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Jason Todd/Red Hood (DC Comics): [ profile] red_hot_robin
Jason Todd/Flamebird (DCAU): [ profile] havens_castoff
Jason Todd (Pre-Crisis DC Comics, pre-Robin): [ profile] iwannaberobin
Jason Toddler/Robin II (DC Comics, Tiny Titans): [ profile] jason_toddler
Jason Todd (DC Comics, AU partners with [ profile] notyourbatgirl): [ profile] notyourrobin
Jason Todd (DC Comics, AU partners with [ profile] like_asurgeon): [ profile] hushliljaybird
Jason Todd/Robin II (DCAU, Under the Red Hood): [ profile] baby_jay_robin
Jason Todd/Robin II (DC Comics, AU where Jason becomes a Titan after Garzonas): [ profile] titans_robin_ii

Stephanie Brown/Robin IV/Spoiler (DC Comics): [ profile] spoiled_robin
Stephanie Brown/Robin IV/Spoiler (DC Comics): [ profile] spoilagirlrobin
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Stephanie Brown (DC Comics, particularly YJ 80 Page Giant): [ profile] luvs_sooperman

Colin Wilkes/ABUSE (DC Comics): [ profile] colin_wilkes
Bianca Steeplechase/Joker (DC Comics, Thrillkiller Elseworld): [ profile] withadeathkiss
Grant Emerson/Damage (DC Comics, AU post-Blackest Night): [ profile] morethanacrack
Grant Emerson/Damage (DC Comics, Titans v1): [ profile] atlantabannedme
Donna Troy (DC Comics, just post-Countdown): [ profile] just_donna_troy
James Jesse/Trickster I (DC Comics) : [ profile] tricksyoudead
Cassandra Cain/Batgirl II (DC Comics, Tiny Titans): [ profile] thebatmantype
Bromwell Stikk/Gargoyle (DC Comics, Titans v1-ish): [ profile] bromwell_stikk
Myndi Mayer (DC Comics, pre-Wonder Woman v2 #20): [ profile] miz_myndi_mayer
Joseph Wilson/Jericho (DC Comics, pre-The New Titans run): [ profile] digsmuttonchops
Magdalene Kyle/Sister Zero (DC Comics, Gotham City Sirens run): [ profile] warrior_sister0
Tara Markov/Terra II (DC Comics, The New Titans): [ profile] terrakindafirma

Pearl Fey (Ace Attorney Series) HIATUS: [ profile] widdle_pearly
Relm Arrowny (Final Fantasy VI): [ profile] i_can_paint_you
Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy VI): [ profile] well_done_hate

Jason Todd & Steph Brown at [ profile] earthfire_logs (No longer posting there, go to comm. below for more logs)
My community for my AIM RP logs: [ profile] shiny_rp_logs

If you want to contact about RPing (or just want to talk fandom), here is my contact info.

AIM: yuumeiakutenshi
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I live on my LJ and my e-mail account, so I should get back to you pretty quickly if you comment here or e-mail me about RPing or chatting on AIM. I won't mind.
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I decided that I'm losing track of all the fics I've ever written, and if I don't want a repeat of all the fics I lost with and the computer switch back in the day, I should make an archive on my computer and on LJ. ...I warn you ALL; this will be obscenely long. I warn you about reading anything before 2008, maybe 2007.

This post will be updated A LOT once I get things in order on my computer. ...half my fanfiction isn't even posted online...? Maybe? Okay, maybe only 1/4 of it, but I dunno. :/ CHECK THIS POST FOR UPDATES!

EDIT: This post is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. More like MASSIVE construction. If anyone has a good way to get this in order, I'll appreciate it~!

EDIT 2: I'm going to do this slow way, alphabetically, by fandom. Which means, I'll be fucked when I get to 'DC Comics'. Seriously, I'm writing faster than I've updated that list. @_@ Whoo, reformatting. *hates formatting*

Fic Count: 316 (this include finished and unfinished pieces)


( Angel: The Series/Buffy The Vampire Slayer )
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This is here for my reference (and it's a work in progress), and if anyone finds something that should be on this list, do tell in case I've forgotten. 3 1/2 months is a long time to go without some things, you know? I'll cross things off the To-Do List as they get done hopefully.

To-Do List BEFORE Departure )

Packing Checklist )
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I'm full of bunnies. Like so many. Then there's thing I do whenever I get into a new fandom: all my music morphs into FSTs. *facepalm* I have...four or five or six, dammit so far for Hetalia. >>;; (And, I think my DCU muses will exist if I'm writing Titans fix it fic...? I miss my Titans. ;-; )

Okay, so the Hetalia songs:

1. All The Things She Said by T.A.T.U. (I blame that Ukraine-Belarus song from the movie; it has this in it! >>;; So... Belarus/Ukraine femslash? >>;; Yup.)

