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So, I was thinking... Someone should make a Cluemanster (Arthur Brown) RP journal for [ profile] dcu6wordstories. C'mon, you know you want to~ I'll even make the icons for it. Halloween's coming up, and what better time to let [ profile] blondie_batgirl know her father's alive. :D?

You know you want to~ <3?

Now, time to run. Gotta go to class and see Macbeth tonight. I won't be home until late. Oh, and it's raining. What fun. @_@
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Day 01 - What is your current favorite ship?

Hmm, I wonder what that is! Actually, no, none of us wonder what that is. Jason Todd/Tim Drake, duh. I'm even RPing the pairing right now. They had sex on top of Dick's coat because some ass decided to put all the coats on Jason and Tim's bed. They retaliated. XD Take that, Bruce. ...'cept, I guess Dick got the brunt of that one. XD

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Jun. 16th, 2010 01:30 am
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Hooker!Jason plot bunny went from fic to RP. Oops. But at least I got to RP with Michi. I haven't had RP with my Timmy something close to two weeks. D:

And I made a manatee keychain for the bff, since it was her birthday, and she whined until I made it. XD I shall see her tomorrow to give it to her. <3


Apr. 25th, 2010 08:47 pm
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RP times have been fun this weekend. Jason has his Kitten (Tim, who is Catwoman's sidekick). They had make outs. And Tim had Steph make outs earlier. Plaaaayer. XD


Apr. 13th, 2010 12:31 am
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Feeling better than earlier. RP times with Michi and on [ profile] sixwordstories really helped. Omg, there was a Zordon! Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! I think I totally was in love with the Green Ranger. Haha, I didn't like pink, but I'm pretty sure I wanted to be the Pink Ranger because of Tommy. I lol at this. <3

...and I am not RPing at [ profile] pokeheroes. I'm not. ...not at all. I haven't picked out pokemon for my muses... Pre-Crisis Jay doesn't have a Pikachu, nor does Post-Crisis Jason have a Charmeleon or Steph with an Espeon or Delcatty. >>;;

...and why, brain, do you think the Robins have to be Power Rangers? Who would be Zordon? Or Alpha 5? Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi... XD Mmm, childhood. Mayhaps I should download the series...

EDIT: I think I should download it in a Italian too to watch it! Ooh, language. XD
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None of the posts for the past few days have not been totally Gloria's life oriented! >>;; Considering things happened, I should share! Let's see... I got free heroclixes from my old work because my ex-manager just hands me things! Serious, I got an Arsenal (since I had lost mind earlier that night because I was wearing too many, I guess), Nightwing (he's expensive, so yay!), and a Babs!Batgirl! FREE, oh how I love thee-

HOLY FUCK SPIDER IN MY ROOM! *hides until it goes away* was fucking huge. D: *kinds sorta shrieked like a little girl*

...okay, calm now...sorta. Ummm, so where was I? Oh yeah, ME. Let's see... I've been having laptop issues, with overheating and such. I took off all my important data and such, and I did a factory restore. Look, I can run Firefox and it NOT crash because it's overheating the whole fucking system! :D

And I went to see How To Train Your Drago on Thursday after getting the free 'clix. It was made of adorable, and I need a happy meal from McDonald's to get one of those cute toys! Tooooothless~ Heee. And Craig was WONDERFUL in the movie! :D

RP with michi has been Steph ending up back in time and heeeey, she takes Roy's virginity! XD Now's she back in her own time and ended up naked in Red Arrow's bed. Oops. XD The conclusion, tomorrow! XD

I've been playing lots of little RPs over at [ profile] sixwordstories. I'll probably make more posts when bored. I wouldn't mind seeing more Titans and Bats, rpers on the f-list~ XD And omg, Jason is hitting on Zee, Steph's having a sleepover with Kara, Jason's making fun of Black Mask, Jason's stealing kisses from Timmy and/or helping him with Ra's, Jason kinda sorta compared himself to Jesus, Pre-Crisis Jay's talking to Ted!Beetle, and Jay's got a crush on Duela Dent. (Omg, why do I want to ship Jason/Zatanna and Pre-Crisis Jay/Duela!? Oh RPs.)

...I replaced my soap operas again, what? XD Also, ugh, family shit for Easter. I better get some damned candy. >>;; I get to see my Little Robin, though! XD
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I made a community for my RP logs. Follow the community, read the logs, and tell me and my RP partners what you think at [ profile] shiny_rp_logs. <3 You know you want to~ There will be plenty of Jason/Tim logs along with the Roy/Steph and a bunch of other logs. <3 Enjoy~

EDIT: The Dick/Steph sex pollen part is now up! Have fun~? XD
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...I swear I didn't stay up until 6am this morning RPing a Dick/Steph log. ...really. Why don't you belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeve meeeeee? >>;;
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I've had a plot going in my RP logs lately, and I feel like posting them. Mainly, Jason/Cass with some Tim/Steph then another 'verse with Dick/Steph. ...what, het, you say? I'm sure there are some lil' Jason/Tim logs I can post too. No worries. XD

[Poll #1526998]
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I stayed up until 4AM RPing with Mina's Dickie, and he and Steph got sex pollened and... >.>;;; Timmy probably won't be happy about that later, but he can have a Jason instead! ...who's not crazy since this is post-BftC. >.>;; *falls over*


Feb. 10th, 2010 01:03 am
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Okay, so a handful of you used to follow my RP Journal, [ profile] havens_castoff. Those of you know my Dickie RPer fell out of fandom, so I never got back to this 'verse 'cept in the occasional fic. Well, Mina (my Cass) may take over as my new Dickie. All depends. I'm hopeful.

