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I am feeling a bit more benevolent at the moment, so I shall impart some wisdom to you, my dear f-list.


Why yes, my icon has nothing to do with this post. Well, 'cept the mine part. Man, I'd hug a cardboard cut out of myself too. XD


Jul. 1st, 2010 01:02 am
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Why. Why the hell did I try to watch TV? I flip the channel to get away from the disgusting Volvo Twilight commercial just to find another Twilight commercial! It's sickening. Like if I see one, I may need to throw up on one. Or punch the person driving when they come out, especially if they have poofy Edward hair.

Ugh. Not helping with period cramps. Also, plot bunnies are kicking my ass. >>;; When will this Twilight shit end, and when will the bunnies stop being bitches? D:


Jun. 29th, 2010 01:05 am
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I've been trying really hard to boycott anything Twilight. No more Burger King until the Twilight shit is gone. No more watching Adult Swim since they have BOTH BK commercials and the movie commercial (which has the tagline is 'best Twilight movie yet' which really, is saying nothing).

...Food Network has betrayed me and had Twilight commercials, and now, so has CBS during my Craig Ferguson fix. I can't... *sob* This is all kinds of wrong. I can't stand it. And if ANY of you on my f-list come on this post and defend Twilight, I will de-friend you out of being a moron. If you like Twilight, say nothing, and I'll never know.

Am I being a bitch? I don't think so, but I also just started my period, so who fucking knows. >:O

...also, I have 'Vampires' on my AU_bingo card. I kinda want to write the most horrific, blood, and violent vampire piece ever, and I like my vamps smutty. No, these vamps will kill you for fun or for food then desecrate your corpse. That's the kind of vamp I want right now. And the things they'd do to Twilight vamps? Delicious, torturous things...


Jun. 28th, 2010 01:00 am
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I've watched my first episode of Feasting On Asphalt. Man, I've been missing out! Oh Alton. <3 I need to twist one of my AU squares to write in the Alton as Steph's uncle 'verse. Hmm...

EDIT: Oh hey! I have a Historical: Author's Choice! Ooh, I kinda wanna do something from Julia Child's time. >>;; Julia Child's made of lots of awesome. XD


Jun. 24th, 2010 01:54 am
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USA got out of the block AND was top? AND England was second and qualified too? What? I think I missed some interesting soccer today, but my Temple tour was the two hours during the USA vs Algeria game. @_@ Argh. There were TVs about campus with the game on, and I kept sneaking glances at the score.

IT WAS 0-0 THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME UNTIL STOPPAGE TIME! WHAT THE HELL. *huffs* Well, they got through, and England got lucky too. ...well, not THAT lucky. USA got real lucky, and they won't be playing Germany first thing outta the block.

Now, Italy must get outta the group. They don't wanna go home disgraced like France. ...then again, I don't think anyone get as humiliated as they were. Does losing to Australia count as humiliation because then Serbia might have some. *cough*

So yeah. OH! That chef guy that's sometimes on the Craig Ferguson show? He was wearing a Spain shirt and totally dissed Italy. He said they won't qualify out. Pffft, and he's SO sure Spain will? Craig made a joke about actually having to win to qualify out. ...then the chef asked where Scotland is in the World Cup. (The answer is not there, by the way, ouch.)


May. 8th, 2010 01:32 am
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Oh god, Seth MacFarlane is on Craig Ferguson, and just his normal voice is Brian from Family Guy. It's fucking with my head. And HE just did Stewie's voice. I now declare all Seths to be awesome. This includes: Seth Green and Seth Hoffman. Okay, Seth Hoffman is my friend, so you guys don't know him (unless you're Kaitlyn, then hi!), but he's giving me the first two seasons of Dinosaurs tomorrow! YAY! :D

Also, I SHOULD eat during my period, but it fucks me every time I do. Mother fucker. D:

Oh, and I got to talk to my Timmy (Michi) on the phone for the first time. She was a little tipsy, and it was hilarious. She got her Ted and Timmy keychains in the mail. <3 Then her, Mina, and the crazy Cap boy (okay, some friend of theirs that pretended to be Mina who was wearing a Cap shirt, they say, so I said he was the crazy 50s Cap) went to see How to Train Your Dragon, again. I approve. <3

And g'night. Ugh.