2. Particle Man by They Might Be Giants (...what? You haven't even heard who I associate it with! ...Prussia!, wait, I swear it makes sense! This line: "Person man, person man // Hit on the head with a frying pan" Seeee? XD)

3. Friend Or Foe by T.A.T.U. (...I like my fake Russian lesbians, okay? Sheesh. So, pretty much the USSR, like Russia and all his satellite countries. He thinks they're friends; they don't think so. >>;; Poor Russia? XD)

4. If You Wanna, I Might by HelloGoodbye (...I don't even know why really, but America/Canada? My brain deemed it so. Silly brain.)

5. I'm Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage (...England. I think that's enough said? It should be. *ahem* Possible FrUK? XD)

6. The World Is Not Enough by Garbage (...moooore England but like British Empire...and maybe FrUK, or I guess anyone you'd want dommed by England. XD)

So, Hetalia friends, anything to add? XD

EDIT: That shouldn't have take five attempts to post. So, fuck you, LJ. And trying to use my 'attention whore wants attention' tag when I didn't use it is just rude! >:O
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Okay, more like listlessness and wandering brain syndrome. I'll be on AIM. I'm yuumeiakutenshi. And this one tag has never been more true. *whines* Also, I am easily fic-susceptible right now. >>;; Let's see where this goes.
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Forza Napoli! <3 I'm soooo glad I fucked up my sleep schedule and ended up awake for the second half of the Napoli-Lazio game. It was several kinds of awesome! 4-3! <3 Napoli won~ It was 1-0, Lazio half time then it was 2-0, and Gloria was sad. D:

THEN, one guy gets it in (Dossena, I think, with a header), and boom, 2 minutes later, Maggio heads the ball over towards the goal, and Cavani heads it in! <3 2-2, baby! But oh noes, Lazio get another goal that bounces in then out. Definitely went in, buuuuut the ref didn't see it, so it didn't count. >>;;

Obviously, angry Lazio players are angry. Their anger is gone a few minutes later when a defender on Napoli kicks the ball in his own goal while defending. >>;; I guess that's justice, and then it 3-2, Lazio. Sadface.

AND THEN! The game keeps going, and a Lazio guy knocks Cavani over in the box (this is a liiiittle debatable)! Red card AND a penalty kick! Gasp! ...Lazio, again, not happy. Cavani evens out the score 3-3, sinking the penalty shot. <3

Near the end of the game, Cavani makes another goal off an assist by Mascara (hehehe, his name is make up!), and they totally tackle to man to the ground. >>;; Uhh, I think it was waaaaay too close to the fans, because there was this huge pile that lasted a minute. Maaaaan, it was like a game of 'Let's Find the Napoili Players!'

...then after that, a fight sorta broke out? Cavani and number 77 on the Lazio team were all over each other. >>;; They both got yellow carded. A few minutes later, game over, Hamsik is sans a shirt and getting picked up off the ground by Cavani. <3 Mind you, Hamsik is taller than Cavani, but it happened anyways. Heee. I love this sport~


Apr. 2nd, 2011 02:09 am
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I think I'm getting my period. My moods are blah and meh and time for bed. ...maybe after some Dissidia 012...
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Oh darling-most-of-my-flist! I know I have been neglecting you with my new fandom and distaste for current DC canon (which inadvertently turned me off to Marvel too, which isn't fair at all). SO, as an apology, and since it feels like I haven't done this in AGES, I shall have a kissing meme! Go forth and make kissies! If you're interested, my Hetalia Kissing Meme and Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts Kissing Meme are open for business! <3

1. There must be a kiss of some sort.
2. Can be romantic, platonic, to an inanimate object...
3. Crack is good; romance is good; ALL is GOOD!
4. Smut's okay, but warnings for smut are even better.
5. I don't mind spoilers, ever, but others might mind so spoiler warnings when needed.
6. Make requests, fill requests, just post a fic; do whatever, but try to fill some requests if you make a bunch of requests, if you can. :)
7. If any prompts strike your interest to write but have been filled, more than one fill is okay!
8. START! Like, now! ^-^

EDIT: Fanfics created by this meme so far. (5 fics as of 04/04/11 - 12:40AM)

DCU, "Misnomer", Batman/Red Robin (Dick/Tim), PG by [ profile] batstalker
DCU, Lobbying for Your Attention, Kon/Tim, PG by [ profile] batstalker
Marvel, Seventy Years, Steve/Bucky, PG, SPOILERS by [ profile] kyrdwyn
DCU, One to tide you over, Tim/Zat, G by [ profile] batstalker
DCU, What Really Matters, Roy/Grant + Lian, PG by [ profile] shiny_glor_chan
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Next meme on my list! <3 I know I have FF/KH friends lurking around here, and I know some of my new friends like it too. Go forth and make kissies! XD Anything Final Fantasy or its side games work here (see Kingdom Hearts loop hole? XD)! I totally recommend prompts for Dissidia's sequel, XD. Here's the link for the Hetalia Kissing Meme and the Comics Kissing Meme. Now, to the rules!

