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Test in Death & Dying today. It's kinda ridiculous. She totally gave us the questions for the test.

Except, you know, the ten of them are hiding in a pile of NINETY-SIX QUESTIONS! (ONLY 40-30 of them will be for me to pick from on the test.) *grumbles* And there's ONE 5-6 paragraph essay thing (which, hell, I'm supposed to write that in less than two hours PLUS 10 short answer questions? You have to be shitting me), and I have the questions for that too. Eight of those, but two won't show up on the test., me studying is essentially writing three 5-6 paragraph PAPERS to make sure at least ONE of those questions is on the test. Doing two would lead to my bad luck, and one is just bad odds. Motherfucker. I don't like having to play ODDS for my tests. It kinda pisses me off. Just a tad.

Not even mentioning the other 10 questions that I'd have to do A LOT OF QUESTIONS just to have enough to write about. I'm not even thinking about those odds. Ugh.

So, I'm skipping my first two classes for this test. I have this luxury since it's right before Spring Break, and there's nothing I can't catch up on in those classes. (Plus, I've never skipped on a Tues-Thurs schedule, so I'm good.) For those who say 'But Gloria, don't skip your classes!', I say fuck you I'd be completely useless in said classes as I worry for this test, so fuck that shit.

In other news, Beckaboo, if you see this before I decide to text or talk to you or whatever, the Mama would like to have a list of your food allergies. >>;; Yeah, she's totally afraid to cook for you until she knows what to avoid and so she can know when she goes food shopping. <3? (All the tasty things are flavored with meat! D: It's EVERYWHERE!)

EDIT: Mother. Fucker. Now my stomach decides to act up. *unhappy face of anger-unhappiness!* I think my period's going to pay me a visit during Spring Break. Traitorous motherfucker. ...well, at least I'll have plenty of chocolate because Bek is wonderful. ;-;
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While I was at the University City stop, waiting for the train home in the cold, I had a wonderful meta post planned about my fandoms, and how I feel about them. I don't remember it now, and this makes me sad, though I think I was gonna mention my old ones being catharsis, and DCU being my most passionate fandom (though, at times, that wasn't in a GOOD way), and I don't even know.

Also, at some point, I'm going to be at a damn keyboard when I have the urge to list all my pet peeves. This is list should exist. >>;; Most of them won't effect you guys. (Unless you somehow come onto my LJ and smoke near a no smoking sign; then I will have to kill you dead with the cigarette shoved up an unpleasant place.) *smile* Anyway, if you know me, you know what annoys me and doesn't. Reading my LJ would give you a good feel of that, I think.

...ohmygod, I still feel cold, and I slept all warm in my blankets and my toasty room! I'M TURNING INTO A BECKABOO! Sorry, Bek, you suck at being warm with 8 blankets; we've been over this, so you can't be too mad about this comment. XD *shivers and goes to curl up with more fanfic* ...though, maybe drinking almost a whole bottle of cold water when I woke up is the reason I'm so cold. ;-; I was thirsty! *sob*


Feb. 25th, 2011 01:36 pm
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Mother. Fucker. I got caught in a downpour after class. I had an umbrella, which made sure my top half and my bag was mostly unscathed (thank god, or my netbook that I'm typing on would've been a casualty, and I'd be in tears!), but my jeans and boots are soaked through.

I can't even articulate how uncomfortable it is to be wearing wet, tight jeans. Any pornos that use that? Fuck them. At least the chicks get to take jeans off. The boots aren't as bad, but everywhere my jeans touch my skin is itchy as fuck. Argh. I had a weird inkling not to wear these this morning, but did I not wear them? Noooo...

Ugh, I'm so pissed, but at least I don't look like wet cat. *sighs* I want to go home. Fuck.
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I don't even. Argh, why do I fail at having an attention span when I have papers to write? I have two due tomorrow. And I had an Italian Composition due Monday, but I failed to hand that in because I fail at life and writing. Doesn't help that I KNOW that teacher doesn't answer e-mails, and that's the class I'd be MOST likely to ask questions since I'd know what I'd wanna ask!

