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While I was on the Hetalia Kink Meme, I found a link that I found a very good read. It was written last year during the World Cup, it seems. It's about penetration (and how that's not the be-all-end-all sex act) as well as bottoming =/= submissive (unless the person wants it to be).

Here's the link, and I'd like to say, I'm a bit guilty of some of thought processes here that I've picked up from the culture around me. For example, using the baseball bases metaphor. Like the post says: penetrative sex isn't the be all end all of sex.

That being said, fic-wise, fandom in general could benefit from this. I mean, really, tell me; when was the last time you read a fic with intercrural sex in it? What about a couple that just doesn't do penetrative sex? Hell, a fandom that doesn't have the term top-bottom, pitcher-catcher, seme-uke, ect.? Not very damn often, I'm betting.

All this being said, I'm not saying this to offend anyone. Just wanted to put the thoughts out there for broadening horizons. <3
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Porn Battle is on, darlings, and for a moment, I thought it had betrayed me. I mean, argh, the too much SPN and then there was Dr. Light porn (3 pieces of art I couldn't avoid! Light/Kimiyo, Light/Ralph, and Light/Sue. I don't even. *sob*)

Then I found one of my prompts had been filled. Since I had had so much terrible-horribleness, I wasn't optimistic. I WAS PROVED GLORIOUSLY WRONG! Guh. And my prompt was 'Jason/Talia/Tim, negotiations.' THEN THERE WAS PEGGING! How did I NOT think of Talia and pegging before!? Guuuuuh.

I'm haaaaaaaappy. And now, back to the Hetalia kink meme for more happy. *disappears*
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The Porn Battle has started. The list of prompts is here.

...And this is where you put your finished works. Okay, there's Mulan/Jasmine porn art, and I didn't even knew I wanted that until I saw it, guh.

Porn away, f-list. I requested enough DCU that the probability of ONE of my request being filled should be pretty high... *is shot*

*skulks back to the Hetalia Kink Meme to roll around in it some more*


Jan. 13th, 2011 12:55 pm
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Guess who found some lovely Steph/Tim porn~ Me, me, me! I must share it with my lovely f-list because I love you. And I propose a challenge. Write me fic, telling me what they're saying in this pic, what finally made this happen, ect. I will reward you a pretty banner for your efforts. (Also, underage darlings on my f-list, don't click the lj-cut or participate. Just for everyone's peace of mind. <3)

I shall call this the WRITE FIC TO THIS PICTURE AND I WILL LOVE YOU LONG TIME Art To Fic Challenge. XD You guys can do it! <3 (I'll even accept art of the next part or RP, XD.)

Lovely art by Demeters_Wake found on Rule 34, XD )

EDIT: I found the original post for this art here. The blog has some other nice porny pieces as well. AND commissions are begin taken here. *sigh* Man, I wish I weren't broke. XD
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Title: Sex Tactics
Fandom: DCU
Character(s): Mia, Jason
Pairing(s): Jason/Mia
Word Count: 487
Genre: general/light smut
Rating: Light R/M
Notes: Bek wrote me Jason/Mia fic this morning. It gave me a Jason/Mia bunny. I copped out on porn, mainly because I have to run to class now. XD (Also for my Jason claim at [ profile] dcu_freeforall: #30 Pulse.) I had a better title midway through the fic, but dammit, I've forgotten it. :/
Link: N/A

Sorta kinda hate sexing with Jason, huh, Mia? )
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I'm reading a chapter by chapter review/summary of the Twilight series. It has confirmed my suspicions of this being nothing but absolute garbage and work of fanfiction. She has no plot (which, I can't reprimand her for because I never do either), but it makes me angry that she can't write dialogue OR characterization.

Fuck plot. Dialogue and characterization are the things I pretty much WRITE for. I don't write because I love a world; I write because I love the damned characters and what they do with the world they're in. And you know, why can she make so much money writing when I can write better than she can? At least I know how to us characterization and dialogue. Maybe I fail at plot, but clearly, plot means nothing in this world anymore.

