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Forza Napoli! <3 I'm soooo glad I fucked up my sleep schedule and ended up awake for the second half of the Napoli-Lazio game. It was several kinds of awesome! 4-3! <3 Napoli won~ It was 1-0, Lazio half time then it was 2-0, and Gloria was sad. D:

THEN, one guy gets it in (Dossena, I think, with a header), and boom, 2 minutes later, Maggio heads the ball over towards the goal, and Cavani heads it in! <3 2-2, baby! But oh noes, Lazio get another goal that bounces in then out. Definitely went in, buuuuut the ref didn't see it, so it didn't count. >>;;

Obviously, angry Lazio players are angry. Their anger is gone a few minutes later when a defender on Napoli kicks the ball in his own goal while defending. >>;; I guess that's justice, and then it 3-2, Lazio. Sadface.

AND THEN! The game keeps going, and a Lazio guy knocks Cavani over in the box (this is a liiiittle debatable)! Red card AND a penalty kick! Gasp! ...Lazio, again, not happy. Cavani evens out the score 3-3, sinking the penalty shot. <3

Near the end of the game, Cavani makes another goal off an assist by Mascara (hehehe, his name is make up!), and they totally tackle to man to the ground. >>;; Uhh, I think it was waaaaay too close to the fans, because there was this huge pile that lasted a minute. Maaaaan, it was like a game of 'Let's Find the Napoili Players!'

...then after that, a fight sorta broke out? Cavani and number 77 on the Lazio team were all over each other. >>;; They both got yellow carded. A few minutes later, game over, Hamsik is sans a shirt and getting picked up off the ground by Cavani. <3 Mind you, Hamsik is taller than Cavani, but it happened anyways. Heee. I love this sport~


Mar. 27th, 2011 09:37 pm
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Now, that's a Batman I'd enjoy! And heeee, Robin is a cutie~! <3 ...and now Ra's Al Ghul is counting how many people he's had killed or how many times he's faced the Detective, ha ha ha. One, ha ha ha. Two, ha ha ha... XD

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The second Dissidia game came in the mail today. I am made of fangirly joy. And I think Kefka just mentioned Kuja in a rant, calling him a spoony bard. I LOVE THAT PHRASE! >>;; *is shot* Also, I shall be referring to Kuja as Kujie-coo from now on! Thank you, Kefka~!

Gwahahahahaha- *ahem*

Yes. And umm, Lightning is really damned hot. Laguna is fucking adorable. And Tifa's endowments are endowed. XD Caaaaaan't wait to fight as Tifa and have more joygasms, fangasms, and well, all kind of -gasms!

As I fangirl, I am typing from my laptop. Things look okay. Got personalize everything again, but system restore had given me a small free trial of Norton, and they say all my back up files are clean. Finding the files where all my bookmarks are is going to be fun. Ahhh, I'm so useless without LJlogin. I'm looking, and it's not there! I'm so sadface. >>;;

But back to gaming! ...for tomorrow shall be homeworking times. D:
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One: You can find posts in communities by a certain poster by just adding "?poster=INSERTLJNAMEHERE"! OMG, [ profile] dizmo, why did you not tell us all SOONER!? <3

e.g. Okay, let's go with [ profile] comment_fic. If I wanted to find the days I posted there, I would just type this hyperlink: (Easy, no? XD)

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I woke up to catch the end half of the second half of the AC Milan-Chievo game. Who am I rooting for? Once I remembered AC Milan is Gattuso's team, I knew who I was going for~ It was 1-1 when I started watching.

Then AC Milan made a goal~ I didn't know the player, but I don't care because he took off his shirt~ Heee. Lovely thing to see in the morning. And I thought they'd keep their shirts on because well, winter. But nope! Totally love. <3 And aww, one of the other players when they had their little group hug totally helped him put his shirt back on. <3
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Eee. I've been listening to some of the Hetalia drama CDs. Heee, in love. Also, kinda wanna make churros. Dammit, Spain and ChibiRomano! >>;; But the Italies' Hitsuji de Oyasumi CD is so cute and sleepy making! Veneziano and Romano counting sheep! For you!

