Nov. 23rd, 2009 02:02 am
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I feel like I'm just whining tonight, but I have my period, so my emotions are shot to fuck...

I've looked over my schedule this week, and I'm pretty sure the only way I could win NaNo with this week fucking me over would be if I weren't over 12k words behind. I...really wanted to finish this. I know I can do 50k. I'm sure if you added up my NaNo and all my RP logs, I'd have 50k by the end of the month. It's just really frustrating.

Okay, also, I skipped Italian class last week, so I shouldn't skip again because of apathy and how bored I know I'll be. Not doing the presentation. Fuck it, I can present in December. The fucker didn't really give me a due date, so he can fucking wait.

Tuesday's my day off, but I'm sure something will fuck that up. I work Wednesday 5pm-9:30pm. Then you know Thanksgiving, and I really don't like my family. I don't really want to deal with them. At least I can't get bitched at for not having a job.

Then Friday and Saturday, I have my first 8 hour shifts for a job ever. 3pm-11pm on Friday and 10am-6pm on Saturday. Which means I cannot stay up late on Friday. That's gonna be fucking with my sleep schedule. >_<;;

So yeah. NaNo won't get finished. I'm kinda upset about this. ...actually trying not to cry, and I blame my motherfucking bleeding vagina for that. >_<;;

EDIT: I need to not go on DevArt when I'm depressed. It doesn't help. It only reminds me I can't draw anymore. I used to be good, but fuck if I know where that talent went. Best if I go to bed now. ;-;


Nov. 20th, 2009 04:26 pm
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Why is Sarah McLachlan music good for writing? No answer? I don't know either. XD Also, I'm liking this not writing in order thing. I can just switch muses whenever I'm bored. XD Working on Steph right now, but I have a Sasha muse. I like her, even though B&R is made of suck; she's likable. And someone I can use to beat up on Damian. >:D Also, Lian muse very much hates Damian muse. She shot an exploding arrow at him. >.>;; Damian, that's what you get for saying mean things about her family!! >:O

22445 / 50000 words. 45% done!

...also, Jason!muse does not like the fact I keep finding him in the Sarah McLachlan music. >>;; IT'S NOT MY FAULT! >_<;;


Nov. 18th, 2009 02:00 pm
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...yup, stayed up until 5am reading Te fic. Her Jason/Tim seduces me! Still haven't finished re-reading Catch Me Low, but gah, it makes me want to go write more for that fic that I wrote where Jason showed up after Tim's 16th b-day party when he was a bit vulnerable from Bruce's stupid test of fucking stupid. >>;;

But I have the NaNo. Must do that. >>;; I want to, really. ...I mean it! Stop giving me that look! *hides*

EDIT: Yup, I'm about 10k behind. Well, fuck. >:O Screw you muses, I'm gonna fix this, even if it requires writing NOTHING in order.


Nov. 16th, 2009 01:44 pm
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Almost started reading Te fic instead of doing NaNo... ...okay, I totally did, but doing NaNo now! I skipped around a bit since Dick!muse was feeling neglected (wtf, I say! Steph!muse is being neglected, you attention whore!). I think I broke 20k today, so yaaay. Still behind, but I can do this catch up shit. >:D

...ummm, last night I remembered I told my Italian teacher I'd do my Italian project for today. Yeaaaah, not happening. >>;; He didn't give much of a specific date, and now I dun wanna show up. >>;; Plus, it's not like I really have a thumb drive to present it on, and my external is full, apparently (note to self: find another one cheap during Black Friday like last time).

Yeaaaah, I kinda wanna skip and do my NaNo instead. It's not like there's a test, and pfffft, there's nothing in that class that we could do that I couldn't figure out in maybe five seconds. I call a mental health day. >>;; It's not like I've missed any classes, and the semester's half over.

...only problem will be the mama when she gets home. She'll be pissed that I'm still here. >>;; She'll think she'll need to drive me, but I'm just not going. And I want a nap. >>;; Okay, I'm just making excuses for myself, but I'm not going because I don't want to, so there. */spoiled brat*


Nov. 15th, 2009 01:19 am
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I'm exhausted, and now I'm about 6000 words behind on NaNo. :( I should be at 25k by the end of Sunday, but I'm at 19k right now. This is disheartening, since I have work tomorrow, and I doubt I'll get any writing done. Bed times for me now. *crawls under her blanket forever*

Oh shit.

