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My thinking license should be revoked after a certain time at night or after weird sleeping patterns. I blame this icon: for the following idea. Oh, and Batman.

Oh, I guess I should blame [ profile] _sephet_ for encouraging me. Or am I encouraging her to draw it? It's both?

Yeah, so. Bat Dinos. Bat!Dino's parents are deeeeeead. Then it spiraled from there. To Robins (which makes Pre-Crisis Jay's parents' death easiest; Croc goes nom nom nom) and Bat villains. Then my brain tried to figure out Booster Gold, and it all went down hill from there.

He'd be like bones! 'Cause the future has no live Dinos! D: He'd be really shiny bones? And Ted would be some huge blue prehistoric beetle, and they'd be in love until Maxwell Lord-Rex came along and SMOOSHED the beetle and and and- *sob*

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WAH! I used a SAT vocab word in my Gravitation fanfic! It was 'condescend' And there's one word that just won't stop stalking me! See?

CorporealSpuffy [9:12 PM]: ah! i used like a vocab word in my fanfic!
CorporealSpuffy [9:12 PM]: goddammit!
SailorMgc [9:12 PM]: o__o?
CorporealSpuffy [9:13 PM]: i used a word from my english SATs vocab list...
CorporealSpuffy [9:13 PM]: wah-ness
SailorMgc [9:13 PM]: What was the word?
CorporealSpuffy [9:13 PM]: condescend
CorporealSpuffy [9:13 PM]: goddammit! it was on my vocab test yesterday!
CorporealSpuffy [9:14 PM]: next thing u know i'll be using words like 'guile'
CorporealSpuffy [9:14 PM]: if i even remembered what that meant....
SailorMgc [9:15 PM]: o.o
SailorMgc [9:15 PM]: I was just about to ask what that ment.
CorporealSpuffy [9:17 PM]: that's y i didn't remeber it for the tes but now it won't go away
SailorMgc [9:17 PM]: Hee.
CorporealSpuffy [9:17 PM]: it's stalking me
SailorMgc [9:18 PM]: Haha.
CorporealSpuffy [9:25 PM]: guile = cunning
CorporealSpuffy [9:25 PM]: no wonder it's a good stalker
SailorMgc [9:25 PM]: Oh.
SailorMgc [9:25 PM]: Sneaky little devil.
CorporealSpuffy [9:25 PM]: yep

Bai Bai...
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CorporealSpuffy [10:29 PM]: *blocks Alex and walks off*
Demonmoocow [10:29 PM]: wow
Demonmoocow [10:29 PM]: did you really block him?
Demonmoocow [10:29 PM]: ouch
CorporealSpuffy [10:29 PM]: just kinda deleted his name
CorporealSpuffy [10:29 PM]: i'll put it back when i give a damn
Demonmoocow [10:30 PM]: if he turns emo and attempts to kill himself i blame you
CorporealSpuffy [10:30 PM]: he'd do that anyway
CorporealSpuffy [10:30 PM]: and u kno it
Demonmoocow [10:30 PM]: hahah
Demonmoocow [10:30 PM]: yes!
CorporealSpuffy [10:31 PM]: *wanders off, comes back* i need black nail polish without glitter in it....
Demonmoocow [10:31 PM]: why?
Demonmoocow [10:31 PM]: so you can be of teh goth?
Demonmoocow [10:31 PM]: Carlinmaster: tell her Im crying because she stabbed me with glitter
CorporealSpuffy [10:31 PM]: -.-'
Demonmoocow [10:31 PM]: Carlinmaster: shell probly say good
CorporealSpuffy [10:32 PM]: wrong
Demonmoocow [10:32 PM]: teheh
CorporealSpuffy [10:32 PM]: emo brat...
Demonmoocow [10:32 PM]: you're amazing
Demonmoocow [10:32 PM]: !!!
CorporealSpuffy [10:32 PM]: hm... when did that happen?
Demonmoocow [10:32 PM]: just now
Demonmoocow [10:32 PM]: with the emo brat thing
CorporealSpuffy [10:33 PM]: well then...
CorporealSpuffy [10:33 PM]: yay me...
Demonmoocow [10:33 PM]: yes
Demonmoocow [10:33 PM]: it was the best thing ever
CorporealSpuffy [10:33 PM]: *has nothing better to do an puts this in live journal? or just no?*
Demonmoocow [10:34 PM]: yes
CorporealSpuffy [10:34 PM]: ook
Demonmoocow [10:34 PM]: do it! wench!
CorporealSpuffy [10:34 PM]: i'm not u r wench
Demonmoocow [10:34 PM]: didn't say you were
Demonmoocow [10:34 PM]: just a wnech
Demonmoocow [10:34 PM]: *wench
Demonmoocow [10:34 PM]: in general
CorporealSpuffy [10:34 PM]: i'm not one tho... wait...
CorporealSpuffy [10:34 PM]: nvm...
Demonmoocow [10:34 PM]: hahah <3
Demonmoocow [10:35 PM]: the truth hurts. that's why emo kids slit their wrists so much!
CorporealSpuffy [10:35 PM]: *rolls eyes*
CorporealSpuffy [10:35 PM]: they want attention is what they want
Demonmoocow [10:35 PM]: whoa.
Demonmoocow [10:35 PM]: no fuck?
Demonmoocow [10:35 PM]: really?
Demonmoocow [10:35 PM]: hahah
CorporealSpuffy [10:35 PM]: >>;
Demonmoocow [10:36 PM]: yeah
Demonmoocow [10:36 PM]: i <3 teh attention
Demonmoocow [10:36 PM]: Carlinmaster: tell her I'l stop bugging her if she unblocks me
Demonmoocow [10:36 PM]: meh
CorporealSpuffy [10:37 PM]: liar


I probably should have cut this short somewhere... Oh well...


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