So, two papers. One is for my Queer American Studies course, and it's 4 pages. I tried a few of the topics then quit them one by one. >>;; Mostly, fuck you, Freud. I like that you value words, and you are very revolutionary, but fuck, I need Freud for dummies. ...or wiki, which is not the source material, so fuck. (Yeah, doing a paper on how Darwin's sexual selection theory influenced everyone and their mother. >>;; Because it's true.)

And I have to write some focus paper about grieving parents and children for Death & Dying class. Yeah, this one is only 600 words. I can bs that. ...I hope. Fuck, the Italian Composition was only 200 words, and I didn't finish that. ...though, I did brain storm with my mom. Goddammit, all these verb tenses and moods are fucking with me hard. D: I need Italian Verbs for Dummies. ...except not presente or passato prossimo, because I've got those down. ;-;

I SHOULD BE WRITING MY PAPERS! *sob* Who's not sleeping tonight? I'm not! And make espresso to keep me up, but I am me, and espresso knocks me out. >>;; So yeah. Umm. At least I weened myself off the Hetalia Kink Meme for the night sorta?
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Okay, I don't think I can count how many times I threw up tonight. It was so very unpleasant since I kept hurling with nothing left to hurl up. It's obviously not a PMS thing since my period just ended today, and ugh, I don't even know.

I'll get back to the fics for my last meme at some point, promise. Man, you guys just come outta the woodwork whenever I have a fic meme. I feel the love. XD You only love me for my porn! *faux sob*

So, yeah. I think I need an icon of being sick at this fucking rate. Stupid stomach. So much hate for it right now. We're only two weeks into the new year, and I've thrown three nights outta thirteen. This is kinda ridiculous, and I start classes next week. *sigh*

And I'll be calling the doctor tomorrow. Or something.
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Short Story of the Event of Friday:

Didio brought up Green Arrow. Me and some people brought up Lian Harper. He said "Oh, you mean the dead kid." I stood up, saying I was dressed up as her.

Yadda, yadda, he invites me on stage. Beginning of his downfall. Yadda, yadda. I am given a microphone. Unfortunately, the GA stuff has passed, so I pick my battles. Well, hello there Batman mention. B&R, you say? Well, time to ask what drugs Morrison is on! Then continue my opinions on him. I do say he writes well, because he does, but it's not a story that fits with anything else.

As I've been saying: Morrison doesn't play in other people's sandboxes very well. He'd be great in his own, but no one can follow him up well or precede him. It just doesn't work.

Then Dick was brought up (Didio wore a Nightwing shirt, pffft), and I was asked if I preferred him as Bats or Nightwing. I said I don't mind him as Bats as long as he's characterized, unlike when Tony Daniel was writing him. He was just Batman, no Dick Grayson characterization to be seen.

And soon after my microphone was taken away, and Bob Wayne haaaaaaates me. ...and Didio probably liked me too much. D:

There's more, but that's the synopsis of my awesome. There a few more bits and pieces I can bring up later. <3 There, I'm no longer a tease, right?


Sep. 21st, 2010 11:59 am
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Mini freak out in my head on the train to school. I really, really need and want a job. I didn't get a phone call from the Halloween Store. I-I don't know if I can deal with the job search thing again and all that rejection on top of classes, let alone if I actually GET a job on top of classes.

My to-do list just gets longer and keeps changing because homework keeps changing, and I have to make my room presentable by Saturday because seriously, my room will probably kill anyone not me, and I don't want to be responsible for a dead Beckaboo her life tries to kill her enough as it is, thank.

AND I still have to work on big parts of two costumes. I am not scrapping either. I want the Spoiler one, and dammit, I'm dying my hair for the Red Hood Lian one; I am NOT skipping out on that one. At least the red leotard isn't as dark as before, thank fuck.

