
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I have works in a few hours. Hoping they didn't put me for New Year's Eve or New Year's Day because I'll have to tell them no. Let's hope they didn't? >_<;; ...and I'll go eat now, I swear. >>;;


Dec. 19th, 2009 04:19 pm
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I live on a pretty big road in my town/city, but it's really a mess now. Mommy is not driving in that, let alone how the rest of Norristown must be looking like, even if 202 is probably fine. Sooo, called work and told them I couldn't come in. I couldn't gauge if what Dan thought of this, but really, I don't wanna die to go to work where they probably really won't need me. *shrugs*


Dec. 19th, 2009 01:01 am
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I just got home ten minutes ago from work. >>;; Oh god. I missed some of Craig because I was late. Damn. Oh please let the snow make no work tomorrow. >>;; XD


Dec. 8th, 2009 05:49 pm
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I was made of fail today. I woke up early to get to work at 12pm, only to find 2 1/2 hours into working, that I was scheduled 6pm-10pm. Fuck. They sent me home, and asked me to come back at 8pm-10pm. I dun wanna. >_<;; I'm gonna, but damn, that was fucking embarrassing. ;-;


Dec. 6th, 2009 12:33 pm
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Boss called this morning around 11ish, effectively waking me up to ask if I wanted to work today. Well, fuck, I hadn't bathed yet, so I was disgusting from yesterday and he wanted me there at 12pm. Like that was happening, so I told him I needed to bath and I'd be there at 1pm. Fuuuuck. Still not really enough time for my bathing habits, drying my hair, and eating since I don't get a lunch break during a 4 hour shift. I'm typing this as force down some Lucky Charms and my mom dries my hair. @_@

You all love me, so leave me some lovely fic on the Blanket Fic Meme, okay? Even if LJ notifs won't tell me about it; I will lurk/check. XD *runs off*

...cop out

Dec. 1st, 2009 01:17 am
shinyglorchan: (Aquaman!Craig) make me sad, Craig Ferguson. You have an actor from a Twilight movie on your show. You detest Twilight. I think someone has sold out. I am sadface now. :(

*sniff* I'm gonna go back to making icons of my art bitch's porn. *wanders off*

Aaaaand, my one shift for the week got taken away from me for tomorrow. Ah well. I'll attempt chicken pot pie.

...also, perhaps I shall make icons of REAL vampires, like Spike. *grumbles*

Oh, and school sucked today. Boy are motherfucking retards, and I had a bit of misanthropy. Of course, there's a list of people who I don't have disdain for, but this list seems rather small this week. Even Craig kinda made the list. :( And you made me smile so.

EDIT: *has the hiccups for the THIRD TIME TONIGHT!!!* >:O


Nov. 27th, 2009 11:56 pm
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I'm not dead! I survived my first 8 hour, Black Friday shift! Yay me! *passes out*


Nov. 25th, 2009 12:21 pm
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Okay, I woke up earlier, and mommy was here. Now where the hell did she go? I need a tape for the soaps. ;-;

Also, my stomach is in rebellion. Fucking stomach. I have work tonight. :( Though, I did find that paper that tells me all the prices of all the game systems. Fucking game systems, why can't you all be easy like the Wii? *sigh*

I just wanna go back to bed, but I need to bathe before work. And find what I'm going to where. Pockets would be a good idea... Or at least for Friday and Saturday. And I need to find a way to get my money out of the stupid card...

Can I just pass out? >>;; Maybe I should eat. Considering the grocery shopping yesterday, there is edible food in the house. >.>;;

And I started writing a KH/DCU crossover. Yeah, one paragraph. I can't really do much more without Blackest Night, and I don't plan to read that until it's all out, and I can read it one shot. >>;; I do not enjoy zombies, but making a parody of it later will probably help. XD KEYBLADE 'EM TO MAKE 'EM GO POOF! >:O

EDIT: Motherfucker. I need to take the bus to get to work. What the fuck is the point of the mama being around if she's not driving me places!? ...okay, that sounded terrible, but grrrr! >:O Fuck you, Septa. Not in the fucking mood. >>;;


Nov. 22nd, 2009 09:55 am
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I'm awake. :( Work called, asking if I wanted to pick up someone's shift. Usually, that's a resounding yes, but first real day of my period. Nuh-huh, not happening because the cramps will probably be killer. I need have my day for that and NaNo. >>;; He did appreciate that I called back promptly even though I couldn't cover the shift. It means they like me?

...could they like me after noon next time, though? ;-; *sinks back into the bed but can't go back to sleep* Oh god, and the pain begins. :(
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Back from work. Gonna do some more NaNo since I'm only about 2400 words behind right now. Then it will be time for some snoozing. <3 Also, if you can tell me who said the quote I have as the subject title, I'll give a sneak preview of a bit of my NaNo? Is that even incentive? >>;;


Nov. 8th, 2009 07:10 pm
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Work was pretty okay. Liking it so far. So many Zenkaikon people wandered in. It was lol. XD And I knew a co-worker from Zenkaikon '06 and '07. He was Zack one year, and just in leather pants the other and I slapped his ass that year, because his gf was offering it to people, XD. Overall, I'm sleepy, but yay food mommy's making! <3


Nov. 8th, 2009 09:14 am
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I have work at 12pm today. I actually went to bed early (and once I did, art bitch texted about her crisis; luckily, I picked sleep over her crisis). Now, I have to look over the Gamestop handbook and sign shit. Wonderful. Maybe if I finish fast I can get in a nice bath...

NaNo suffered a bit for yesterday's inaction writing wise, but totally fixable with a nice writing binge tonight. XD As long as Jason!muse cooperates and talks to Dick, and Dick isn't, you know, a dick. @_@


Oct. 29th, 2009 04:46 pm
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Totally got the job. They're gonna call tomorrow to confirm. If they don't call before 12pm, I call them. Heee. Only criticism was I don't know enough about games. This can be remedied by working there~ XD

I'm in a great mood. Got a bunch of Bath and Body Works stuff on the way out of the mall since I'm out of body wash. They're selling the shampoo and conditioner again! It's wonderful! I didn't need any, but it's nice to know they have it again. <3
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...calling back the 5 Game Stops/EB Games that I put applications in at. Didn't call the last one yet, but I put in my application before I knew my ex Dylan was working there. >>;; I'm wary about calling back, but I've only talked to one of the managers so far (omg, his name was TIM), and they get so many applications...

On another note, one of the managers I have to call later, his name is Jason. >>;; I think it's fate, so either Jason or Tim should hire me, please. It would be an epic story to tell. >>;; Also, if any of the other managers have Robin names, I'll just have to get myself hired or cry.

My Resume

Aug. 31st, 2009 03:58 pm
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Okay, tell me what you think? Personal information is deleted because I'm not sharing my address and such with everyone. XD


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