Nov. 13th, 2009 12:06 pm
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It's Friday the 13th. That doesn't bode well. I'm staying in bed all day since my luck is horrid, and I have NaNo to catch up with.

Also, as much as I bitch about it, I still love my NaNo. I haven't run out of idea for where it's going and how it'll get there. Just hit a little snag with Timmy, but he's cooperating now.

Oh, didn't mention last night, but Seth called at almost midnight again because he's an idiot. I tried to answer the phone before mommy, but there's a phone in her room. It was a futile effort. XD I laughed my ass off though. Seth was trying to call my cell, so I'd call him on the house phone as NOT to wake the angry dragon mama. He fail SPECTACULARLY, and the mama took like a minute to hang up the phone because she couldn't get it in the cradle. XD

So, two strikes for Seth. Mommy's gonna kill him when he least suspects, and I will laugh forever. ...until I notice I'm short one bff and ride everywhere. XD
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I have to remake my resume for my HTML class. I dun waaaaaaaaanna. I liked my resume the way it was! *huffs* Stupid fucking thumb drive. I just KNOW it'll show up ONCE I finish a new resume page. *fumes*

And I'm gonna get behind on NaNo AGAIN, because I won't be able to write this afternoon, and I seriously doubt I will want to write after class. My Timmy muse needs a good kick in the ass. >:O


Nov. 12th, 2009 02:22 am
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...I love the fact that I just got 447 more words from separating contractions in my NaNo. It was rather ridiculous. @_@

17133 / 50000 words. 34% done!

Going to bed now. Got take a bath before all this: HTML homework, Septa, and HTML class tomorrow. Lovely. *passes out* Oh, and I'll be blind in the morning since I need to wash my contacts tonight. I always hate that on the mornings I take them out. :(
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God, bored outta mind. Don't feel like writing more NaNo because I did that thing where I skipped to the porn build up, and now I don't wanna gonna back to the part where Timmy doesn't want to talk to me. Timmy!muse is being bitchy like a Jason!muse, and I can only one of them at a fucking time!

*grumbles* In other news, there's no one on-fucking-line that keeps amused. Not at the moment, anyway, soooo if any of you have AIM shot me an IM to kill my boredom: yuumeiakutenshi. You may even get NaNo snippets for your trouble. ...okay, I need better incentive, whatever.

I still haven't found that fucking lost thumb drive, so I'll have to re-do my resume page. Motherfucking awesome. >:O And mom wants me to call the driving guy, so I can start getting real lessons. I don't really think I could handle it right now. Holidays are coming up, work is hectic because it's seasonal, and I still have classes twice a week. I don't feel like balancing all that, and once my mom notices she doesn't want to balance it either, it'll be after I call the guy. Fuck this.

So yeah. Out of sorts, and I have about 1800 words or so for NaNo that I have to write today. And the Progress Report thing stopped working. I'm like dependent on that thing like a drug. :(

16601 / 50000 words. 33% done!

...1/3 of the way done. This is good, I guess?
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Back from work. Gonna do some more NaNo since I'm only about 2400 words behind right now. Then it will be time for some snoozing. <3 Also, if you can tell me who said the quote I have as the subject title, I'll give a sneak preview of a bit of my NaNo? Is that even incentive? >>;;
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12534 / 50000 words. 25% done!

...I got distracted by RP times. Jason had a Timmy in a school girl skirt, and he was about to fuck him into the bed. >>;; Then there's that wonderful Jason/Tim porn Bek wrote me. Thing is, just a bit before it was posted, I had been whining about wanting the prompt filled. XD Mmm, Jason/Tim overdose. Actually, I don't think I could ever overdose on them. XD

EDIT: Craig, I love you more. You just insulted Twilight again. Yes. "Just Jonas Brothers as vampires." Omg, truth. <3


Nov. 9th, 2009 07:32 pm
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...okay, whenever LJ is down, I'm completely lost. Same applies for the NaNo site during November!! *flails* I NEED IT! WORK, DAMN YOU, WORK! *bawls*

...also, Dick decide Jason needed hugs. Oh Dick. Dick also misses Timmy hugs. *pets him*

EDIT: If anyone does Dick/Jason fic for this piece of art right here, I will love you forever and ever because omg, CHAINS! AS ROBIN AND NIGHTWING! >.>;; <3

NaNo Update

Nov. 9th, 2009 02:18 pm
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12175 / 50000 words. 24% done!