So yeah. I wanna write a book. Placing bets on how long that'll last with my attention sp- Oooh, a butterfly! *wanders off*
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I'm abusing the amount of new icon slots I have? Why yes, yes I am. XD Still craving more Steph/Tim, like whoa. Though, I have rec this tiny drabble fic from years ago: Best Girl by [ profile] petronelle. It actually made me laugh out loud, in very few words. Short things aren't usually capable of that. *noms on it*

Omg! When did this get here? *points to 'select tags' button!* LJ HAS MADE MY LIFE EASIER! ...this sentence seems weird to say. XD
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So, I got double teamed by [ profile] me_ya_ri and [ profile] anidawehi to write part of their film noir 'verse with Glimpse and Stained Glass Angels. But film noir is not a happy place, and I wanna write Roy/Steph, but I CANNOT write anything sad for Roy right now. DC's doing that enough for every writer ever. ;-;

So yeah. And I'm trying hard not to cop out on my Film Noir square by playing a little in the Thrillkiller'verse. I still have a Detective square...? >>;;
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Guess who's birthday is almost a week away? Me! :D I take presents and love in the form of lots of things! Want a list? No? You're getting one anyways! XD

-I like Jay fic. Om nom. (or Roy/Steph or Jason/Babs or Jason/Tim or Jason/Talia or Steph/Tim...)
-I like Jay art. (or Roy/Steph or Jason/Babs or Jason/Tim or Steph/Tim... I think you get the picture)
-I like icon slots. Lots and lots of them. Apparently, 130 is not enough for me. Silly, LJ, GIMME MORE! XD
-I really like when people shop at my store. Makes me feel important. <3
-I like heroclix to make more jewelry! Mmmm, jewelry.
-I like paid LJ. It is tasty and addictive. Nom.
-I like getting mail! Any kind is fuuuuun. <3 (Message me and I'll give you my address.)

Now that I've been an attention whore, time to give the attention to someone else! Two weeks ago, I got a piece of mail from [ profile] batstalker. Bek was here when I got it, and how, you ask, did we know it was from her?

Well, let me show you! )
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So, I was going through my f-list and found someone who write OT3 fic posted this little bit of goodness. It's a piece of meta by a polyamorous person about polyamory. It's a really good read (and wow, correct grammar abound!), and I think the next time I write a moresome fic, I'm going to go back and read that for some ideas.

As a person who knows pretty much nothing about polyamory (AKA this coming from a person who went to Catholic school all her grade school and high school life), it was very enlightening. Mostly, I found it to be common sense if thought about, but hey, if polyamory confuses you, and you want to write your OT3 or such, give it a read. <3

...also, Firefox doesn't seem to like the words 'polyamorous' or 'polyamory.' Go fig. Maybe it's just twitchy about the mix of Greek and Latin roots. XD

Art Rec~

May. 19th, 2010 06:49 pm
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So, most of you have read my First Robin: Stephanie Brown fic, and now there's art for her Robin costume by [ profile] phoenixofborg. Some of you may know her from lots of Connor [ profile] comment_fic answers and such. XD Art under the cut.

First Robin: Stephanie Brown )


May. 13th, 2010 03:57 pm
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So, apparently, I went to the wrong room for the final. I blame all the construction for the fact she even HAD a class time in another room. *sigh* I'm going tonight for my last final then I'm done.

And I may be sleeping art bitch's house this weekend to plan her costume for Wizard World, meet a new boy, and mayhaps get this boy into spandex for the con. XD God willing, lol.