Oh, then there's all the plays I have to see for class, AND I'm supposed to be taking my driving lessons. I'm supposed to call the guy back like last month. I just freaked out so bad in my head, and it's just argh. I'm creating stress for myself. This shit is manageable, and I know it is; why the fuck do I do this to myself?

In conclusion, if you see me online RPing or fucking around in general, scold me and tell me to go clean my room or something. And to stop checking my second e-mail for RP like a freak. I am not here this week. ...which really sucks because I have so many fucking plot bunnies, but I seriously can't indulge in that right now. I'm at least getting my creative out through drawing on the train and in some classes, oops, so I should fucking deal.

...but man, can't wait until I get my netbook sometime next week. She shall be named Spoiler, and thne I can write fic and type on the train. It'll be glorious. And someday, she shall meet Bek's netbook, Alvin Draper, and flirt with him. XD Maybe meet Griff's someday too, Jason-Fucking-Todd (hmmm, I wonder whose fault THAT name was, heheh).
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So, last night LJ added a new feature you will notice on your comment-boxes. HATE. A lot. I want Twitter and Facebook to have nothing to do with my LJ, thanks. If you're annoyed too, download this to get rid of it. Bitching at LJ here will probably help get rid of it, like that time they tried to change the front page.

In other news, comics depress me. Only reasons I try to keep up? There's two of 'em: I love the characters, and I love the fandom. Yeah. And I wanna write DC a letter. I keep wanting to, but then I'm told they won't listen anyway, so it's like, what's the point.

I kinda wanna tell them after Lost Days is over, I'm not buying anymore comics from them. Tiny Titans excluded because that's it's own thing, and seriously, it won an Eisner; none of their other shit's winning an Eisner (and if it is? Eisner awards mean absolutely shit anymore, I guess).

I just...yeah, Batgirl and Red Robin make me happy. So does Gotham City Sirens, and maybe Streets of Gotham, but that 4 titles out of how many? I'll even be generous, and add Booster Gold and Power Girl to this because I know they're well written, and I liked them when I kept up with shit when it wasn't depressing me.

And you know what's terrible (other than most of DCU)? Titans titles, I can't even stand to look at them. They're Titans! I...should love them, but I just feel like if they all died now, they'd all be in a better fucking place, and they wouldn't end up like Roy or Lian or... Just yeah, I'm tearing up because I give too much a damn about the characters I read about.

There's this line between death in comics and just being fucking ridiculous, and we know DC crossed it ages ago, but dammit. And you know what else? I hate the fact that buying Lost Days to support Jason isn't going to mean a damn thing. He's just going to be penned by Morrison again in Batman Inc, mark my words, and he'll be Dick's villain, or some shit.

I...have to get ready for class, and I really just wanna write fic and fix everything. ;-; I need a mini laptop, so I can write on the train because if I write fic on paper, it'll never come to fruition (AKA I write too slow for my brain, and words end up missing and make absolutely no sense later; Gloria, you need a VERB in those sentences!).
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Or my pain. Whatever. You know, I don't even remember why I was gonna make this post. I just new I needed to add icons. So I added a bunch since I've made a couple hundred in the past week, no lie. >>;;

And oh yeah, I think this was going to be a post about comic books making me sad. I was so sad I forgot. *sigh* And I think us fanfic writers need to start binge reading old stuff. Like, a book club or something, so we can get inspired by that and fic about older stuff. Yay fix-it fic for the new, but at this point? Fix-it fic is all we're ever gonna write forevermore. ;-;

Yeah, I need to go to bed. College, responsible adult, and all that jazz.
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I'm reading a chapter by chapter review/summary of the Twilight series. It has confirmed my suspicions of this being nothing but absolute garbage and work of fanfiction. She has no plot (which, I can't reprimand her for because I never do either), but it makes me angry that she can't write dialogue OR characterization.