May. 4th, 2010 12:59 am
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Hahahaha, I only woke up 20 minutes ago? Essentially, in time for Craig Ferguson! >>;; And I had the weirdest Countdown dream. I dunno, it just ended with Jay having gotten attacked and his face was kinda burned. Kinda like Grant's? Well, Jason!muse did not approve of this and told me to wake the fuck up because he ended Countdown by slitting throats, not getting owies. >>;;

So yeah. I'm fucked up. @_@
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Since I'm in a sort of writing slump- well, more like I can't quite choose what to write -tell me what particular fics/'verses/bunny that I had that you wanna see more of and why. Be passionate. Use lots of words. Maybe you'll inspire a bunny. XD

EDIT: Omg, Craig is in Kick-Ass!? ...I might have to see it for that. >>;;

Oh man

Apr. 17th, 2010 01:07 am
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Oh Craig. So he says on his show that he was in a church basement (which intrigued me because whyyyy?), and a guy asked him which way to the co-dependency anonymous meeting. Craig said 'I think it's time you find it for yourself.'

Hahaha. So terrible but so awesome. And I may want Twitter to follow him. Yes/No? Because I don't think I wanna get near Twitter...? *shrugs*

Also, fuck my stomach. It hates me. >>;;

...and Thunder badges are a bitch to make. I don't even wanna fucking think about Rainbow badges. Ugh. @_@


Apr. 9th, 2010 01:54 am
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Oh Craig. He always makes me laugh. And I love when he talks to people who write books. It's kinda awesome. <3 And wtf, CBS, why is Craig on a half hour later? D: Late Night TV, why you be moving around on me!? ;-; Ain't it bad enough that LJ's being an unreliable whore. D:

So, I finished that Master and Slaves fic for pervy's and cero's 'verse. Yeah, Peeeeervy, I want you to see it first because you guys have that characters speaking a certain way I can't quite capture. >>;; Peeeeervy, beta for me. >>;;

Okay, enough of that little whining and bitching bit. Okay, no. More whining. I'm bad at memes. >>;; And fanfic challenges. And porn, because porn does not want to be porn unless it's RP with Michi. Bah.

Also, I should clean my room tomorrow since my room will just make Bek sneeze forever. >>;; That wouldn't be good. And I just need to not be lazy in general. Bah.

...though! I made $10.50 at school today! Go me. I sold two Sailor Moon pins, and five Pokemon pins. I should probably make more Pokemon badges and some normal pokeball pins. Let's see what else would there be interest in... Triforce, Mario mushrooms... Hmmm...
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Dear stomach,

Fuck off. Yes, you. Cramps suck but making me have to run to the bathroom for half the night? Argh. No. Denied. Go fuck yourself. Sometimes you DON'T do this. I like those times. Be one of those times now, or I'm not feeding you. I have Spring Break. I can just not eat. >:O

...okay, maybe better no threats because I have a job interview on Monday, and it's the Ides of March, so I don't need anymore bad luck. >_<;;

No fucking love,

Now for something completely different!

"My job is not to piss you off. My job is to be a corporate whore for CBS." -Craig Ferguson (03/12/2010, Late Late Show)

"I have sex on the brain tonight. I'd rather have it on my penis, but I'll take it on my brain." -Craig Ferguson (03/12/2010, Late Late Show)


Dear TV...

Mar. 2nd, 2010 02:24 am
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Dear OLTL,

Please stop fucking with me head. Snoop Dogg being friends with Bo Buchanan is making me go bwuah!? Also, stop making him act like a character or something when he's just there to sing. @_@

Your sometimes fan,

Dear Craig Ferguson,

...I dun wanna join your robot skeleton army, really..., seriously...


P.S. (To Apolo Ohno) No, I'm not getting a Twitter to follow your cute ass either... ....really. >>;;
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Oh wow. I forgot how much crack Fooly Cooly was on. Why am I watching this again? *falls over*

Oh Soaps~

Feb. 9th, 2010 12:41 am
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I do not want David/Greenlee, I do not want David/Greenlee, I do not want...

