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My thinking license should be revoked after a certain time at night or after weird sleeping patterns. I blame this icon: for the following idea. Oh, and Batman.

Oh, I guess I should blame [ profile] _sephet_ for encouraging me. Or am I encouraging her to draw it? It's both?

Yeah, so. Bat Dinos. Bat!Dino's parents are deeeeeead. Then it spiraled from there. To Robins (which makes Pre-Crisis Jay's parents' death easiest; Croc goes nom nom nom) and Bat villains. Then my brain tried to figure out Booster Gold, and it all went down hill from there.

He'd be like bones! 'Cause the future has no live Dinos! D: He'd be really shiny bones? And Ted would be some huge blue prehistoric beetle, and they'd be in love until Maxwell Lord-Rex came along and SMOOSHED the beetle and and and- *sob*



Dec. 14th, 2010 07:37 pm
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A few things. One, Kingdom Hearts II is gayer than I remembered. I will not ship Sora/Riku, I will not ship Sora/Riku...

Two, I just played the final battles for KHII, and weeeeeell... I didn't remember a single one. XD Okay, 'cept Xemnas' zebra coat, but that's pretty unforgettable, ya know? XD

Three, I think we'll be seeing more nobodies in the future. ...okay, this is me hoping Axel comes back, shut up. He needs his Roxas, man. XD

Why, you ask, am I gaming instead of studying for finals and doing my final paper? Clearly, you do not know me. I am a procrastinator. Also, I did start my paper. Gonna work on it more tonight after I start my 3_ships fic. LOOK, NOT PROCRASTINATING ON SOMETHING.

I gotta write Sora/Kairi/Riku, and I'm researching, you see. XD I need to watch a few more cutscenes. Soooo... *disappears...into the darkness*
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Winick: And I can't talk too much about it, but I've been getting a tremendous amount of email about Red Hood, after the mini-series finished up. People want to know if we're going to do more.

Yes, we're going to do more Jason Todd/Red Hood. And yes, I'll be writing it. I can't tell you in what manner. Or what we're doing exactly, but we'll be announcing it soon. There will be some Jason Todd stuff coming out.

THERE IS A GOD! Here's the concrete proof, at the end of the interview. SQUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

EDIT: There's also a petition here for an ongoing. <3


May. 3rd, 2010 10:25 am
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I finished the book in one day. >>;; Haha, my fingers were a little black from the ink all day. Rather ridiculous. So yeah, I've got some fic ideas for BDB. Some Qhuinn/Blay (can we say duh?) and some Layla/Payne (mmm, femslash).

I wanna write now, but I have less than two weeks left of school. I should really do one of my last homeworks for the semester, you know? >>;;

...but the femslash, it calls to me, like the mothership. >>;; Also, this book needed more Qhuinn POV. I skimmed a good chunk of this book because of bad POV choices. D: Well, I always skimmed Lesser POV parts, you know? I love POV changes, but JR Ward needs to execute them properly.

And her colon use was driving me up a wall! >>;; ...why yes my grammar check brain was on while I was reading. Oops. >>;;
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Callarkhamquick is my favorite for bringing this to my attention!!! getting a 6 issue mini-series called... Red Hood: The Lost Days. I-I... It... *incoherent fangirling of JOY* Jason canon. More Jason canon that isn't penned by Daniel or Morrison and is during that nebulous time we all guess about! it bad I want Jason/Talia canon? >.>;; I'll go pretend I didn't say that... But, EEE!

EDIT: In all my squealing, I forgot about THE PRETTY ART! HOW DARE I! (Also, if you want an LJ cut, look elsewhere, buddy!)

EDIT 2: Here's some work by the interior artist, even though it didn't get published. If he draws Jason as pretty as Dick, he's got me sold. Guh. And he fucking worked with ED BRUBAKER! I think it's a good sign when the artist of a Jason Todd series worked with the writer that brought Bucky Barnes back. *fangirly sigh~*


Nov. 18th, 2009 02:00 pm
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...yup, stayed up until 5am reading Te fic. Her Jason/Tim seduces me! Still haven't finished re-reading Catch Me Low, but gah, it makes me want to go write more for that fic that I wrote where Jason showed up after Tim's 16th b-day party when he was a bit vulnerable from Bruce's stupid test of fucking stupid. >>;;

But I have the NaNo. Must do that. >>;; I want to, really. ...I mean it! Stop giving me that look! *hides*

EDIT: Yup, I'm about 10k behind. Well, fuck. >:O Screw you muses, I'm gonna fix this, even if it requires writing NOTHING in order.
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I got this uncontrollable urge to play Tertis, and yay, my NES is agreeing with me! *plays and gets top score then keeps playing*


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