Fuck plot. Dialogue and characterization are the things I pretty much WRITE for. I don't write because I love a world; I write because I love the damned characters and what they do with the world they're in. And you know, why can she make so much money writing when I can write better than she can? At least I know how to us characterization and dialogue. Maybe I fail at plot, but clearly, plot means nothing in this world anymore.

So yeah. I wanna write a book. Placing bets on how long that'll last with my attention sp- Oooh, a butterfly! *wanders off*


Jul. 4th, 2010 10:31 pm
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I think that's the most I've talked to Olivia's dad ever, in my life (yay soccer!). I'd say Uncle Augusto, but he's not married to my Zia anymore, so not my Uncle. I played lots of air hockey with Johnny, Augusto, and my mom. I played team game of Briscola with my Zio Armando on my team against Carmine and Aunt Mary, and we won. XD Hah, Zio Armando tried to tell me what card to play at the last hand, and I was like, well, yeah, I was gonna play that one; it was obvious. XD

My cousin Paul showed me the stuff he works on at this toy design place. It's cool. And his computer looks kickass. Oh, and my cousin Dominic has a shower curtain with the periodic table on it. -.-;; Nerd. >>;;(Paul and Dom live in a house with a friend or two, something like that.)

Paul also offered me a jello shot. I said no. I'm rather adamant about not drinking before 21. I wanna be different than everyone else my age, or any of my cousins when they were my age. And my Aunt Mary said something about that. What-fucking-ever. I mean, so what? I'm not scared of alcohol; I just want to be different.

Someday, when my mom's elsewhere, I'm going to bring a girlfriend to a party and say I'm bi. Maybe have a boy too, prove a point that I'm not a lesbian to my damn cousin Gina (that's Aunt Mary's daughter that asked if I was a lesbian that one Easter; yes, I hold grudges, the bitch). Or just not fucking care.

ANYWAY, I had a pretty good time. There was more networking done with my business cards. I don't THINK my store could lead back to my journal, but if it did, well... HI, FAMILY, DID YOU KNOW I DON'T LIKE MOST OF YOU AS PEOPLE OR IN A GROUP? NO? DIDN'T THINK SO. XD

EDIT: Forgot to add, Livy ALMOST said something I approved of then killed it with the next part. I was saying something about not being able to watch TV because of all the Twilight commercials, and Olivia said that it wasn't a real vampire movie. BUT before I could cheer for that part, she says it's a romance.

*sigh* Anyone who thinks that SHIT is romance has a fucking skewed view of romance. ...and I really think Livy does. It's sad, but true. *shrugs*


Jun. 29th, 2010 01:05 am
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I've been trying really hard to boycott anything Twilight. No more Burger King until the Twilight shit is gone. No more watching Adult Swim since they have BOTH BK commercials and the movie commercial (which has the tagline is 'best Twilight movie yet' which really, is saying nothing).

...Food Network has betrayed me and had Twilight commercials, and now, so has CBS during my Craig Ferguson fix. I can't... *sob* This is all kinds of wrong. I can't stand it. And if ANY of you on my f-list come on this post and defend Twilight, I will de-friend you out of being a moron. If you like Twilight, say nothing, and I'll never know.

Am I being a bitch? I don't think so, but I also just started my period, so who fucking knows. >:O

...also, I have 'Vampires' on my AU_bingo card. I kinda want to write the most horrific, blood, and violent vampire piece ever, and I like my vamps smutty. No, these vamps will kill you for fun or for food then desecrate your corpse. That's the kind of vamp I want right now. And the things they'd do to Twilight vamps? Delicious, torturous things...

Oh man

Jun. 11th, 2010 09:45 am
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South Africa's the first match up vs Mexico, and I feel so bad for South Africa. They're the host nation, and they did not get an easy first match up, whatsoever. :/ And I won't be here to watch Uruguay vs France, but totally gonna record it. That and the opening ceremony that's being played at 8pm on ABC.