...okay, I totally do. Damn you, AMC. Go wedding of DOOM! :D

Aww, Craig Ferguson, you sell out. You said you'd never join the 'tweety-bird,' but you did. D:


Jan. 15th, 2010 12:57 am
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...there's place called Dildo, Canada. *laughs forever* And Fucking, Austria! *still laughing* ...and I see Hetalia crack fic in the last one, actually...


Dec. 24th, 2009 03:47 am
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I finished making earrings for my mom and some aunts, and I proceeded to make another ornament for the tree. I had a Robin R, and yellow Bat symbol for Batgirl I didn't bake yet. I decided Tim (the Robin R) was lonely on the tree, but I wanted something other than Babs (the yellow Bat symbol) to join him, so I made a kris. :D My Christmas tree is gonna have a Tim/Babs/Jason threesome! XD

Also, late night TV makes me giggle. Like Trojan commercials for little purple personal vibrators. I think Steph would buy one of these. XD And I think Alfred would have disdain for the shamwow. XD

And apparently I'm a kitty, so I'm gonna go curl up and sleep. XD

EDIT + picture )

...cop out

Dec. 1st, 2009 01:17 am
shinyglorchan: (Aquaman!Craig) make me sad, Craig Ferguson. You have an actor from a Twilight movie on your show. You detest Twilight. I think someone has sold out. I am sadface now. :(

*sniff* I'm gonna go back to making icons of my art bitch's porn. *wanders off*

Aaaaand, my one shift for the week got taken away from me for tomorrow. Ah well. I'll attempt chicken pot pie.

...also, perhaps I shall make icons of REAL vampires, like Spike. *grumbles*

Oh, and school sucked today. Boy are motherfucking retards, and I had a bit of misanthropy. Of course, there's a list of people who I don't have disdain for, but this list seems rather small this week. Even Craig kinda made the list. :( And you made me smile so.

EDIT: *has the hiccups for the THIRD TIME TONIGHT!!!* >:O


Nov. 24th, 2009 12:55 am
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You know, Craig always makes me happy. I can't be depressed during the weeknights when he's on. Especially when he makes fun of Twilight. :D

"Vampires were scary. MTV used to have music." ~Craig Ferguson

Lol, this is true. Love. <3
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Well, I found my sharpies, AND November 13th is To Write Love On Her Arms day. Of course, we know what I did with MY sharpies. There may or may not be a Robin R somewhere amidst all the love. XD

Also, it's a miracle I didn't kill myself with sharpie fumes. >.>;; Pictures are kinda shitty. But, BRIGHT COLORS! Also, Jesus Fucking Christ, I hate when sites have talking ADs. Scared the fuck outta me. Fuck you, photobucket. >:O

Love on my arm~ )

Haha. This about Aqualad: "He's like Robin, but gayer, if that's possible." ~Tim Gunn on the Aquaman skit. *giggles, a lot* Oh the Craig Ferguson show makes me so very happy. XD

EDIT: Omg, double Aquaman skit tonight! Heee. Aquadad. *giggles* And Harry Connick Jr. and Craig almost made out. XD It was lol.


Nov. 13th, 2009 01:36 am
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"I don't want to be in a relationship; I want to be in a pirate ship." ~Nick Griffin

Also, Trace Adkins talking to Craig is kinda wonderful. It's made of lots of lol. XD

EDIT: Note to self, I do NOT want to write Lucky/Jason where Lucky actually killed Nikolas and is on the run and gets help from Jason. Or Jason tells Lucky that Michael killed Claudia, so Michael can deal with murdering someone the RIGHT way instead of the SONNY way. >>;; Also, I hate Michael. I wanted him dead and/or in that coma forever, mm'kay, thanks! Little shit, more entitled and bratty than fucking Damian Wayne. ...oh GH, how you are keeping me awake. XD

EDIT 2: Now I'm too wired and angry, so can't get to bed. Fucking wonderful. >:O

EDIT 3: Less pissed now. Wanna know why~? Damian got hurt~! This makes me HAPPY! >:D It had quite the calming effect since I almost went into Gloria SMASH mode a few minutes ago. ...yes, I'm erratic, why do you ask? XD


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