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Uhhh, I had this WEIRD dream this morning. Until just now, I think my brain was still thinking it was real. Oh man. Paranoia does not help.

So, apparently there's this lady on the phone with the mama. Some important thing having to do with school and my school money. And all you should have a JOB during the school year, and you're a TERRIBLE person because you DON'T. Pffft, and me being me took the phone and bitched out the lady about my five classes this semester, and fuck her, because I CAN'T get a job while in Rome since my Italian just isn't that fucking proficient, and REAL Italians would laugh at me.

...she had some snappy, bureaucratic comeback which forced me to hand the phone back to mama who is not a bitch like me. ...usually, anyways. Then I think I woke up, and I don't think this whatever the hell this was really left my mind. Noooow, I'm all paranoid. Lovely. *goes to crawl in a hole and finish her applications*

EDIT: YES! One of my teachers sent in the recommendation. Thank god. Now, just waiting on my last Italian teacher. *sigh of relief*
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I just had a weird dream during my nap... Craig Ferguson was in it. I'm pretty sure it went through a show, but I don't remember the first bit. Apparently, he made fun of Einstein during the monologue (which, hahaha, he did last night), then he more than one guest on at once.

One of the guests was Einstein, who was somehow still alive, but very old. The other guy had a name, but essentially was a heavy set Mexican with a mustache. So he was reading the e-mails and twitters with them, apologizing when one came up about being rude to Einstein.

Then they read another one that asked about Craig and something about boy make outs, so he and the Mexican decided to fake make out. 'Cept it turned into real make out, and they pulled away all going eww, turned away and spitting, then kinda like cartoon, looking at each other like it was a mirror and wiping off their tongues in sync, mirroring each other.

While this is happening Einstein is just reading the rest of the twitters and e-mails like nothing happen, and the Mexican has a cup of ramen he spilled, and he picks up the noodles from his leg saying they're still good even though something about his mouth not being because of the kiss.

Then my brain said all this was illogical or something and woke me up. None of it earlier was illogical, brain? >>;;

Also, I filled out a survey at school to get a pretzel because I'm poor and didn't eat yet, and the survey was summer jobs! Apparently, I got an interview for Monday...? Entry level, $17 (per hour?)...? Ummm, I have no idea what they do there. I just have dress business appropriate. I think I can do that. ...maybe? Uhhh... Yes, I totally can. Yup. ...>>;;


Nov. 11th, 2008 12:40 am
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Holy plot bunnies, Batman! Why the hell does Grace Choi demand her own series of fics where she gets laid by everyone? Wtf, man. I've done Grace/Kyle and Grace/Beatriz, but it seems Rose Wilson wants in on the action too. Ahhh, since Jason Todd is my eternal DCU muse, he wants some action too! Argh. So what to call Grace's series? 'Grace Lays Everyone'? 'The 'Verse Where Grace Lays Everyone'? I'm not clever, stfu. I'm supposed to be doing a ten page paper. ;-; Do not want.

And being a chick sucks. Only once a month, of course. Pain, blood, and such is okay, but not when it's mine! >:( And I think my music player feels like telling me to kill people. *points to music player's song of choice*

Wednesday is gonna suck. This week is gonna suck. Once Wednesday is over, I should be home free for a bit... No, Thursday will end it. Then, tomorrow I shall call me aunt and make an appointment for a manicure-pedicure for Firday since I have off from work. Yay Tech School's awesome cheapness on beauty stuffs. Pampering will be well deserved, dammit.

So yeah. Wednesday gonna suck for many reasons. One, media paper due (10-15 pages) for political science along with my oral report about Social Security and aging in America. Very tempted to make the comment my Sociology said about just pushing old people in front of cars, so there'll be social security for me later. >>;; Side tracking, right. Then I have a math test, which is easy (fucking probability, why is anyone having a problem with it?!) but still. Then 4 hour art class. Nude model. last time, it was a decent looking chick. This time, old dude. ;-; Ugh. With cramps and such. Advil is my best friend this week....

Yes, yes, tell Gloria to get the fuck off LJ and stop procrastinating and start that motherfucking 10-15 page paper due Wednesday. Click out of LJ and e-mail. No fanfics. No NaNoWriMo. Be a good girl. >>;; Yes, self-mother. Wtf.


Aug. 23rd, 2008 03:21 am
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Forgot to mention earlier. FFIV, more awesome than originally though. OMFG, Golbez has STORYLINE. And voice overs for certain almost ending scenes make me die happy. <3

I swear they're pushing Rydia/Edge. Kain seems a bit asexual. Yes, even with his Rosa obsession... Maybe Zemus stole his sexuality, and that's why he's really on this quest to kill the bastard. ...I feel another plot bunny hopping my way... A crack one at that...


@_@ More reason to be sleeeeeeeping. My brain's a scary place when I'm coherent, but now... X-x;;


Mar. 13th, 2008 06:05 pm
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I totally just ran into Steve and Masa, Kimi-chan's friends, on campus! they were taking the exams to get put into classes for next semester. I recognized Steve in the game room, but I didn't know why... And then he said I punched him the first time we met. -.-;;

Well, sorry, I don't remember everyone I hit! >>;; That'd be WAY too many people! Then I remembered who he was. Then I blatantly told him I thought he was gay, since my gaydar is not usually wrong. *shrugs* Steve and me are kinda friends now, so yay?

After, we found Masa, and I showed them around campus, and it was kinda cool. I kinda wanna beat up Masa just because he went really quiet whenever I mentioned Kimi-chan. Grrrr... Ah well.

SPRING BREAK STARTS NOW, BABY! *dances* Now, I just have to get home. >>;; *is using a school computer*
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There's an ambulance, a firetruck, and a few cop cars across the street in the crazy house complex...? o_o;; That does not bode well, not at all... I wonder if a crazy person escaped and attacked someone...with fire? O_o;; Goddammit! My mind is not allowed to function, I swear. It gives me horrid scenarios. I just want that damn yellow DHL truck to come with my external hard drive! *pouts* Like BEFORE I got to class? ;-;! least I finished my Japanese homework at home for once...? *shrugs*

EDIT: I hear a helicopter. Add helicopter to the list. Damn.


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