Man, I just wanna see Desmond Tutu watching this game. I saw him on Craig Ferguson once, and he has like the best laugh ever. I'd love for South Africa to win this match just to know there'd be a smile on the man's face.

But sad for Mandela. His nine year old great-granddaughter died (in a car accident, I hear), so he's not watching this game. :/ I hope that doesn't effect the players. This is a historic World Cup, you know? First time it'll be hosted in Africa. Speaking of which, GoUSABid is trying to bring it to the States. I guess it'd help if our team beat England, but I'm not quite sure that'll happen? I mean, the thing we call football in this country isn't even the sport the rest of the world calls football. *shakes head*

But, to the game! GO, SOUTH AFRICA! Oh god, no host nation has ever lost their first match. That's...a lot of fucking pressure. >>;; Okay, I'm done my little rant, I swear.


May. 22nd, 2010 01:55 pm
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I fucking hate all this bullshit I have to go through with this driving thing. Do you know how much I DON'T care about driving? The DMV itself is much too much effort. I don't want to wait in a fucking like just to be told I need a physical. I JUST found the form I need, but if I have to fucking take the permit test AGAIN because of this, I'm just telling them all to go fuck themselves.

I. Don't. Care. About. DRIVING! >:O I can do it just fine, but I just don't give a flying fuck. I don't need to drive. There's a SEPTA stop on my block, AND with my friends? I am a crucial part of any and all planning, or nothing fucking HAPPENS. So. This means? They'll drive me. Or you know, come to my HOUSE since I'm the mid-way point for the lot of us.

So, fuck you, DMV. Fuck you, cars. Just fuck you, PennDOT in general. What with you and all your fucking POTHOLES right in front of your DAMNED BUILDING! God, what a useless bunch of fuckers.

Also, I was writing before my mom started bothering me with this fucking bullshit. Yup, don't feel like writing anymore. I've gotten to detective-y parts of the this fic, and really? I don't feel like writing anymore, and I blame the mama for this.

Oh AND the physical form? Won't print right. Motherfucking PDFs, how I hate them with a burning passion of a thousand suns. And the mama brought up getting a job. LIKE THIS WHOLE DRIVING THING ISN'T STRESSFUL ENOUGH. Then there's this Temple stuff, which I'm a bit less lost on but still. At least mom quit with the trying to make me live AT Temple.

Yeah, she wanted me to get a dorm. This late? Is she fucking kidding me? There's no fucking way, and seriously? I would kill a dorm mate. They'd find their body in a ditch, and I wouldn't go to jail because it's Philly, and terrible shit happens in the area surrounding the campus. So there.

*breaths* Man, give me a rage ring. Oh wait, I have plenty. Cool. Death to everything. *falls over from all the screaming and cursing she just did*

EDIT: I figured I need a new RAGE/ANGER icon that wasn't quite so Tiny Titans adorable. So have ANGRY RED ROBIN JASON RAGE! >:D
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So, I was talking to [ profile] callarkhamquick about Fabian Nicieza taking over the Red Robin title, and that's a man I liked writing Jason. The few issues at the of the Robin series with Jason in them were lovely, and it'd be very fitting for the original owner of this Red Robin suit/identity show up.

Then we talked, and I wanted to know how to get DC to let Nicieza have Jason instead of Daniel or Morrison, you know? But apparently, Nicieza has expressed interest! Look! From the message boards, obviously. Thanks to [ profile] callarkhamquick for providing them. <3 She is my source of information. XD

Make your voices heard! )

I want to write a letter. About all the potential they are squandering with the way Jason is being utilized at the moment. Leave comments about what should be addressed in the letter, mm'kay? <3
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I caught up with Batman, and there was such a big characterization difference between Winick's writing and Daniel's writing that it made me wanna gag. All the holes in and bad writing by Daniel, and he's gonna be writing Batman #700? Stupid move, DC. ...though, yet again, bad writing had given me a new character I'm quite fond of: Kitrina Falcone, Catgirl.