In other news, my other RP with Mina and Michi is getting interesting. Jason/Cass is fun, and Timmy's going to lose his virginity to Steph soon. ^-^;; There was Cass/Steph kiss too, and Timmy accidentally watching Jason eat out Cass. XD

EDIT: MEME! 'Cept I dunno why I'm bothering. XD We all know what you'll all say. >.>;;


RP Update?

Jan. 31st, 2010 02:27 am
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Okay, so tried to get Kyle to play with my newly formed GL!Jason. Not gonna work out. >>;; Ah well. BUT, Jason got to play with Timmy. It took a reeeeally bad turn, but me and michi can spin anything. XD Then I started an RP with mina, and Hush!Jason meeting Cass. Loving Cass lots. <3

And I kinda want to have a Grant!muse for RP to seduce michi's Roy. XD Grant needs looooove. Lots of it. I think I'll list all his appearance and try to read them to get a better grasp on him than just those few Titans issues and JSA.

EDIT: Oh god. I'm reading Grant's series from the 90s, and oh god, end of the fifth issue, Roy comes in with his New Titans team to save the day! ...I think my pairing would be more validated if anyone who wasn't colorblind would want Roy in that costume. Yup, that's right; it's the dreaded purple and turquoise costume! >_<;; Oh Roy, I swear bad fashion sense is a sexual transmitted disease, and you must have picked it up from DiscoNightwing. D: Grant would not tap that until Roy changes his clothes or just gets naked.


Jan. 29th, 2010 12:43 am
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I may or may not be RPing Jason as a Green Lantern...

...his favorite color IS green, though. >.>;;



Jan. 21st, 2010 12:13 am
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I'm not getting my hopes up, but Bek should be over Friday, and I have Creative Writing class Thursday. Though, I shall stay pessimistic. Better off that way. XD

RP times were amusing tonight. Jason meet crossdressed!Timmy not knowing it was her. They both end up in separate bathroom stalls, jerking off thinking of each other, though Jason thinks it was a girl. XD This could get interesting... <3
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Okay, so me and [ profile] reginalibintia are RPing a Jason/Babs AU. It'd be nice to have a Bruce to mess with his head. Here's the AU so far:

So it started off with instead of Babs being shot by the Joker, Dick was (he's in a permanent coma but that can change but the characters don't believe that). So, Babs goes to train, full of thoughts of vengeance and feeling betrayed by the ideals that Batman and her dad taught her. She asks Talia to train her, and gets trained with Talia for about a year.

Before she leaves to head back to Gotham, she finds Jason who is only just returning after finding out all the things Joker did (this is a few months or so after Talia kissed him and pushed him off that cliff). Then they plan to clean up Gotham, pretty much ala Under the Hood, but a bit differently.

This is where Bruce comes in, since they've decided that Babs would come back as Batgirl (at the moment, she's taken on being Nightwing), and ask Bruce to let her help out again. He would probably know most of what she was up to, but maybe not the specifics. Babs plans to hide Jason until they're ready take the city and kill criminals. And since Timmy is a pretty new Robin at this point, they'll probably try and bring him to their side of things. Which will probably work since Timmy will be without Dick around, and he'll be sadface.

We have a Timmy and a potential Dickie for later, but if you wanna offer any other Gothamites, we can see if they can be fit in. <3
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12534 / 50000 words. 25% done!

...I got distracted by RP times. Jason had a Timmy in a school girl skirt, and he was about to fuck him into the bed. >>;; Then there's that wonderful Jason/Tim porn Bek wrote me. Thing is, just a bit before it was posted, I had been whining about wanting the prompt filled. XD Mmm, Jason/Tim overdose. Actually, I don't think I could ever overdose on them. XD

EDIT: Craig, I love you more. You just insulted Twilight again. Yes. "Just Jonas Brothers as vampires." Omg, truth. <3


Oct. 1st, 2009 06:20 pm
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I'm evil. I'm RPing Jason getting a Timmy hand job while I'm in class. :D ...yeah, I don't care about the catch up work. XD
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I bought all the cutscenes~! YAY! I think I'll just watch 'em all straight tomorrow. <3 And now, back to not-so-kitten-anymore!Tim and Jason RP! <3


Sep. 21st, 2009 02:59 am
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I've been posting logs over at [ profile] earthfire_logs. It where Michi, Jae, and I post our logs. I've posted a bunch of the logs for our Roy/Steph storyline. At least logs and bunch more to come since I seem to find cleaning up the logs to be calming or some sorta thing. Read some logs and tell me what you think. XD I play Jason and Steph. Jae plays Dick, Connor, Ollie, and Kon. Michi is Roy, Tim, Kyle, Dinah, and Lian. (Jae and Michi play other characters too, but not posted up to that yet.)
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...a body swapping kick! I have at least two plot bunnies sitting and waiting for me to write with body swapping, I've written it before with Jason-Tim swap, and now I'm RPing Roy/Steph with Tim swapped in Roy's body. >>;; Steph!muse is not amused and would like to know WHY she keeps getting embarrassed like this! >>;;


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