1. There must be a kiss of some sort.
2. Can be romantic, platonic, to an inanimate object...
3. Crack is good; romance is good; ALL is GOOD!
4. Smut's okay, but warnings for smut are even better.
5. I don't mind spoilers, ever, but others might mind so spoiler warnings when needed.
6. Make requests, fill requests, just post a fic; do whatever, but try to fill some requests if you make a bunch of requests, if you can. :)
7. If any prompts strike your interest to write but have been filled, more than one fill is okay!
8. START! Like, now! ^-^

EDIT: Fanfics created by this meme so far. (7 fics as of 04/04/11 - 12:50AM)

Dissidia 012, Fickle Memories, Vaan/Terra + Onion Knight, PG, sorta SPOILERS by [ profile] shiny_glor_chan
Dissidia 012, Eye of the Storm, Lightning/Tifa, PG-13 Part 1 + Part 2 by [ profile] xagzan
Kingdom Hearts/FFIX/Dissidia, How To Kiss, Zidane/Sora/Roxas, R by [ profile] zuke_88
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Jewel of Experience, Ven+Aqua + Terra + Riku+Sora+Kairi, PG-13 by [ profile] leasspell_dael
Dissidia 012, Memories, Yuna/Tidus + Jecht, PG, sorta SPOILERS by [ profile] shuriken7
Dissidia 012, Tentacle Porn, Cloud of Darkness/Laguna, R, Laguna SPOILERS by [ profile] shiny_glor_chan
Dissidia 012, Golbez/Kain+Delusory Dragoon, G, SPOILERS for 012 - Nothing Like the Real Thing by [ profile] animekittysama
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Hey, my darling new Hetalia friends! I have decided since I am sans homework this weekend, and you're all new to my LJ, I thought I'd have a kissing meme! I haven't hosted one in a while, so I'm gonna have three of them. This one will be for Hetalia, and I'll have one for comics and one for Final Fantasy and all it's side games (which includes a loop hole for the whole Kingdom Hearts series, <3)! I'll link them when I post them. SO, on to the rules to a kissing meme!

1. There must be a kiss of some sort.
2. Can be romantic, platonic, to an inanimate object...
3. Crack is good; romance is good; ALL is GOOD!
4. Smut's okay, but warnings for smut are even better.
5. I don't mind spoilers, ever, but others might mind so spoiler warnings when needed.
6. Make requests, fill requests, just post a fic; do whatever, but try to fill some requests if you make a bunch of requests, if you can. :)
7. If any prompts strike your interest to write but have been filled, more than one fill is okay!
8. START! Like, now! ^-^

EDIT: Fanfics created by this meme so far. (11 fics as of 04/10/11 - 09:55AM)

"Speaking in tongues", France/Canada, NC-17 implied by [ profile] batstalker
Instigator, Austria/Switzerland + Hungary, PG by [ profile] shiny_glor_chan
Untitled, Sweden/Poland, G by [ profile] shantari
Untitled, America/Canada, PG by [ profile] macos1508
Untitled, Japan+Italy+Germany, G by [ profile] skyjennie
Untitled, Hungary/Prussia + Germany/Italy, PG by [ profile] gimladen
pomodoro, Spain + Chibi!Romano, G by [ profile] calciseptine
Untitled, Prussia/Russia, G by [ profile] schizounicorn
Untitled, Sweden/Finland, PG by [ profile] shantari
Napoli-Lazio 04/03/11, Spain/Romano, PG-13 Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3 w/ Notes by [ profile] shiny_glor_chan
Untitled, Russia + Alaska, G by azurelunatic

EDIT 2: And we have art now too! <3 (1 artfill as of 04/03/11 - 03:35PM)

Untitled, Greece + kitty, G by [ profile] seatapp


Mar. 31st, 2011 03:59 pm
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Sent in my two essays for my application to Temple Rome. It is done. @_@ Now, I just wait. And I'm working on the scholarship essay and just need to edit and send that in too. (Might need someone to help with that...? Tonight, hopefully.)

So, barring apocalypse or lost muses, I should be having a ficcing weekend, starting tomorrow. I have a HUGE list of Hetalia prompts, and... I have some small DCU bunnies, but don't hold you your breathes, darlings.