Like I didn't KNOW she'd call herself Catgirl by the end of that. SO obvious, Daniel, SO obvious. And Dick burning down the Falcones' place? Seriously, that's called arson, and the Falcones could have called Batman's ass on that. Dick's not an idiot, dammit.

...and I feel bad for Dr. Arkham. I really do enjoy him, immensely, along with his three crazies he keeps from the rest of the world. Oh DC, why do you make me love all these minor characters? Oh yes, because you give your BIG NAMED CHARACTERS TO PEOPLE WHO CAN'T WRITE! ...'cept Steph and Tim, they have wonderful writers, as do Harley, Selina, and Ivy. <3

Now, I have Azrael (if I feel like it, not sure I care), Outsiders (also not sure I care), Streets of Gotham, and the half of Batman & Robin to catch up on. Then it will be on to Blackest Nightmare then to the Return of Bruce Wayne and BoP v2. ...maybe I should read the original BoP... >>;;

I should probably read Cry for Justice, just to know things, but still pretending that and the Arsenal stuff isn't happening.
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So I was thinking about why I ship Jason/Tim, and usually, I'm not very articulate to why. Well, I feel like trying (even though I'm sure my genius thoughts from the bathtub have faded, and I won't be anymore articulate than normal).

Reason 1: If any of you have ever tried to make sense of the Bat timeline (which I'm sure most of you have for fic purposes), and you look at the Robins' timeline from where Dick stops, Jason starts then dies, and when Timmy comes out of the shadows, you'll find that Tim, according to the info that he started stalking at 9, stalked both Dick and Jason for equal amounts of time (if not a bit longer for Jason considering Dick was probably more with the Teen Titans during his last few years of Robin).

With that reasoning and the fact Tim is so enamored with Dick, surely stalking Jason for about the same amount of time lead to at least some hero worship (that canon ignores now, but they didn't always: e.g. Nightwing #25, being the source I think off the top of my head and those Batman issues where Tim has hallucinations of both Robins). There was potential, which leads to my next point.

Reason 2: There was so much potential in the what ifs. You all know I love AUs, and the multiverse concept is like my favorite, so the potential of what would have happened had Jason lived? Would Tim have come out of the shadows? What if Jason had lived, but couldn't be Robin anymore? I'm sure Tim would have gone to both Dick and Jason once Batman went a little crazy (which I'm sure would still happen if Jay got seriously injured).

So many possibilities. Hell, there's even the possibilities of Tim running into Jay pre-Robin II. He was stalking Batman & Robin, and we all know that leads to Crime Alley more often than not. He could have run into that street smart kid who was jacking tires to survive. Jason wasn't always a big bundle of anger. Sure, anger is a big part of who he is, but another part of him is protecting people who can't protect themselves (and this didn't just happen because he was Robin, or he'd never have helped Batman take down Ma Gunn is first Post-Crisis storyline). And Tim was definitely a tiny little thing. Jay would have been protective because it would have been obvious Tim didn't belong in Crime Alley.

And back on the thread of what if Jay had lived, there's always the possibility that Tim could have been someone else's sidekick (e.g. Blue Beetle, Black Canary, ect.), and he and Jay would have met that way. Tim would probably still have his Robin awe, and Jason would eat that up. XD

Reason 3: Now, let's talk about how Jason came back. After the Hush and Under the Hood stuff, when he mellowed a little from Countdown, Jason does try to work with Tim. Tim, of course doesn't take the offer because of Jay's methods, but there's an effort there. A bit of a change from trying to slit his throat (and anyway, that wasn't really about Tim so much as to get to Bruce, and the fight in the Tower was more testing his replacement; it's not his fault Tim wasn't up to snuff at that point, at least against Jason's brute strength).