3000 words of catch up from this weekend. My NaNo Progress Report has nommed some of my word count, though. This is sadface. Ah well, as long as the main NaNo site knows I've been writing. XD Also, I think the person who is the closest to getting anything even resembling action is Damian. This make me epically sadface, and I need to rectify this. Fic needs Timmy, stat! STAT!!! >>;;


Nov. 8th, 2009 09:14 am
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I have work at 12pm today. I actually went to bed early (and once I did, art bitch texted about her crisis; luckily, I picked sleep over her crisis). Now, I have to look over the Gamestop handbook and sign shit. Wonderful. Maybe if I finish fast I can get in a nice bath...

NaNo suffered a bit for yesterday's inaction writing wise, but totally fixable with a nice writing binge tonight. XD As long as Jason!muse cooperates and talks to Dick, and Dick isn't, you know, a dick. @_@
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Still no Timmy in this fic, but we've gotten to some heavy Dick-Jason interaction. Brothers! Hopefully no brotherly quarreling. >>;; But knowing them... -.-;;

11066 / 50000 words. 22% done!

And now, to bed! Because I have con to go to tomorrow. Meh. >>;; Maybe I'll sell something, even without a table. XD

NaNo Update

Nov. 6th, 2009 04:04 pm
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Okay, that's partially a lie. Just reverse Sunday and Monday in the beginning, and it's all good.

It's no longer Jason ever other chapter, but he doesn't seem to care since he's pretty much in every chapter if not mentioned in every chapter. >>;; This is not my fault. I blame Jason. XD

Also, wtf, work. I called in twice, and still no schedule. Fuck this, I'm gonna take a nap. ...or I'll finish my Jason chapter, but it's a fight-y thing. Or well, Jason's being sneaky ninja-y since there's no Tim to do that right now. >>;; I'll fix that, I swear! *goes in search of the elusive Timmy!muse*


Nov. 6th, 2009 09:56 am
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NaNo progress report is working! *hugs it* I love that thing. It's a little behind on my word count right now, but it'll catch up. *wiggles*

EDIT: Oh, it didn't update because I didn't update word count today. XD So, here's my Progress Report, if you guys care.


Nov. 5th, 2009 10:40 pm
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Worst HTML class ever. It was like Photoshop for retards. I KNOW PHOTOSHOP!! >:O It was such a fucking waste of time. *rage* >>;; Yeah, not getting back to NaNo tonight.

On other news, just me, Seth, and his friends for the con. Oh, and his brother. Bah, I'm not really excited about the con anymore. I don't have a new costume, which is usually why I'm excited about cons. I don't have a table, yet again because Zenkaikon are fuckheads.

Also, can't find my thumb drive. Fuck. That's ALL my classwork for my HTML class! Fuck. :( Whatever. I know NaNo's all about word count and shit, but I care more about the fic itself, so does anyone wanna look it over for coherence, I'd like that. @_@


Nov. 5th, 2009 02:07 am
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5819 / 50000 words. 12% done!

I'm a bit behind on the NaNo. I'm just a little bored and wanna skip to the interesting parts, but I know me. Once I do that, I won't go back. I know I can play catch up easy with word count. It's finishing I don't trust me with. That may make much sense, but yeah. *wanders off*

NaNo Update

Nov. 4th, 2009 12:33 pm
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5516 / 50000 words. 11% done!

I'm caught up from yesterday. I'm so lazy, and I'm getting sleepy, which is silly since I woke up over 2 hours ago. >>;; I think I'll stretch then try some DDR. Exercise is a good thing. Yes.

EDIT: Did 4 songs and didn't die. Now I has adrenaline. Yay! *goes back to writing*


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