So yeah, gonna be home late. Gonna see a play for class with Jackie. <3

And I'll have a rant about Corbett later because I don't want to freak myself out with that again.


Mar. 31st, 2011 09:09 am
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I feel like if I start writing England in Hetalia fic, I'll have to this URGE to write like a Brit. Like with color spelled 'colour' and neighbor spelled 'neighbour'. Ha, and spelled would be 'spelt', wouldn't it? Hahaha, Firefox's spellcheck does not approve of my attempt to be British. I'll stop now. XD

Also, LJ, darling, stop fucking with me. Error messages are very unkind, you whore. *scowly face*
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Snow Friday? Really, weather? Really? Wait, that's the first of April. PLEASE BE A COSMIC JOKE. WAITING FOR THE JUST KIDDING PART. *sob* No more cold.
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The three essays I have to write, at most, are 2000 words collectively. I have 100 words, collectively. Only 1900 to go...? Fuck, I need to stop dragging my feet. @____@ *kicks self off LJ*


Mar. 28th, 2011 08:37 am
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I have to write 150 words, in Italian, what my fridge would say if it could talk. >>;; Che pazzo, professore! <<;; (Darlings, that's your Italian lesson of the day. You know how to say 'crazy' in Italian now. Don't use the knowledge all in one place! XD)

(Also, my fridge would ask why I stop eating every once and a while. >>;; Damn stomach.)


Mar. 27th, 2011 09:37 pm
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Now, that's a Batman I'd enjoy! And heeee, Robin is a cutie~! <3 ...and now Ra's Al Ghul is counting how many people he's had killed or how many times he's faced the Detective, ha ha ha. One, ha ha ha. Two, ha ha ha... XD

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Dear self,

Okay, you've had your fun. Back to work! I know you're enjoying that Hetalia Friending Meme, and you want to write fics now, BUT you have to do your essays. You want to go to Rome. You WILL go to Rome, but not if you don't do your damned essays, you freaking SLACKER! *scowls*

The new friends will still be there after March is over, darling. Then you can go to Rome in the Fall, and I have new experiences and gelato! Oh, and soccer! SOCCER! Hot guys. You know you're that shallow. >>;;

Also, the Hetalia fics that could be spawned by living and studying in Rome would be MAGNIFICENT! *is shot*

Now, go write those essays, so you can get them beta'd in time. You can do it! It's only 2000 words at most for all three! You can DO IT! Then you can write porn. ...actually, I lied. You'll have to write that silly 150 word composition for Italian class for what would you fridge say if it could talk. Why is your teacher so silly?

Then you gotta memorize that monologue for Speech class. >>;; March is not your friend, babe. XD

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Had Beckaboo hang outs. Not even 2 hours, so it was kinda really sad after, and the commute back and forth may have been longer than the hang outs. ;-;

...also, my mom is fucking nuts. She went to visit my godfather, and he made the unfortunate mistake of giving her espresso. She's been not shutting up and bouncy ever since. Son of a bitch.

*hides under her blanket for warmth since it was so fucking cold and ain't coming out again ever*
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I only got to sleep for two hours. FML. *goes back to writing her paper*

EDIT: *checks the clock at 9:48am* ...I finished my paper with time to spare? Holy fuck. It's even the minimum page requirement! Wooooow. *is impressed with herself* I can even make myself a sandwich for lunch! Whooo.

...also, oh god, Italian class is going to be INTERESTING on this much sleep. I'm either going to be manic with no comprehension of Italian OR half asleep with no comprehension of Italian. Whooooo. *dies*
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Dear self,

Did you get trapped on tumblr AFTER you FINALLY escaped the Hetalia Kink Meme!? Argh, what is wrong with you, self? And now you're making an LJ post to whine at yourself. *shakes head* Do your damned last 'big' assignment for March, and maybe you'll get some damned REAL free time, without the guilt associated with ignoring your damned homework!

...look, darling self, you have a new Dissidia game to play ...maybe we'll write Cloud of Darkness/Laguna tentacle porn? and a huge playground of kink meme prompts to write. Oh, and not to mention a laptop to reconfigure back to your liking. You can do this. It's Tokyo Literature & Film. You like Tokyo and Japanese culture even if some aspects of this class are getting on our last nerve.

Also, icon! Aqua's looking at you disapprovingly! Do you want Aqua disapproving of you? No, I didn't think so. Get to work! That 7 page paper ain't gonna write itself we wish.

The Sorta Sane Voice In Your Head


P.S Goddammit, now you're starting this paper, but you have a headache AND word fail. Fucking failure. And you're only getting maybe 3 hours of sleep tonight. Maybe. *scowl*


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