AND, tomorrow is my little Robin's birthday! He's gonna be six, and we're going to a hibachi! Dude, he knew what that word meant and everything. >>;; And pronounced it right. I am impressed, lol. Mmm, hibachi. <3

Also, brownies cooling on the stove. Yummmm. :D And I need to rec an awesome tumblr that [ profile] pervyficgirl sent me to: sex is not the enemy. <3 I've kinda been on it all day, lol. And NWSF, duh. XD
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...I haven't been reading porn all day. ...really. Okay, Te posted a new fic today. Guh. So many pairings and so much ROY. There was Roy/Dick, Roy/Connor, Roy/Tim (+ lots of other pairings and Dick/Steph with adorable Steph/Tim)... Te writes the most epic porn fics. Yes, some of it's a little freaky...and I swear that her Tim changes with every series. >>;;

But man, she writes a wonderful Roy. I haven't gotten to read him much by Te, but guh. ...also, Roy have a frenum ladder piercing on his cock is in this fic. This amuses me since Michi's Roy has cock piercings too. XD

Rec Times!

Mar. 24th, 2010 05:53 pm
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Someone wrote some lovely fic for my Jason Todd Het Challenge~ Go read Midnight Conversations And The Gravitational Force by [ profile] alexiel_neesan! It's wonderful, Jason/Steph-y (and we all know it's not my fave Jason het pairing, so yay this fic for making me like it more), plays with one of my favorite head canons, and is just lots of yay~!

Also, this is a reminder post. March is almost over, so start linking me to your Jason Het fics/icons/art/ect.! Or you know, do them if you've forgotten. XD
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Guess what I did~ Guess, guess~ I found some Jason/Cass fic for my Jason Todd Manifesto! And not just any Jason/Cass! Jason/Cass people have been whining about lately! [ profile] greeneyelove's Jason/Cass fics. How did I do this? I have a time machine, of course!

...or I was bored and fucking around with the WayBack Machine...? :D? Well, I didn't find too many fics...but here's what I did find. Enjoy?


Mar. 18th, 2010 04:36 pm
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CUTE JASONS! LOTS OF CUTE JASONS!!! Click the cute Jason [ profile] batstalker drew! :D Leads to more cuteness!

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Why am I awake before I have to be again? Oh yeah, homework. Bah, I hate Tuesdays. >>;; BUT, omg, 90s comics, so awesome. I'm gonna icon a speech bubble that says 'Dick, you slut!' XD Because it's true! *giggles*

On another note, time to rec some [ profile] comment_fic 'anon' gave me last night! Lookie, she filled my DCU/Food Network crossover prompt! The Waffler and his little blond niece! XD Then an extra bit with stalker Timmy. This may be a 'verse. Oh, how I love when my prompts create a 'verse. XD

EDIT: Aaaaaand adding this Barry/Hal, Alton fic to this post, so I can find it later if I expand this 'verse.
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I made this request. I blame a weird mood, Guy/Kyle, BN:GLC #43, and Lady GaGa. Anon is love even though I know who she is. <3
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FIND ME THE SCAN OF TINY TITANS #23, STAT! ;-; NEEEEEEEEEED! NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED! If you have it and a scanner, scan it for me, and I will give you lots of fic, whatever you want. Just GIMME! ;-; Mommy won't lemme take the bus at night to go get it, and she won't drive me. ;-;!!


EDIT: Also, I have dub today Jason/Tim Day because of Tiny Titans, that binge that I stopped of Jason/Tim fics, AND [ profile] saavikam77's [ profile] comment_fic binge! And well I got art from [ profile] sammage_art this morning to make up for all the Tim/Ra's. <3

OTP day...

Dec. 16th, 2009 12:36 pm
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We all know what my DCU OTP is at this point (and if you don't, I think you may need to get your eyes/ears checked if you've been on this LJ and/or ever spoken with me). Today's OTP day at [ profile] comment_fic! ...yeah, this may end in filling a lot of my own prompts, but hey, by the end of this my Jason/Tim tag will be bigger than my Roy/Dick tag, and all will be right with the world. :D

Maybe I can actually get my Jason Todd prompt table worked in too. XD I may be kidding myself with that one. XD 92 prompts have Jason/Tim in them. Or CAN. :D And they're not ALL mine. XD Lol.

EDIT: Omg, Best thing ever! Hahaha, Robin angst in a box! Go look at the cute chibi!Robin comic. Dick's a re-gifter. Hahahaha. <3


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