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Uhhh, my Governor seems to be being an ass. He's planning on cutting 50% of government funding to the universities/higher education. My university, Temple University, is part of that. Fuuuuuck.

Since this would mean cutting of programs and such, let's not even let that be an option. Please, help me out with an e-mail here.

I don't want my tuition to go up because fuck knows if I'll be able to afford it. :/ Like PA needs LESS education and MORE idiots. Or you know, people leaving the state for schooling and work. Not that I plan to stay here myself, but soooo not the point.
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There might be a repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy tonight. Call your senators today to make sure they know they need to repeal it! Go, people, go!


Aug. 4th, 2010 05:08 pm
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California can have gay marriage again! Take that, Mormons and other dumbasses that were against it. <3

EDIT: Gimme a gay/lesbian pairing (or straight then I'll genderbend it) and a word, and I shall write you bit of fic. And you guys know what I won't write. XD
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One, it's time to vote in PA. >>;; Bek says Cap says to vote. So far? I'll I've seen are Arlen Spector ad campaigns being a jerkface about the other guy. I think that kinda shit is stupid, but it'd be naive to think that's not all politicians. :/ So, I dunno who to vote for which means I shouldn't vote because I would be guess voting, and that's just stupid. :/

In better, not so political news, if anyone fills my prompts at [ profile] comment_fic today, I'll love you forever. They are cracktastic. Just look at them:

DCU, Boostle + Martian Manhunter, I'm eating oreos and watching porn. This is your fault.

DCU, Bats + Robins, Dad's wearing a thong, I don't know what to do
put a dollar in it?

Marvel, Young Avengers, I accidentally had sex with my boyfriend's twin last night...and he didn't stop me.
How was it?
Fantastic, but that's not the point.

Marvel, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes (or Cap/anyone), he made me salute his american flag boxers before i took them off

Marvel, Bucky Barnes and/or Steve Rogers, she told me i tasted like america

...why yes, some of these texts ARE making me twitch from bad grammar. ...yes, I do text with proper grammar, why do you ask? >>;;

EDIT: And one more since I got a fill~
DCU, Tim Drake/Steph Brown, "I love you dearly- enough to wear red leather for you- But that my darling is going too far."

EDIT 2: Got another fill so another one~
DCU, Jason Todd/Tim Drake, "Why do people always use comics to get me into bed?"
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Click the link, watch the movie, and sign the petition to put an end to the nonsense of divorcing 18,000 couples without their consent in the matter.
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I'm sooo not using this post as basis for my media paper. Not at all. 'Cept I am. I'm fixing the phrasing...mostly... >>;;


Nov. 4th, 2008 09:23 pm
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As of right now, Obama was 175 electoral votes while McCain has 52. Obama won PA. My job is done. >>;; If Obama won North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and Ohio right now, he'd win without CA. Though, that'd just be the easiest way. If he could win those four, he'd win, but I don't think he'd get Texas. *shrugs and waits for work to end in 4 minutes*
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I got roped into going to this place to watch the debate. Mommy said free food, and since I was gonna need to watch the debate for Poli Sci class ANYWAY, I decided YAY free food! I went, got free stuff. Found out it was an Obama thing. Got an Obama book for free. May read it later.

Gloria's commentary of the debate time! )


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