ALSO! Veneziano's track taught me how to spell something in Italian I say every night! (I was reading the translation while listening, since my Japanese is crap.) Me and my mom have this thing we say most nights. "Sogni d'oro." "Sogni d'oro ('you too' but I can't spell what we actually say because I fail, and it might be dialect since it's not anche tu? Fuck.)" "Prego" "...pasta sauce."

Yeah, it's silly since 'prego' is 'you're welcome,' but I always thought of the pasta sauce. You know, the jarred stuff that's never made it's way into this house? XD So yeah. Never knew how to spell OR exactly what I was saying. I knew it was 'sweet dreams,' but I didn't know the literal translation was 'dreams of gold.' Huh., I'm gonna let the Italies count some sheep for me, so I can sleep. XD

EDIT: I... Romano said fuck counting sheep and decided to count tomatoes instead. I... So cute... And this is why he's my favorite fouled mouth little country~ Heee. ...yeah, that doesn't make me sleepy though, lol.


Feb. 6th, 2011 12:16 am
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I've been replaying FFX. Man, I don't think any the other FF games are as great for replay as this one. I just... I dunno. So much nostalgia and such, and just it's still so pretty.

Also, did anyone EVER think Seymour wasn't evil? I don't remember what I thought of him first time around, but argh, HIS THEME SONG IS CLEARLY SKETCHY! ...also, I love Battle with Seymour. Uematsu, you were sheer brilliance yet again. See, this is what new FF games are lacking: Nobou Freaking Uematsu. Well, among other things, but not the point.

I'm feeling kinda apathetic after waking from my nap. I'm going to blame this particular mood swing on my period. >>;; Yeah, right.

Tomorrow (or more accurately, later today) is my mom's birthday. We're going out to eat. ...the cousin put up a fuss about her brother being invited. Oh siblings not getting along. *eye roll* Whatever. I kinda wish this would be just me, my mom, and my aunt. I could handle that., I'm just a bitter bitch, aren't I?

In better news, I watched the Cagliari vs. Juventus game earlier today. <3 Heee, Buffon you make me squee in delight. Also, Luca Toni! You are lovely. He headed the ball into the net for the 3rd goal! Hee. (Matri got the other two goals, and man, he's pretty too.) And Del Piero and your corner kicks~ (Side note: These are Juventus players; I always root for this team because Buffon is my favorite.) <3

And dude, someone on Cagliari has the name Aquafresca. I was wondering why the announcers kept saying something about 'fresh water' during the game. I lol'd. XD (Side note 2: Holy shit, what's the Cagliari's goalie's name? He was gorgeous. Those eyes. Damn. Uhh, I'm not cheating on my favorite goalie, I swear! *hearts Buffon forever*)

Mmm, calcio. Damn, can't wait 'til it stops being winter, and the players start stripping off their shirts. Heh, this is me; what else did you expect me to say? <3


Jan. 21st, 2011 09:47 am
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I have absolutely no self-control, whatsoever it seems. I should do my little Italian paper.

...dammit, I found a kink meme. The Hetalia kink meme seems as though it might be as epic as the PW one. Ohgod, that one is still going, I bet. @_@

...again, no self-control. Heee, Spain/Romano is so cute and so is every pairing ever, eee! Gah, I'm falling back into old patterns of fangirly anime fan. HELP ME!
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Winick: And I can't talk too much about it, but I've been getting a tremendous amount of email about Red Hood, after the mini-series finished up. People want to know if we're going to do more.

Yes, we're going to do more Jason Todd/Red Hood. And yes, I'll be writing it. I can't tell you in what manner. Or what we're doing exactly, but we'll be announcing it soon. There will be some Jason Todd stuff coming out.

THERE IS A GOD! Here's the concrete proof, at the end of the interview. SQUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

EDIT: There's also a petition here for an ongoing. <3
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What the hell? Philly's ahead? Fuck yeah! If USA gets the 2022 World Cup, I'd be so fucking ecstatic if a game came to Philly. Do this for me, people! (And if you must vote for someone else, Boston or NYC is workable. >>;; What do you mean I know people in both places? Hush you.)