Ignoring Battle for the Cowl because I'm waiting for the retcon, Tim took on Jason's costume yet again. This is not the first time Tim's worn a costume of Jay's. In A Lonely Place Of Dying, Tim takes Jason's Robin costume to go help Batman and Nightwing with Two-Face. Then there's the time Tim fought in a red ski mask, which looked rather similar to the Red Hood outfit Jason where's later (which is just coincidence, but it amuses me, shhh). Now we have Tim in the Red Robin suit. Not that canon is ever gonna point out where it came from, but it was specially made for Jason by Earth-51 Bruce.

Okay, none of the reason above really connects, but shush. BUT, if you read Red Robin, you see Tim getting rather Jason like. Not to Jason's extent, but there's enough there that if they didn't have all the baggage, they'd get along at this point. More likely, if BftC and Batman & Robin issues are proven to be a Jason Todd from another Earth, and our Jason came back from wherever, I'm pretty sure Tim would begrudgingly work with him, at least to take down the fake Jason.

Miscellaneous Facts: So, Batman: the Animated Series is totally like Jason and Tim had a love child. That Tim Drake has Jay's back story, some of his anger, and the rest is some bouncy Tim with the stalkerness we all have come to love. XD

Then there's just the almost extreme opposites the boys are. Opposites attract, as corny as that sounds. Plus, Jason's the brawn while Tim's the brains. It would combined to make an interesting and effective team up.

And though I hate BtfC, some of the lines were totally Jason hitting on Tim. XD *points to her icon* Yes, that's how I'm ending this little rant. It's valid, dammit. XD And 'Join me. Be my Robin.' is totally a marriage proposal. XD Take that.


Apr. 21st, 2010 01:26 am
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Okay, I have something that I thought since Battle for the Cowl. For the longest time, I thought they killed Crane (Scarecrow). Well, that's obviously not the case because of Blackest Night. So another thing to call Tony Daniel out on. Seriously, I thought Jonathan Crane was dead because of a combination of bad writing and lazy art.

Don't believe me? Read this page and this page, and tell me what you think. I SWEAR Black Mask kills him. Later someone puts on the Scarecrow mask, and I just thought it was a new player. I was a little pissed at this, just because comics don't respect characters that have existed since PRE-CRISIS. Argh. Respect is just not a word that DC knows.

So they didn't kill him, but the way I thought they killed him? It'd be a total DC dick move. ...and I just skimmed BftC for those pages, so I may be in a bit of a mood because of it. What rubbish that series was. Ugh.


Apr. 7th, 2010 11:30 am
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I'm guessing it's bad my fall back fic to cheer me up when I'm bored is Te fic...? >>;; Seriously, wtf, me, wtf. And tell me not to be playing in other people's 'verses. I have enough of my own playgrounds, and I should get the fuck outta other people's. *sigh*

And I should probably eat something, but my stomach is like, you eat stuff, I'll give you worst cramps ever. Oh fuck you, body, I just won't eat. I do it all the time, so fuck you. >>;; Also, while I'm on the issue of fuck you, fuck you, LJ, for good measure. Seriously, you and your slowness is gonna drive me up a fucking wall. People'll need to start calling me Spiderman. It all goes down hill from there, deals with the devil and all that.

...and now I'm just rambling. Cool. Ugh. Oooh, good song on the MP3 player. Yes, I love Rick Springfield, shut up. He was on my soap, and he sings pretty and is awesome. So there.

Also, I'm thinking of reccing some Jason/Tim fics. There's one re-read (not Te fic, I swear!), and I remembered the ending worse than it was. It ended pretty well, all things considering. Mmmm, Jason/Tim. >>;;
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Okay, I feel the need to make a list of characters that need hugs and why. There will be spoilers, so the list shall be under a cut. D: I think perhaps May should be a fix-it fic challenge of some sort for characters that have been really screwed over. And this list will probably just keep getting updated since I've probably missed SOMEONE.

Fucking DC being assholes! )


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