Oct. 25th, 2010 10:08 am
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It is AU Day! Go forth and prompt! For today, [ profile] comment_fic has not failed me! :D Rejoice!
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One, Batman Beyond on TV. Squee-worthy, yes? God, so much snark. I forgot how Jason-esque Terry is. And oh Bruce. Heee. <3

TWO, [ profile] ms_duck has returned, and as usual, she has returned with Fic Meme! She will write you fic if you pick some random numbers. XD It's always so lovely. <3

NOW, I must run and go see Macbeth. ...and try not and kill my mom because I can't even count how many times she's bitched about me going into Philly at night. I'm not going alone, goddammit! Argh. This is going to happen for every play, ain't it? *sigh* IT'S FOR SCHOOL, DAMMIT! *huff*

That is all.
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I forgot to post these! I am ashamed. Here, have cuteness. The Stephs are by Franco, and the Jasons and Tim are by Art Baltazar. <3

Cut for EXTREME cuteness, and the last pic is a spoiler for Tiny Titans #33, <3 )


Oct. 15th, 2010 08:18 pm
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Michi: Something about him just says, "Make me your bitch, please!"

Hahaha, it does. She's talking about Tim. It's something from Road Home: Red Robin that sparked this. Oh Timmy, you're starting a trend. XD

Also, Road Home: Batgirl made me squeal so loud Wednesday night, it may have been the squeal heard around the world. It was so fucking Steph. Bryan Q. Miller is one of my favorites. And the man was so nice in person. Lol, especially after being on a panel where I high-jacked it. XD


Sep. 27th, 2010 09:13 am
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Damn you, Batman: the Brave and the Bold, and your super catchy music numbers! >>;; This will NEVER get out of my head... And I may write fic, just with the lyrics. Embarrassing all the DC men in bed? Why yes, yes I will. XD

Oh Damn

Sep. 25th, 2010 08:22 am
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So, going to NYCC in a few weeks. Flat broke at this point, so Bek offered to buy me a commission there for Christmas. Best Person Ever. <3 So I looked up the people going there, and someone will have to keep me from smack JT Krul or banging Tony Daniel's head against a wall until he goes back to just drawing and my list of artists I'd want commissions from has been narrowed down to three.

Amanda Conner, Adam Hughes, and Francis Manapul. If these names mean nothing to you, Conner did Power Girl #1-12, Hughes drew a a lot of Catwoman covers and the that women in DC thing (many of the ladies in white dresses with Selina in the black one), and Manapul did the first few Red Robin covers and the first handful of Adventure Comics.

See my dilemma? Guh, I don't even. I'd ask Manapul for Jason. The other two would probably be Steph, though a Conner drawn Jason could be adorable. XD

EDIT: Also, I did not know Geoff Johns was kinda cute. He surprised me just like Judd Winick did. Hell, I need my brain to stop thinking all the guys behind comics look like a cross between Dan Didio and Alan Moore. >>;;


Sep. 8th, 2010 03:02 am
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*squeeing* It took almost 9 1/2 hours, but I got me some Zack! Heeee! And Aqua is soooo awesome. I played her part first because girls are awesome. Well, not much kickass in the KH series, but she is the kickass girl! <3 Zaaaaaaaack.

...and I may have forgotten to eat dinner while I was playing. *ahem* Oops?

EDIT: EEE! Zack's theme in KH style AND hitting on Aqua. I'm shipping Aqua/Zack now like whoa. Heeee.


Aug. 20th, 2010 03:03 pm
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Okay, best piece of mail EVER. [ profile] a_bashful_boy sent me a check for some stuff he bought, and the envelope was covered in AWESOME! :D Don't believe me? Have a look! (Addresses removed because I say so, and I think this gave me a Sailor Steph plot bunny? >>;; )

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My life, it has been made.


Jul. 6th, 2010 02:20 pm
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Dear Netherlands Fans in South Africa,

I love you.


P.S. Why? That picture of Luis Suarez with devil horns that says 'hand of the DEVIL.' :D *loves on*

Also, if anyone can get that picture for me, you'll be my hero forever and ever and ever. >:D

EDIT: Like this picture! But better quality. XD


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